Chapter 1

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Multiple Choice

1. All of the following are major factors in determining what we eat EXCEPT the _____ of food.

A. cost
B. taste
C. shape
D. texture

Ans: C
Page: 4

2. The two most important elements in the selection of food for most people are

A. taste and texture of food.
B. health and prevention of disease.
C. time and convenience.
D. energy and fat content.

Ans: A
Page: 4

3. Neophobia related to food is most often experienced by

A. babies.
B. small children.
C. older adults.
D. menopausal women.

Ans: B
Page: 4

4. Which of the following characteristics most discourages the selection of a food?

A. bright color of the package
B. dull color of the food
C. gummy consistency of the food
D. nutrient density of the food

Ans: C
Page: 5

5. All of the following are considered cognitive influences on food choices EXCEPT

A. beliefs about nutrition and health.
B. advertising in the media and on food labels.
C. emotional needs related to a food choice.
D. taste sensitivity.

Ans: D
Pages: 6–8

6. Jeremy is a 2-year-old who eats dirt. His behavior is an example of

A. neophobia.
B. hydrophilia.
C. soil mania.
D. pica.

Ans: D
Page: 7

7. Which situation would best describe the term pica?

A. an athlete taking a protein powder supplement
B. a pregnant woman eating dirt or clay
C. an older adult experiencing signs of milk intolerance
D. a toddler insisting that he eat only macaroni and cheese every day

Ans: B
Page: 7

8. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Only ancient cultures had specific food preferences.
B. The food preferences of a culture are usually discarded as soon as the culture becomes integrated into another group. C. Cultural food preferences are more likely to be practiced by the elders of a group. D. Food habits are the last habits to change when a person adapts to a new culture.

Ans: D
Page: 11

9. In many cultures, food has symbolic meaning related to all of the following EXCEPT

A. health.
B. social status.
C. economic benefits.
D. family traditions.

Ans: C
Page: 10

10. The influence of food in religious practices is

A. only important during holidays.
B. part of the daily practices of many religions.
C. not apparent in today’s societies.
D. typically ignored by all but the most devout persons.

Ans: B
Page: 10

11. The term kosher in Judaism translates into the

A. prohibition of eating pork on the Sabbath.
B. eating of “fit and proper” foods.
C. practice of repeating special prayers three times before each meal. D. preparation of only the most healthful food.

Ans: B
Page: 10

12. Which is true regarding the American diet?

A. Whole-wheat bread is the most popular grain product.
B. Chicken is the favorite meat.
C. The most popular vegetable is the potato.
D. Sugar contributes about 5% of total energy in the American diet.

Ans: C
Page: 11

13. ______ nutrients must be in the diet to maintain health.

A. Essential
B. Special
C. Enriched
D. Whole

Ans: A
Page: 12

14. Nutrients are defined as the chemicals

A. found in all plants that are needed for prevention of disease. B. in foods that are needed for normal body functions.
C. that provide energy to the body.
D. that must be consumed in equal amounts daily.

Ans: B
Page: 12

15. An essential nutrient is a chemical that

A. the body can only make if given enough kilocalories.
B. can only be made in the body of the person who eats healthfully. C. is found only in plant foods.
D. must be consumed in the diet because the body cannot make it in sufficient quantity.

Ans: D
Page: 12

16. Nutrients are

A. the only chemicals that are found in food.
B. needed in the same amount by all healthy individuals.
C. substances that the body uses for energy and other functions. D. A and C only....
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