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Tell us about a time that best demonstrated the extent of your analytical ability. A time where my analytical ability was demonstrated to the fullest would be when I held the position as a Qualified Mental Health Professional. In that role when engaging with my clients for the first time for their initial intake assessment I would have to compile all data ranging from familial status, psychosocial, financial, employment, housing and health information in order to develop a case plan for them. This information is very important because I had to make sure the goals and objectives that are developed based off the retrieved information. This was done for all new clients and also through the remainder of the time I was their worker. In my roles of doing eligibility it is important that I examine the information carefully and pay attention to the key factors that will or will not qualify clients for specific programs that they are applying for. I also have to apply this skill to the rules and regulations of the programs so I will fully understand and be able to convey them to the clients accurately. Please detail a specific example of when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem or handling a situation. Recently I returned from a 2month maternity leave to unattended files, numerous voicemails and a huge to-do list. In addition to that I am still interviewing up to 5 clients 4 days a week and maintain current caseload. Even though I was entitled to my leave my clients conditions of homelessness, displacement and rent burden did not change. As imagine when going through these types of struggles some can be irate. Being empathetic and communicating to my clients that their cases will continue to process was my first step. I informed them that I will work diligently to get them done. Staying late organizing, prioritizing which cases needed immediate attention was my first steps. Through these I am able to conquer the feeling of being overwhelmed and...
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