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There is a short video (7 minutes) available from Pearson Education and filmed specifically for this text that supplements this case. 1. Hard Rock’s 10 Decisions: This is early in the course to dis- cuss these in depth, but still a good time to get the students engaged in the 10 OM decisions around which the text is structured.

Product design: Hard Rock’s tangible product is food and like any tangible product it must be designed, tested, and “costed out.” The intangible product includes the music, memorabilia, and service.

Quality: The case mentions the quality survey as an overt quality measure, but quality can be discussed from a variety of perspectives—hiring the right people, food ingredients, good suppliers, speed of service, friendliness, etc.

Process: The process can be discussed from many perspectives: (a) the process of processing a guest, to their seat, taking the order, order processing, delivery of the meal, payment, etc., (b) the process of how a meal is prepared (see, for instance, the example box in Chapter 2 on Chef Pierre Alexander), or (c) some subset of any of these.

Location: Hard Rock Cafes have traditionally been located in tourist locations, but that is beginning to change.
Layout: Little discussion in the case, but students may be very aware that a kitchen layout is critical to efficient food preparation and that a bar is critical in many food establishments for profitability. The retail shop in relation to the restaurant and its layout is a critical ingredient for profitability at Hard Rock.

Human resources: Jim Knight, VP for Human Resources at Hard Rock, seeks people who are passionate about music, love to serve, can tell a story. This OM decision is a critical ingredient for success of a Hard Rock Cafe and an integral part of the Hard Rock dining experience.

Supply-chain management: Although not discussed in the case, students should appreciate the...
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