Careless Whisper

Topics: Cagayan de Oro City, Ad maiorem Dei gloriam, Northern Mindanao Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Careless whisperer

the title:
“CARELESS”- act of not caring. Same with tactless, reckless, stupid. “WHISPERER” – the one who whispers, demand, control.
“CARELESS WHISPERER” – it has something to do about our consciousness, conscience, and common sense as the one who whispers us to be careless.

Raf yeoman Halibas
Glaiza marie Pedrosa
kaye Cyril calawigan
diane ethel Rodriguez
herald tupag

Date and place of composition:

august 24, 2013 – event/topic thought by the group that took place in Xavier university’s library 4fth flr, around 3pm- 5pm August 27, 2013 – the topic was discussed by the group and shared inputs/ideas how to write about the topic. This was done in McDonald’s divisoria around 4pm- 5pm. August 30, 2013 – the group was able to write about the topic and starts to combine the work. This was done in raf yeoman’s place around 1pm- 5pm. August 31, 2013 – finalization of work, editing, and posting it to formal output. this was done in glaiza marie’s place around 3pm- 5pm.

The readers:
The readers of this project are mainly the general public. Meaning everyone, everyone who’s stupid enough to think that they are responsible regardless of the careless acts that they have been doing.

In our time now, a lot of people are in great trouble about being a responsible person. Responsible person towards themselves, other people, to the environment, and most especially to God. Are this people aware of what they have been doing? Do they think before they do something so careless to the extent of having the cost of others? This “careless” topic hopes to enlighten our minds and open our eyes to the naked truth of the obvious risk and reality of danger in the present.

the contents of this project are the events/incidents that we have been witnessed on daily living. An act of carelessness has been witnessed after a high school student of Xavier university falls from the second floor of the university...
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