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Writing Instruction II: The DBQ

By rm235 Feb 23, 2014 390 Words
DBQ stands for Documents Based Question
It’s an essay question where you’re given information that you have to use in your essay. It’s just like the FRQ (Free Response Question) where you’re given a question and you have to use what you have in your brain (OI) to answer it The only thing is—now you’re also given a set of documents which you have to use in your essay in the same way, and in addition to, OI We’re going to focus on writing DBQs today with a question that you’re familiar with… 1999 DBQ: To what extent had the colonists developed a sense of their identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the Revolution? Use the documents and your knowledge of the period 1750 to 1776 to answer the question. The AP exam takes about 4 hours

Housekeeping time (filling out forms…)
Multiple Choice Section
80 Questions in 60 minutes (50% of total score )
Essay Section
3 essays in 2 hours, 10 minutes (50% of total score)
15 minutes to plan for the DBQ
Suggested: 45 minutes to write the DBQ (37.5%)
Suggested: 5 minutes to plan FRQ Question 2 or 3 and 30 minutes to write (6.25%) Suggested: 5 minutes to plan FRQ Question 4 or 5 and 30 minutes to write (6.25%) Your essay needs to…
1. Contain a well developed thesis that addresses all aspects of the question 2. Support your thesis with substantial and relevant outside information 3. Effectively use a substantial number of documents

4. Present an effective analysis of several factors pertaining to the question 5. Be clearly organized and well-written

Your essay needs to contain a well developed thesis that addresses all aspects of the question The thesis statement
Answers the question completely
Argues something: it gives an answer and an opinion on the question. Should include 2-4 topics, issues or themes that will be used to organize each of the following body paragraphs. Remember that body paragraphs should be about a big idea—not about a single event. It should be located in the 1st paragraph which…

Introduces the essay
Should consist of at least 4 sentences (including the TS)
Is used to set up your argument through the use of a little bit of background information. Isn’t wordy or bothers with a WOW first sentence—just get to the point as you are only given 45 minutes to write this essay Addresses the when and where of the question

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