Business Plan Sample Ict Boutique

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Table of contents

Chapter I Executive summary

A. Company Objectives

B. Company’s Mission and Vision Statement

C. Feasibility Criteria

1. Market analysis
2. Product and Services
3. Organization and Management
4. Financials of the Business

Chapter II Market Analysis

A. Demand Analysis

1. The Market
2. Market segmentation
3. Survey Results and Analysis

B. Competitors

C. Competition Analysis

D. Marketing Program


Chapter III Products and Services

A. Product Stage/Process

1. Production Process
2. Packaging

B. Product/ Service/facilities

1. Store Lay out
2. Location

Chapter IV Organization and Management

A. Capital Contribution

B. Salaries and Allowances

C. Company Structure and Organization

1. Staffing Requirements
2. Organizational Chart

D. Company Policies

Chapter V Financials of the Business

A. Pro- Forma Balance Sheet
B. Pro-Forma Income Statement
C. Cash Flow Statement



A. Community Tax Certificate

B. Business Permit

C. Sanitary Permit

D. Mayor’s Permit

E. DTI Permit

F. Partner’s Profile

List of Tables

Table No.Description

Table 1Respondents who eat Pizza

Table 2 Flavor of Pizza

Table 3 Respondents allotted budget for snack

Table 4 Beverages

Table 5Results of how many times they eat Pizza

Table 6 Costing of the products price

Table 7 Weight and price of the product

Table 8 Capital Contribution

Table 9 Salaries and Allowances

Table 10 Projected Balance Sheet

Table 11 Projected Income Statements

Table 12 Statement of Cash Flow

List of Exhibits

Exhibit No.Description

Exhibit 1Competitors

Exhibit 2Pie Chart

Exhibit 3Sample Product

Exhibit 4Channel of Distribution

Exhibit 5Location Map

Exhibit 6Floor plan

Exhibit 7Organizational Chart

Chapter I
Executive Summary

A. Company Objectives

The general objectives of Pizzalicious is to substantiate a name in the food industry wherein the company will be known and will be patronized by all social classes and all age brackets. The business is also established to provide employment to those who are hardworking individuals that leads to be friendly, harmonious and creative work environment in terms of capitalization, sales and profits.

The specific objectives of the company are:

• To build a good relationship with the customers
• To achieve high level customer satisfaction
• To improve the quality of life in the community
• To perform the social and cultural responsibilities well • To increase its own value as an economic entity
• To earn profit

B. Company’s Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of the company is to promote pizza as a healthy and nutritious food for everyone and to see a smile in every customer’s faces as they eat and made them feel satisfied.

The vision of the company is to become the first successful pizza roll supplier and manufacturer within Santa Maria, Bulacan that will conquer the food industry worldwide.

C. Feasibility Criteria

1. Market Analysis
The group shall have its own stall located at Walter mart Sta.Clara, Sta.Maria, Bulacan Branch, the group strategically chosen the place due to the volume of people in site. The target markets of Pizzalicious are the people or residents within Sta.Maria, Bulacan Area. To be able to reach...
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