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Assessment 2.
Part A - Case Study
You have recently taken ownership of a small convenience store. You decide to do a hazard identification walk. This is a report that you produce: “Upon entering the store I noticed small pools of water left by customers shaking their umbrellas, and taking off their coats. There are still a lot of boxes of stock left in the aisles. Some are over 15 kilograms in weight. The work areas around the cash registers look very aged, with cardboard being used underneath one of the staff’s chairs so it remains balanced. Behind the cash registers cables to the computers are laid out on the floor. The electrical socket that is used for the printer / fax and the EFTPOS machine appears to have become loose. One of the staff members smells of alcohol, and appears to be under the influence of another substance

1. A hazard identification template has been provided for your answer. From the above report complete the template. (25 marks)

Possible Harmful Effects
Risk Factor-
High, Medium, Low
Possible Employer Action to Prevent Accident
Slippery Floor
People slipping over
Provide floor mats
Put up warning sign
Boxes all around
Obstruction of people´s path
Manage the place to fit all the boxes according to the needs. Remove from the way Chair without balance
Staff might fall over
Change the chair to a new one
Cables laid on the floor
People getting stuck
Hide them from people´s way
Electrical socket lose
High voltage
Change to a new one
Staff under alcohol influence
Behaviour might change / can be aggressive
Do not allow people drinking before working hour

2. Of the hazards you have identified, choose one that would force you to make wholesale changes to eliminate. (1 mark) Staff under alcohol influence. This sort of behaviour is not accepted and must be totally controlled in order to guarantee that the staff team is sober and have total control of what is being said or negotiated. Plus, the consumption of alcohol during working hours is illegal and can result into a very serious problem with the government or business license. a) How will you ensure that new hazards are not created by the proposed changes, and existing hazards are controlled? (2 marks) It will be guaranteed that controlling procedures are being made and also e staff members will be prepared to identify and possible hazards that can appear. Through procedures and monitoring tasks, it will be possible to analyse if new hazards are being created and how effectively the pro-active procedures are being taken. 3. Do you feel there are inadequacies in hazard identification with the above process? Why? (2 marks) No. The hazard identification related to the above process was done efficiently. Therefore, such problems were not supposed to exist once they are simple issues which can result into serious problems to the staff team and customers. It is important for any type of business to guarantee that all basic safety steps are monitored and managed with care. In other words, the identification proved that the small business was dealing with small issues but very dangerous hazards.q

4. Who else might you consult with in regards to the above risk assessment process? This includes both the risk created and the control or elimination measure. (2 marks) Work force and previous employees, also officers and regulation departments might be helpful in order to identify the risk assessment process. Any person that can contribute to reduce risks will be welcome to present an idea regarding what can be done and eliminate the risks involved. 5. What other procedures could you use for selecting and implementing risk controls? Risk control

Removing the hazard, eg taking a hazardous piece of
equipment out of service.

Replacing a hazardous substance or process with a less hazardous one, eg...
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