Btec Ict Unit 10

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Unit 10:
Unit code: QCF Level 3: Credit value:

Communication Technologies
F/601/7264 BTEC in Computing 10

Guided learning hours: 60
Aim and purpose
The aim of this unit is to ensure learners understand the communication principles of computer networks, know the elements of data communications systems and develop the skills to implement network communications.

Unit introduction
New and developing communication technologies are used within the business world to maximise productivity and access information, whether an employee is working an office or travelling the world. This unit focuses on communication technologies, examining their use within social and business communities. Learners will explore the devices and communication technologies they use on a daily basis and gain an understanding of systems, including mobile internet. Learners will look at network topologies and services, connection software and access methods amongst other areas. They will investigate the OSI and TCP/IP models. Communications technology includes a large range of devices, which are used in the business and social communities. Devices include many of the next generation wireless devices, games consoles and newer generations of mobile phones with voice and video streaming. This unit explores these devices along with their transmission methods and the underlying protocols that enable connectivity and transmission of data including signal theory and data elements. Learners will appreciate why particular transmission methods are chosen for particular situations and be able to compare the effectiveness of the different methods. Finally, learners will be able to use their knowledge and understanding to directly connect communication devices between users. This unit could be delivered as part of a system support and networking focus including other units with networking content. Although largely theoretical, the emphasis in this unit should be on practical activity to learners to understand how modern IT can be used to enhance the commercial and personal environment. This unit has links directly to other network units and the vendor units.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

1 2 3

Understand the communication principles of computer networks Know the main elements of data communications systems Be able to implement different forms of network communications.

Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals specification in Information Technology – Issue 1 – May 2010 © Edexcel Limited 2010


Unit content
1 Understand the communication principles of computer networks Computer networks: types eg LAN, WAN, wireless; network topologies eg star; mesh; bus; tree (or hierarchical); ring; network services eg packet switched, ISDN, multiplexed, ATM, WAP broadband; , network software eg network operating system; network connection software; access methods eg CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA, token passing Network components: servers; workstation; network cards eg Ethernet, wireless, token ring Interconnection devices: eg switches, routers, bridges, wireless access points, mobile base stations Models: eg open system interconnection (OSI) model, TCP/IP model Protocols: eg Bluetooth®, Wifi, IrDa, cellular radio, GSM/UMTS, WAP WML, 802.11 standards, TCP/IP , , wireless security protocols

2 Know the main elements of data communications systems
Main elements: communication devices; data elements; electronic communication methods; transmission media and methods Communication devices: wired devices eg data terminal equipment (DTE), data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE); wireless devices eg 3G, GPRS, mobile phone, laptop, netbook Signal theory: digital signalling methods; representing data electronically (bits, bytes, packet structures); synchronous transmission; asynchronous transmission; error detection; error correction; bandwidth limitation; bandwidth noise; channel types eg telephone, high frequency (HF) radio, microwave, satellite;...
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