Blade Runner Frankenstein Essay

Topics: Mary Shelley, Blade Runner, Gothic fiction Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: July 13, 2013
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Blade Runner (directors cut, 1992) directed by Ridley Scott are both exposed to the continuing nature dominant paradigms presented in the 19th and 20th century. Mary Shelly and Ridley Scott challenge the dominant assumptions of the romantic and scientific paradigms, this ultimately challenges society’s understanding of humanity, and the concept of what makes someone human. Although 200 years separate these texts are both cautionary tales about the creation of life through science and technology, and both present similar ideas and perspectives on creation. Frankenstein and Blade runner both criticize the dangers of applying uncontrolled use of science and technology. These texts also question values and models of heroism through the characterization of the protagonists. Furthermore Frankenstein and Blade Runner critique humanity through the characterization of the created ‘monster’. This critique presents values of self-knowledge, repentance and the celebration of life. The texts Frankenstein and Blade Runner are both exemplary examples of the dangers of unchecked application of science and technology. The text Frankenstein was written in the midst of a surge of scientific advancement. This was a time era where to have intelligence and knowledge was to have power. This caused pursuits of knowledge to be ceaseless, and people were constantly seeking more intelligence and power. Mary Shelley represented these dangers of the ceaseless pursuits of knowledge through using gothic literature as a means of presenting her criticism and warnings. Shelley uses gothic tropes throughout the creation of the ‘monster’. Frankenstein’s first reaction establishes the poignant and elegiac emotions that persist for the remainder of the text. The technique of the use of gothic tropes; “miserable monster”, “livid with the hue of death”, dismal and wet”, “black comfortless sky”, allows the idea of creation of a being to be overshadowed by a sense of...
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