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Database: A data base is a self-describing collection of integrated records. Bytes (character of data) are grouped into columns. Columns are also called fields. Columns or fields, in turn, are grouped into rows, which are also called records. The collection of data for all columns is called a row or a record. A group of similar rows or records is called a table or a file. A database is a collection of tables plus relationships around the rows in those tables, plus special data, called metadata, that describes the structure of the database. Databases are usually stored on magnetic disks. A data warehouse is to extract and clean data from operational systems and other sources to store and catalog that data for processing by BI tools. Data warehouses can include external data purchased from outside sources. Meta data is kept in the data warehouse. Physically, a data warehouse consists of a few fast computers with very large storage devices. Data mining is the application of statistical techniques to find patterns and relationships among data and to classify and predict techniques to find patterns and relationships among data to classify and predict. Unsupervised data mining apply the data mining technique to the data and observe results. They make the hypothesis after the results are found. Supervised data mining the data miners develop a model prior to the analysis and apply statistical techniques to data to estimate parameters of the model. Collaboration is based on communication (skills and abilities of group members and availability of effective communication systems), content management (users need to manage content so work does not conflict), and workflow control (process by which content is created, edited, used, and disposed). An effective team accomplishes its goals and objectives in a way that satisfies the team’s sponsors and clients, over time the team increases in capability working together becomes easier and more effective, and team members learn...
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