Public Services Unit 2 Notes

Topics: Belbin Team Inventory Pages: 3 (529 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Types of teamwork activities
* Paper based
* Disaster
* Logistics
* Activity based, physical traning activities
* Team building-activities
* Military/emergency exercises
* Work related team activities
* Achieving
Benefits of teams in the public services
* Teams are vital for an organization to be flexible and responsive to new challenges and needs of the public * Being part of a good team can lead to staff being more effective in their individual role and as a team member * Some operational objectives cannot be met by an individual alone – a team is required to achieve them. Reduction of alienation

* Effective teams can allow individuals to express their ideas, educate themselves about the organisation they work in and become part of it on a wider scale * Teams foster strong commitment to a goal and to the team mates because their success is your success and failure is your failure Fostering innovation

* Innovation is about new ideas and new approaches to both old and new problems * What ways can teams foster innovation?
Sharing expertise
* Sharing experience is one of the greatest benefits of being in a team. * Sharing can educate other members whose knowledge might not be up to date * It allows experts to have their say on how certain goals and objectives can be achieved * Good leaders will value contributions rather than feel threatened Implementing change

* The role of the public services is dynamic and ever changing Identification and development of talent
* Teams are only as good as the individuals
* Therefore it’s important to identify team members who have talent and ensure they have the training to develop it Belbin Team Role
1. Plant – Thinking orientated roles
2. Shaper - Action orientated roles
3. Implementer - Action orientated roles
4. Completer finisher - Action orientated roles
5. Specialist - Thinking orientated roles
6. Team worker –...
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