Bio Notes

Topics: DNA, Organism, Bacteria Pages: 4 (490 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Bio Notes 9/5/2012
* Biology- Study of living things
* Characteristics of living organisms
* Consist of one or more cells
* Unicellular- one cell able to carry out life ex. Bacteria * Multicellular- Many cells, specialized cells
* Observations with microscopes lead to Cell Theory, Robert Hook * All cells come from preexisting cells
* All cells are similar in chemical composition * Chemical reactions occur within cells
* Genetic Information is replicated and passed on during cell division * Contains Genetic Information
* Information molecule passed on during cell division * Composed of nucleotides
* Genetic Code
* Genes- specific segment of DNA molecule
* Contains information to make proteins
* Proteins- control chemical reactions
* Structure in cell organisms
* Uses genetic information to reproduce
* Uses genetic information for growth and development * Can extract energy from environment and uses it for biological work * Can convert molecules obtained from environment into new biological molecules * Can respond to environmental changes

* Can regulate their internal environment
* Homeostasis- maintains stable internal conditions * Are genetically related and have evolved
* Evolutionary adaptation
* Populations of organisms change
* Occurs over many generations
* Promotes survival and reproductive success
* Evolution accounts for life’s unity and diversity * Charles Darwin “Origin of species”
* Natural selection leads to adaptations
* Population of organisms
* Hereditary variation
* Overpopulation and competition...
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