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Banyan Tree Update Information

Graeat Article on Branding Banyan Tree

Banyan Powerpoint Presentation – Developing a Powerful Service Brand * Factors behind expansion success
1. Choice of target segment
2. Positioning and branding strategy
3. Product/service design and delivery
4. Aggressive internal marketing
5. Winning the support of local communities and public interest groups 6. Pioneer status: first mover advantage
7. Pro-environmental business practices
* Marketing and Brand Values
1. Marketing strategies were managed by international advertising agency 2. Brand awareness created through PR and global marketing * Unique brand position – timely and appropriate in today’s hectic and stressful lifestyles, appeal to the senses * Achieving branding consistency through management by brand – management of the portfolio by brand would achieve more consistency in branding and positioning and also make it easier to cross sell and bundle products, although such an arrangement would require duplication in resources for various functions.


View From The Top: Abid Butt (Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts)

He has the honour of being the first CEO of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts after its founder KP Ho. Will he be under the huge shadow of Banyan Tree Holdings’ chairman KP, or can Abid Butt be his own man in running the show? What’s the burden of being the first CEO of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts after founder KP Ho? I’ll be the guinea pig (laughs). All joking aside, if you are the first in anything, you are somewhat establishing where the bar is. So I have the luxury of being able to do that and that’s exciting. Where is your bar?

My own bar is high up. I’m told by people I’ve worked with throughout the years that I can be very demanding of myself. Since that’s the case, the colleagues I work with will have to agree with it. We have to be clear in what we are about and run towards the same goal post, which is easier said than done. The larger you are, the harder it becomes. We’re seeing more Asian chains appointing CEOs for the first time – you, Dillip Rajakarier with Minor Hotel Group, Arthur Kiong with Far East Hospitality – why? Part of that is to manage the growth that all these brands are experiencing, to make sure that the DNA of the company remains. That’s in our case certainly, I’m here because we’re growing from a relatively small, boutique operator to having 30-odd hotels (in operation) and multiple spas spread out globally. So how do you take what the company started out as and deliver the core of the company across geographical and cultural boundaries? Does it get critical at 30 hotels, where you could go wrong if you don’t have the right structure/skills in place? That could happen even if you have two! In some ways, having 30 in multiple markets makes you a far more experienced operator – you can foresee some of the challenges and prepare for them. I don’t know if the number of hotels plays a part; I think it’s more about making sure you hold true to what the company is about whether you have one, 30 or 100 hotels. So how does it work with you and KP Ho (founder/chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings) – how much autonomy do you have as CEO? The vision of Banyan Tree was established a long time ago by KP. It’s the applicability of that vision, i.e. the execution, as the company grows, that has to be done. Clearly that’s what I’m involved in but it’s not like this is what he does, this is what I do. We’re very collaborative. We’re big, but we’re still a small company; we know the people who work in our resorts. It is like a family environment, not the typical hierarchy you would find in mega conglomerates, and that’s a great thing to have. What strength do you have that KP does...
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