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Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Thought, Electromagnetism Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: February 24, 2013
After examining the website Kickstarter for a week I found a lot of interesting projects that people are working on. The business idea that I really liked was this charger for phones. It is kind of like a coaster that absorbs heat of cold from it and then it transfers it to your phone or media device and it actually starts charging your phone, until the heat/cold run out and returns to room temperature. The name of this product is called “Epiphany onE Puck” is it created by a man by the name of Tommy Joseph who has his own company called Epiphany Labs.

Another Idea that I really enjoyed observing was called “NanoLight” this technology is basically a light bulb that takes less electricity and it gives off more light. I really liked this idea because of the problems we face in today’s society. With global warming and us leaving a carbon footprint in this planet the least we can do is try to reduce that footprint. A regular light bulb gives off 16 lm/W and this NanoLight gives 133 lm/W that is almost seven times as much light for the same wattage. With one NanoLight one can wave about $350 worth of electricity.

By observing what these young entrepreneurs are developing and seeing how much money they are getting from people to help them fund their project I actually have hope that my business idea can become a reality. If I tweak my idea and I actually try to make this business plan reality I think that people will actually help me fund my project if I put it on Kickstarter or look for angel investors.

I read an article about Kickstarter and the people that post their ideas there. Some of these people started with no money and only an idea. After showing their idea to the right people these young entrepreneurs were able to get money for their projects and eventually became really great successful entrepreneurs. I hope that I get a great idea someday and get people to sponsor my project. This website is a great way for people who are trying to change the...
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