Apush Midterm Study Guide

Topics: American Revolution, United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 3 (344 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Abigail Adams|
Accomplishments of the First Congress|
Albany Plan of Union|
Alexander Hamilton|
American Revolution (Major battles, turning points)|
American System of Manufacturing|
Articles of Confederation (successes, failures/weaknesses)| Bacon's Rebellion|
Boston Massacre|
Boundaries of America (1783, 1803)|
Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge|
Common Sense - Thomas Paine|
Commonwealth v. Hunt|
Constitutional Convention/Debate (major issues, compromises, Federalists and Anti-Federalists, Bill of Rights, etc.)| Cotton Gin|
Differences between New England and the Chesapeake|
Dispute over Western Lands(Articles of Confed)|
Election of 1796|
Election of 1800|
Embargo Act|
English Settlers (types of people that came to the new world)| Erie Canal|
Federal support for Technological growth (Telegraph)| First Amendment (Five freedoms)|
First Bank of the United States|
First Great Awakening|
French and Indian War (causes and effects)|
French Colonies (Success and Failures)|
French Revolution(impact on America)|
George Washington as General of Continental Army (goals, strategies, successes, failures)| Hamilton's Financial Plan |
Hartford Convention|
Henry Clay's American System|
Importance of virtue in a republic|
Indian Removal (1830)|
Jay Treaty|
Jefferson's 1st Inaugural|
King Philip's War|
Land Ordinance of 1785/Northwest Ordinance of 1787|
Lowell Mill Girls|
Lowell Mills|
Marbury v. Madison|
Market Revolution|
McCulloch v. Maryland|
Missouri Compromise|
National Road|
Pinckney Treaty|
Post War (1812) Nationalism|
Power of the purse (colonial assemblies and royal governors)| Problems on the frontier in colonial America|
Proclamation of 1763|
Puritan Beliefs|
Republican Motherhood|
Seminole War|
Slave life|
Slavery in early America (1619-1770)|...
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