AP World History Chapter 2 notes

Topics: Sumer, Mesopotamia, Agriculture Pages: 4 (970 words) Published: September 11, 2014
Events/Important/key Dates
7,000~ 4,000 BCE: Spread of agriculture through most of Middle east. •5,000 BCE: Farming along Nile River
4,000 BCE: Sumerians settle in Tigris- Euphrates valley
4,000 BCE: Sumerians (a people who had migrated into the area from the north) provided final boost toward establishing civilization •4,000 BCE: cumulative effects of agriculture & technology → civilization as a new organizational form (wheel, bronze use, and writing facilitated) •3,500 BCE: Writing is introduced. (based on new needs for commercial property and political records → celebration of the deeds of proud local kings) •3,500 BCE: Early Sumerian alphabet

3,100~2,700 BCE: Initial kingdoms in Mesopotamia and Egypt •3,000 BCE: Introduction to bronze tools
3,000 BCE: Mesopotamian husbands veiled their wives on marriage → to protect the wife’s honor •2,700~2,200 BCE: Old Kingdom period , Egypt
2,600 BCE: First great pyramid
3,400~2,200 BCE: Akkadian Empire conquers Sumer
2,052~1,786 BCE: Middle Kingdom period → civilization spreads to Upper Nile. •2,000 BCE: Sumerians wrote the Epic of Gilgamesh ( world’s oldest story) •2,000 BCE: Sumerians produced the potter’s wheel, invented glass, introduced useof fertilizer and silver → Trade expands → Sumerians had trading contact with India •1800BCE: Babylonian Empire rose again

1600BCE: fall of Babylonian Empire
1,300 BCE: (Egypt) Queen Nefertiti → role in religious reforms → men and women have equal access to afterlife

oCumulative effects of agriculture → wave of technology → generated civilization as a human organization •SUMERIANS
oFertile Crescent (rivers overflow → depositing fertile soil ; flat → was open to invasion) → Sumerians migrated to this place from the region north about 700miles. ocreated a state city ( urban king that claimed great activity ruled the agricultural hinterland) → regulates region, enforces its duties, provides a system of...
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