Alcoholic Beverage

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Bar and Beverage Management

Lesson # 5
Types of Beverage


Discuss the definition of Alcoholic Beverage
To know the Types and Classifications of Wines
To know what is mixology
To be familiarized with the distilled spirits

 Any potable liquid that contains 0.05% to 95% of ethyl alcohol by volume is considered as alcoholic beverage.
 Two Types of Alcoholic Beverage
I. Fermented Alcoholic Beverage
Fermentation – Is the natural process where yeast enzymes decompose:  Carbohydrates in grains used to make beer and (at the early stage in the production of) spirits/liquors; or,
 Sugars in fruits used to make wine.
 Is a generic term embracing all malt beverages. It refers to all brewed and fermented beverages that are made from malted grains (e.g. rice in Asia, barley and wheat in Europe, corn in South America, cassava root in Africa, potato in Brazil, agave in Mexico), hops, water and yeast.

 Beer comes in different colors and flavors and is usually carbonated. It is made of six major ingredients:
 Grains
 Water
 Hops
 Yeast
 Sugar
 Fining Agent
 Brewing refers to process of making beer.
 Kinds of Beers
1.1 Ale – a strong, top fermented, slightly bitter aromatic beer, which has a sharp taste and a strong hop flavor. It averages about 4.5% abv and is commonly made in Belgium, Britain, eastern Canada, Germany, France and the USA. There are several variants:  Brown Ale (Dark amber to brown colored Ale with a chocolate/ca ramel flavor)  Old Ale (A brown, sweet, relatively strong beer; may also be mulled or spiced)  Pale Ale (Ale made from pale malt)

 Stout (A dark beer made from roasted barley/malt, similar to porter)

1.2 Lager – A bright, clear, golden, light to medium bodied and effervescent bottom fermented beer, aged/stored at low temperatures for several months to clear it from sediments and mellow its flavor and averages 4% abv; originally made in Central Europe. It is the type of beer produced by major American breweries and considered the most commonly consumed beer in the world.

 Alcoholic beverage made from the juice of grapes, vegetables and other fruits.  Wine is the product of the fermentation by yeast of grape juice or grape must (grape juice that still contains the fruit skins and seeds). Once the grape sugar has been completely consumed, fermentation is complete, and wine has been produced. The science that deals with wine making is known as Enology.

 Kinds of Wines
1.1 Aromatized Wine – Wine flavored, fortified and treated with herbs and special flavorings, such as roots, barks and flowers. (e.g. Vermouth) 2.1 Aperitif Wine – This wine is served before a meal to whet the appetite. (e.g. Dubonnet)

3.1 Fortified Wine - Contains additional alcohol and are usually consumed in small amount as aperitifs before meals or dessert wines after a meal. Popular examples are Port and Sherry. In port wine making, which originated in Portugal, the grapes are crushed and the fermentation started but then stopped by the addition of more alcohol, which kills the yeast. There are five popular fortified wines. They are Sherry, Port, Madeira, Marsala, Malaga.

4.1 Natural/Still Wine - Also known as table wines. Are produced in many different styles and make up the majority of wines on the market. Contains between 10 and 14 percent alcohol and are further classified by their color, sugar content, and the variety and origin of the grapes that were used.

a. Red Wine
Red wine is a type of fermented beverage made from cultivars of Vitis vinifera, better known as the European grape.
b. Rose Wine
This type of table wine is made from black or red grapes. The grapes are pressed and the must is left for some time to obtain the desired pinkish shade. Some vintners produce rose wines by simply mixing red and white wines. Rose wine are served chilled, preferably...
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