Africa During Colonialism

Topics: Africa, Islam, Zulu Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Africa of course, would be colonized by the many Europeans. However, a lot of African groups/civilizations would start too. They would start and older ones would be expanded. The slave trade had decreased due to British pressures and so Africa started trading more of other items with the rest of the world. This same thing was happening in Asia and the Middle East too.

In South Africa, the Zulu kingdom would be formed, and in Western Africa, an Islamic caliphate, Sokoto Caliphate would be formed. Many of these civilizations were being formed by a bunch of African peoples around the continent.

At first, in Southern Africa, there were the Nguni people, just farmers and cattle herders that existed for a very long time. Soon, however, a drought would strike, hurting their agriculture. This caused the end of the Nguni people. A military genius and leader, Shaka Zulu would take control and create a new civilization, the Zulu people, who, compared to all other tribes in Southern Africa, was the most powerful and formidable, because of its strict military drills and practice and they even used ox-hide shields.
The Zulu warriors expanded their kingdom, by attacking many other tribes and invading them, taking their cattle, children and women. Parts of the Zulu, they split off making their own military bands and they too did the same thing as the Zulu. Soon, this made so many new kingdoms going up all the way to Lake Victoria. As this increased, so did the number of refugees and terrified, depressed people from these wars.

To stop the Zulu tribe’s growth and power, two kingdoms formed, Swaziland to the north and Lesotho to the east, which was made up of many refugees who came to those mountains there. Both Lesotho and Swaziland exist today.

Shaka successfully made a national identity and a nation in just 10 years of rule. He took all the young people in the nation and split them into different groups, called regiments, based on age. These people of the...
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