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Fall Semester 2013

Instructor:Frank Ilett Telephone: 426-2568Office: COBE 3115 Class Time:W, F 9:00 – 10:15 AM Office Hours:
Classroom: COBE 1301 W, F 1:30 – 4:30 PM E- or by Appointment

Required Texts and Materials:

Introduction to Managerial Accounting, 6th Ed., Brewer, Garrison, Noreen
Managerial Accounting Case: High Mountain Coffee Company, 4rd Ed., IlettThree ruled Blue Books (8½ by 11)

COBE Core Objectives:

Understand and apply analytical and disciplinary concepts and methods related to business and economics including accounting, economics, finance, information technology, legal environment of business, management, statistics and mathematics.

Communicate effectively:
1. Write documents that are clear, concise, and compelling.
2. Give oral presentations that use effective content, organization and clarity.

Solve problems, including unstructured problems, related to business and economics.

Use effective team work and collaboration skills.

Resolve ethical issues related to business and economics.

Desired Educational Outcomes:

Students should be able to:

Understand basic managerial and cost accounting concepts such as cost-volume-profit, budgeting, product costing and cost behaviors.

Explain and utilize cost behaviors and cost systems in a decision-making context.

Prepare, use and evaluate budgetary data.

Generate and use cost information when making pricing and resource allocation decisions.

Explain cost allocation and its importance in decision-making.

Evaluate capital expenditure decisions using discounted cash flow.

Outcome Assessment:

Evaluation of the student’s understanding of managerial accounting will primarily involve homework, workshops using the case study, examinations, and classroom participation. Homework will be used to evaluate computer skills and communications. Team work will be evaluated with use of the case study. Discussion of homework will be used to evaluate oral communication skills, and projects will be used to evaluate ability to solve unstructured problems.


Attendance and participation in class are key components of learning and understanding managerial accounting material. Rather than taking attendance, quizzes will be given at random both to reward those who attend class and to help students to evaluate their understanding of the concepts.

Classroom Assignments:

During each lecture session students will have an opportunity to work short exercises from the book that relate to the subject matter. Students are expected to bring the text book to class and participate in these sessions. This prepares the students to complete the assigned homework for the chapter.

Homework and Assignments:

Homework assignments are listed on the attached pages. Students must complete all homework assignments in Excel. Handwritten work will not be accepted. Some homework problems have Excel templates available at It is okay to use these templates. Homework is due on the day it is discussed in class. No homework will be accepted via email unless the student has an excused absence. Homework solutions will be posted on Blackboard after class discussion. Note: Instructor reserves the right to change homework assignments during the semester.

Undergraduate Learning Assistants:

Undergraduate learning assistants are assigned to each section of this course. These people are available for tutoring and individual help. They are also very involved in the Friday lab sessions. Students should seek these people out and obtain help whenever they need it. Your ULAs will be introduced on the first day of class.

Friday Lab Sessions:

Nine Fridays during the semester are dedicated to lab sessions. The ULAs will also be available...
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