Accounting 3230

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Acct 3230
Quiz # 1 Name-------SOLUTIONS------------------------------ Winter 2011

1) On occasion, the FIFO and the weighted-average methods of process costing will result in the same dollar amount of costs being transferred to the next department. Which of the following scenarios would have that result? A) when the beginning and ending inventories are equal in terms of unit numbers B) when the beginning and ending inventories are equal in terms of the percentage of completion for both direct materials, and conversion costs C) when there is no ending inventory D) when there is no beginning inventory

2) An assumption of the FIFO process-costing method is that: A) the units in beginning inventory are not necessarily assumed to be completed by the end of the period B) the units in beginning inventory are assumed to be completed first C) ending inventory will always be completed in the next accounting period D) no calculation of conversion costs is possible

3) In a normal costing system, the Manufacturing Overhead Control account: A) is increased by allocated manufacturing overhead B) is credited with amounts transferred to Work-in-Process C) is decreased by allocated manufacturing overhead D) is debited with actual overhead costs

Answer the following questions using the information below:

The Rest-a-Lot Chair Company manufacturers a standard recliner. During February, the firm's Assembly Department started production of 75,000 chairs. During the month, the firm completed 85,000 chairs and transferred them to the Finishing Department. The firm ended the month with 10,000 chairs in ending inventory. All direct materials costs are added at the beginning of the production cycle. Weighted-average costing is used by Rest-a-Lot.

4) How many chairs were in inventory at the beginning of the month? Conversion costs are incurred uniformly over...
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