3 Different Learning Styles

Topics: Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Three Different Learning Styles
If you scored mostly a's you may have a visual learning style. You learn by seeing and looking. |Visual Learners |

• take numerous detailed notes
• tend to sit in the front
• are usually neat and clean
• often close their eyes to visualize or remember something • find something to watch if they are bored
• like to see what they are learning
• benefit from illustrations and presentations that use color • are attracted to written or spoken language rich in imagery • prefer stimuli to be isolated from auditory and kinesthetic distraction • find passive surroundings ideal

If you scored mostly b's, you may have an auditory learning style. You learn by hearing and listening. |Auditory Learners |

• sit where they can hear but needn't pay attention to what is happening in front • may not coordinate colors or clothes, but can explain why they are wearing what they are wearing and why • hum or talk to themselves or others when bored

• acquire knowledge by reading aloud
• remember by verbalizing lessons to themselves (if they don't they have difficulty reading maps or diagrams or handling conceptual assignments like mathematics). If you had mostly c's, you may have a kinesthetic learning style. You learn by touching and doing. |Kinesthetic Learners |

• need to be active and take frequent breaks
• speak with their hands and with gestures
• remember what was done, but have difficulty recalling what was said or seen • find...
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