Brave New World


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  1. What is the word used for “birth” in the Hatchery and Conditioning Center?
  1. Depositing
  2. Determining
  3. Decanting
  1. What is the name of the process that produces 96 identical eggs from one single egg in the Hatchery?
  1. Bokanovsky’s Process
  2. Pavlovian Conditioning
  3. Podsnap’s Technique
  1. What happens when the infants in the Nursery begin to play with the books and flowers?
  1. The books and flowers are taken away
  2. Loud alarm bells ring
  3. They are given candy as a reward
  1. Why is the young boy at the beginning of Chapter 3 being taken to the psychologist?
  1. For inciting a rebellion among his classmates
  2. For refusing to engage in erotic play
  3. For kicking the D.H.C.
  1. What motto is displayed above the front entrance to the Hatchery and Conditioning Center?

a. Dedication, Solidarity, Democracy.

b. Community, Identity, Stability

c. Everyone Belongs to Everyone Else

  1. What title is used to refer to Mustapha Mond, the World Controller?

a. His Holiness

b. His Grace

c. His Fordship

  1. Why is Lenina being lectured by Fanny in the changing room?
  1. For not going out on dates with enough different men
  2. For stealing Fanny’s boyfriend
  3. For being too sexually promiscuous
  1. What does Bernard suppose that Lenina thinks about herself?
  1. That she is an...
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