Brave New World


Chapter 11 to Chapter 12

Chapter 11 Summary

After his public shaming, the Director has resigned from his post. Bernard, on the other hand, continues to be secure in his job and is now, in fact, a huge social commodity. The members of the World State are fascinated with John, whom they call “the Savage,” and Bernard benefits from his association with John. Linda is permitted huge doses of soma, which will inevitably be fatal, but as she is not considered worth saving anymore, this is fine. She lapses into a permanent soma-holiday.

Bragging about his newfound popularity to Helmholtz, Bernard once again disappoints his friend. When Helmholtz fails to express admiration for Bernard’s sexual exploits, Bernard angrily decides not to spend time with him anymore. In a letter to Mustapha Mond, Bernard foolishly exposes his unorthodox thinking because he believes that his association with John will now keep him safe from consequences. Mond thinks to himself that he is going to have to deal with Bernard in some way sooner or later.

On a visit to a factory, John is nauseated by the sight of so many identical twin workers. He is rapidly becoming disenchanted with this “brave new world.” John doesn’t take soma or go out with any women. He still, however, has a romantic and idealized love for Lenina, who is confused by his resistance to going to bed with her. She takes him on a date to a Feely, which John finds puerile and disgusting. It triggers his sexual feelings for Lenina, which in turn fills him with shame and guilt. Instead of going to bed with her as she expected, John leaves Lenina on the top of her building and goes home. She takes an extra dose of soma in the elevator to make sure that she can fall asleep.

Chapter 12 Summary

Bernard plans one of his now-customary large parties for the London elite to meet the Savage. The Arch-Community-Songster of Canterbury is a high-profile guest. John refuses to come out of his room and join the party, to Bernard’s...

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