• The Relationship Between Modernity and the First World War
    The First World War, also known as the Great War of 1914-1918, is not an event that manifested overnight; it was the result of ever growing tension among European nations. This conflict was brought about by factors such as, nationalism, militarism, and the Alliance system. An upheaval such as the Fi
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  • Britain Evacuation in World War Two
    The British government tried to evacuate all the children during the early years of world war two in order to protect the most valuable thing to the country and that was the future generation. With the future generation Britain would have less soldiers to fight wars, less people to work in the facto
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  • World War 1
    World War I The Great War World War I was a military conflict started in Europe in 1914 and escalated to involving many countries and entities and ended in 1918. This war was estimated to have caused over 40 million causalities and had a major impact on history and life in general of the twentiet
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  • World War One Notes- Thegreat War 8 Hr.Lng Movie
    MOVIE NOTES Part: 1 - Was a war of firsts- first use of chemical weapons, mass bombardments, genocide, new technology - The war ‘coloured what happened before and what will happen after’ - Many took up arms, reached the battlefield; everyone became a soldier (at heart or in actual). Most be
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  • Feelings of World War I
    “We live in the trenches out there. We fight. We try not to be killed, but sometimes we are. That's all.” Paul Bäumer, the main protagonist of the movie, “All Quiet on the Western Front.” Existence on this earth has turned out to be one of the worst decisions that human kind has ever grasp
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  • What Was Life Like for the Soldiers at Gallipoli?
    What was life like for the soldiers at Gallipoli? Soldiers in Gallipoli during the First World War had it very hard, they were badly trained, badly fed, had horrible living conditions and were led to a massacre within the first few hours after landing. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at
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  • Compare the Perception of World War One in ‘the Accrington Pals’ to the Reality of World War One in ‘Journey's End’
    Compare the perception of World War One in ‘The Accrington Pals’ to the reality of World War One in ‘Journey’s End’ In ‘The Accrington Pals’ the women at home can only rely on the media to base their views on about World War One, however the audience in ‘Journey’s End’ see th
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  • Negative Effects on America Resulting from World War 2
    Negative Effects on America Resulting from World War 2 Jessica Raby University of Phoenix (Axia College) Negative Effects on America Resulting from World War 2 The time period of 1939 to 1945 was a very devastating time for a lot of individuals especially American’s. During this time frame t
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  • Life in the Trenches
    Life in the trenches, during World War I, was a horrible experience for the soldiers of that time. Many soldiers were faced with death during these times. The sources of their deaths were either enemy attacks or their contraction of harmful diseases. Another major obstacle, in the trenches, was of t
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  • World War 1
    World War I World War I (also known as the First World War, Great War or War of Wars, abbreviated WWI) was a military conflict centered on Europe that began in the summer of 1914. The fighting ended in late 1918. This conflict involved all of the world's great powers,[4] assembled in two opposing
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  • World War 2
    WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? Now with many women left all by them self, and men at war to support there country, many challenges arise. With no one knowing when World War One, The Great War, will end. Many children and wives are left without their family. Sons, brothers, husbands, uncles an
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  • World War 2
    World War II 2011 BY Andreas Philippou 9/16/2011 World War II 2011 BY Andreas Philippou 9/16/2011 Introduction The instability created in Europe by the First World War (1914-18) set the stage for another international conflict–World War II–which broke out two decades later and
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  • First World War
    ------------------------------------------------- Etymology Before World War II, the war was also known as The Great War, The World War, or The War in Europe .In France and Belgium, it was sometimes referred to as La Guerre du Droit (the War for Justice) or La Guerre Pour la Civilization / 
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  • Was Life in the Trenches Hell on Earth
    Was life in the trenches “Hell On Earth” in WW1? In this essay I will be discussing the different points that are pro and con to the statement that life in the trenches as hell on earth during the first world war, there are many points arguing both ways but I will be concentrating mostly on t
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  • Women During World War 1
    During World War One, men got recognized mostly for fighting on the front line. “It was very rare women got recognized for their war efforts because this was before women's rights. Women contributed by making bombs and ammunition for the men who were fighting.” (1) Women had to do this job becau
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  • Canada and World War 1
    Introduction 1. When did World War I start and end? Started: Summer 1914. Ended: November 11, 1918. 2. What was the original name for World War I? The Great War. The Beginning of World War I 1. What does the word “Archduke” mean? Crown Prince. 2. Who was Gavrilo Princip and what did
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  • First World War
    concepts of nationalism and imperialism? Nationalism arose when people started to feel connected to people that you spoke the same language and had similar traditions. Nationalism grew strong and the nation / country they belonged became more important than the individual. Before the first Vk liv
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  • Summaries for World War One
    ummaries for world war MODERN HISTORY SUMMAIRES CORE ONE- WORLD WAR 1914-1918 * War on The Western Front: * Count Von Schlieffen took over Germany’s leading soldier, 1981 Devised “Schlieffen Plan”, Germany’s ONLY war strategy to avoid continuous mass fighting in France and Russia
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  • World War I
    World War I - Necessity or Insanity? World War I. Unnecessary destruction. Unnecessary bloodshed. Maddening loss of life. World War I, which began in August 1914, also known as the First World War, the Great War, and the War to End All Wars, was a global military conflict that entangled most of
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  • Topic: the United States Home Front During World War Ii
    Topic: The United States Home Front During World War II Essential Question: “How important was the home front to the United States’ victory in World War II? National Standard for United States History: Era 8, Standard 3 The origins and course of World War II,
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