• Working at Mcdonalds
    Dillon mundy Mr.Varner Composition 1 11/4/21 “Working at McDonalds” Amitai Etzioni In the passage “Working at McDonalds” by Amitai Etzioni he starts off by stating that “McDonalds is bad for your kids”. He doesn’t feel this way because of the food, but instead of the mass pr
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  • Working at Mcdonald's by Amitai Etizoni
    “Working at McDonald’s” The evaluation essay “Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni, was originally published in the Miami Herald. In the essay, author observed carefully the situation of young people, especially who is on the education process working at McDonald’s the sym
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  • Working at Mcdonalds
    Jessica Lafferty English 111 Mrs. Horne June 24, 2013 Working at McDonald’s By: Amitai Etzioni Amitai Etzioni wrote a short story called, “Working at McDonald’s.” As we know most parents want their kids to start working during high school in order to learn responsibility. Etzioni t
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  • Evaluation on Amiati Etzioni
    Writing 1310 30 November 2010 Teens should be Working at McDonald’s When I was sixteen years-old I was a cashier at a local grocery store in my hometown. I worked incredibly long hours every other day, every holiday, and I usually worked all weekend long. All I ever seemed to have time for w
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  • Mcdonalds vs the Mall
    Taryn McPheeters 971707122 WR 121 Short Assignment 1 I chose William Severini Kowinski’s essay “Kid’s in the Mall: Growing up Controlled”. In this essay, Kowinski is writing about how many parents, especially working parents, are concerned with what their kids are doing in their aftersch
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  • Mcdonalds
    Summary The article, “Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni is trying to get the point across that working in fast food chains, like McDonald’s, do not benefit high school students at all.  The author goes on to explain all of the reasons why working at fast food restaurants is not g
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