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Why Did Ww1 Last So Long

Why Did Prohibition Last So Long? Prohibition of Alcohol in America was introduced in 1920 with the 18th amendment of the constitution and was finally revoked in 1933. Prohibition was always considered a failure, due to the way it was policed, the fact the American people at the time liked to drink and the fact that alcohol was very easily accessible. Therefore the fact it lasted thirteen years, despite it being obvious within the first five that things were not working, seems incomprehensible...

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Why Did Ww1 Last so Long

Why did WW1 last for so long? WW1 was thought to be a quick battle with hardly any resistance offered to the Germans. But something went wrong, very wrong for the fight that was thought to be over in 43 days on the western front ended up as a shoot out for four long years. There were many reasons for this, mainly the failure of the Schlieffen Plan Also new technology and barley any supplies on the front line. All these things lead to the stalemate that was formed and the main reason the war went...

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Why Did Germany Lose Ww1

WHY DID GERMANY LOSE WW1 Germany lost WW1 due to a variety of military, socio-economic & political, and strategic reasons. The war itself continued for 4 years, inflicting various casualties and economic hardships on Germany. The most important reason why Germany lost WW1 were its incompetence to carry out it’s various strategies – originating from the first strategic failure, the failure of the Schlieffen Plan. The military incompetence of Germany on land and in sea was also an important...

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Why Did Germany Loose Ww1?

Why did Germany loose the WW1? Why did Germany loose The First World War? On 28 June 1914 a bullet change the tension in Europe for years and a World war broke out. Germany in the losing side together with especially Austria-Hungary but also Ottoman empire and Bulgaria against in the start the Triple Entente which included Russia, Britain and France who got support by other countries after a while but why did Germany loose the war? Well it’s hard to practically point one thing out and say this...

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Why did Germany Lose WW1

Why did Germany lose World War One? World War One was a war between several countries in Europe. It is called a world war because it was the first war which affected so many countries all over the world. It took place from July 1914 to November 1918. The war was mainly fought between two alliances, the Triple Entente (Britain, France and Russia) and the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy). The main reasons why Germany lost the war were: the German Army asking to end the war; The...

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what did WW1 break out in 1914? And what was the main cause?

Why did war break out in 1914? What was the most important cause? The World War 1 (WW1) breaks out the 28 June 1914 and ended on the 11 November 1918. The WW1 opposed the Triple Entente; France, Russia and Britain to the Central Powers; Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. During the 4 years of war other countries joined the war such as; America, Turkey, Serbia…With all the countries who joined the WW1 c, it had caused about 8.5 million deaths and about 21 million wounded. The essay is going to...

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Why Ww1 Was so Devastating

of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. It started in 1914 and ended in 1920. It was fought by Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, and the United States. The reason why World War 1 was so devastating was because of secret alliances, the weapons that were used, and how it was fought. Secret alliances were the main reasons why World War 1 became a world war. Alliances are agreements between nations that say that if a nation goes to war with another nation, then the allied nations would...

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"Why was the civil war so long and so bloody?"

"Why was the civil war so long and so bloody?" In 1860 the average American believed that they were living the happiest and luckiest a person could be. They were generally living better than their fathers, and looked forward to their children prospering more than themselves. However, at the time America had developed into two very different societies between the North and the South. These changing societies were beginning to adjust to the start of the industrial revolution in separate ways. In...

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Causes of Ww1

Europe that started what is now called World War 1 (WW1). This war did not just spring up out of nowhere there many causes involved that started this vast conflict. The immediate cause of WW1 was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was killed in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo (Mulligan). The main cause of WW1 is M.A.I.N which represents militarism, alliance systems, imperialism, and nationalism (Danzer 579). And a contributing factor of WW1 is escalating tension in the Balkan region. Because...

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who was to blame for the outbreak of ww1?

Why was the War not over by Christmas? World War 1 (WW1) was not over by Christmas for many reasons, not least because the war only started in August 1914 leaving only part of the year to fight it. The best historical comparisons to WW1 include the American Civil War, the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War (WW2), and all lasted at least as long as WW1. For the generals quick victories usually arise because of advantages in armaments, generalship or numbers of men and the two sides were far...

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Long and short term causes of WW1

Long and Short Term Causes of World War 1 – Essay The quote embodied within the name Woodrow Wilson (U.S. President 1913-21) is that World War 1 (WW1 - 1914-1918) was ‘the war to end all war’. Indeed in its time, WW1 seemed as the war of the century. As a war felt throughout Europe and with the intervention of other non-European countries, it had various causes. These sparks that let off up to the start of the war are nationalism, imperialism, militarism, the alliances at the time and the murder...

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Why the Germans Lost and why It took the Allies so Long to win

Why the Germans Lost and why It took the Allies so Long to win The World War II began with Germany's attack on Poland in 1939 and ended with the attack on Japan's Hiroshima in 1945 with the atomic bomb. A number of battles were fought during these six years which led to success of the Allies and defeat of the Axis Powers. There are a number of causes of Germany's defeat in the World War II. Among these causes are some of very wrong decisions of Hitler which he took only because of his extreme overconfidence...

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Why did war break out in 1914

Why Did War Break Out In 1914? There are several reasons why war broke out in 1914. Reasons such as revenge and jealousy influenced the outbreak of war majorly and in the important events leading up to the war such as the Moroccan crises, the Bosnian crisis and the Balkan Wars, the concepts Nationalism, Militarism, Imperialism and Alliances were seen. These events could either be categorised into short term or long term causes. An example of a short term cause that led to the outbreak of war...

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Why did France Fall so Quickly in 1940?

Why France Fell so Quickly in 1940 In 1940 France was invaded by Nazi Germany. The Germans swept through eastern France and had conquered the country within a month. This essay explores how the Germans won so decisively in 1940 and what went wrong for the allies. I have found that the main points accounting to the fall of France was the excellent German planning, the poor French leadership, superior German tactics and French “defeatism”. In 1940 an attack on France by the Germans was imminent...

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Why Is School so Importint

Why school is good? School is good because you get prepared In live. You need to get a good education in live so you can get a better gob in live. You also need to work harder in live if you do not have a good school education. The things you need to know is Math Science History English are the main ones of all class’s. Also all people think that they are not due as the teachers say. The people say you are no When I started thinking about why education is so important, I remembered my school...

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Why Are Celebrities so Dumb?

all the time. And everytime I see that a celebrity gets criticized for saying something offensive or a celebrity getting mad at paparazzi, I take a moment to think about it. The same question goes through my mind everytime and that is “Why do some celebrities seem so dumb?” * A celebrity is defined in the Webster dictionary is “a famous person.” Most celebrities are known for their work in television shows, music industry or movies. Some celebrities are known for their attention-grabbing actions...

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Jamestown: Why Did so Many Colonists Die?

Early Jamestown: Why Did so Many Colonists Die? Jamestown is most well known for being the oldest permanent English colony in America. Even though it was a thriving colony, it was not always this way. The Jamestown colony was extremely unsuccessful for several reasons, including their ignorance about colonization, lack of essential survival skills, and its constantly decaying relationship with the Natives. Jamestown was the first permanent colony set up by the British, so, as imagined, they...

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Why did the Nazis implement the Final Solution?

the implementation of the Final Solution. The Nazis believed that the Jewish race was of inferior blood contaminated the purity of their race. The Nazis, and in particularly Adolf Hitler, wanted a perfect race of Aryans. Jews did not fit into this perfect race. This explains why the Nazis were planning to exterminate all Jews. The Nazis also had an anti-Semitic view that the Nazis were 'parasites' living on 'host' nations and that they would eventually try to take over the nation. This also linked to...

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Why Did The Battle Of The Somme Go So B

 Why Did the Battle of the Somme go so Badly for the British Army? The Battle of the Somme took place during 1916 to take pressure off the French at Verdun and the Russians on the Eastern Front. The French were under heavy fire at Verdun and had been since February, and the army itself was close to cracking. The Russians had fought gallantly on the Eastern Front to try and avert the German Forces away from the Western Front. After launching many small offensives the Russians had gained very little...

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Why so Much Litter

| Why So Much Litter | 10/14/2012 | Pg.1 Litter has been an issue for a long time, per the free dictionary; litter is described as “a disorderly accumulation of products or carelessly discarded refuse. This is especially discouraging because one cannot walk down the street without seeing it, this puts a damper on the mood of the person and most likely with cut short the amount of time once spends outside. Litter has harmful effects on the community as well as the environment. Many different...

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Why Tom and Jerry are so popular

Why Tom and Jerry are popular Tom and Jerry has a worldwide audience and has been recognized as one of the most famous and longest-lived rivalries in American cinema. Its influence of “Tom and Jerry” spread to the world by its vivid scene, positive attitude, and Tom and Jerry is a theatrical animated cartoon which is simply a rivalry between a cat and a mouse, and that somehow is welcome by children and the public. The success of Tom and Jerry is not simply they are funny but with a more complicated...

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Why Did a Stalemate Develop on the Western Front?

Why did a stalemate develop on the Western Front? Stalemate during war is when no action can be taken or progress made. The Stalemate on the Western front, a line of trenches stretching from the Swiss Alps all the way across France to Nieuwpoort in Belgium, was a dilemma that was not foreseen by either the allies or Germany. Originally it had been predicted that the war would be over after a quick and decisive battle, this perception was quickly diminished once the war had begun. No one reason...

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Why Did Australians Volunteer to Fight so Readily in 1914

Why did Australians volunteer to fight so readily in 1914?’ The outbreak of The Great War in 1914 was the first battle The Commonwealth of Australia fought in as a separate nation. Having been an extremely young nation, federating in 1901, the country of Australia was still very much tied to their true ‘mother country’, Great Britain. Britain was in charge of Australia’s defence in that point in time and had certain obligations to Britain, particularly in times of war and conflict. Australians...

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When and Why Did the Weimar Republic Collapse?

When and Why did the Weimar Republic collapse? The Weimer Republic was a government that the Germans established due to being one of terms specified by the Allies in the Treaty of Versailles. The collapse of the Weimar Republic could have been caused by many different events that occurred during that time period. The exact reasons of why it fell have been debated over by scholars and historians for many years. Some people say it was the people in power and the fact that the army still had sway in...

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so long a letter

emotional issues. Tradition is important, but as the world modernizes so will the newer generations. The new more modern women will find ways to overcome Polygamy. Ramatoulaye betrayed by her husband Modou Fall, Ramatoulye shows strength, even through Modou breaking the rules of Islamic religion when he abandoned Romatoulye and the children; when a husband takes a second wife he must share equally, he denied her and the children of that so the reason for her staying in the marriage, basically, I believe...

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Causes of Ww1

Causes of World War One Introduction In this essay I am going to explain the long term and the short term causes of World War Ones or as others call it the War to end All Wars. I am going to divide my essay in to categories,(Long term causes and short term causes), and then in each category I will list the causes in order of importance,(the most important being at the top, and the least at the bottom and so on, so fourth). I will make it clear all the way through my essay, which cause, caused...

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Why Was the ‘Japanese Model’ of Economic Growth so Respected/Feared in the 1980’s and Why Did This Respect Fade in the Course of the 1990’s?

campaign slogan, 1992)’. Why was the ‘Japanese model’ of economic growth so respected/feared in the 1980’s and why did this respect fade in the course of the 1990’s? In the 1980’s ‘the Japanese model’ of economic growth had two particular aspects that were unique and had not been cultivate by the western world. Firstly the Japanese had an incredible work ethic and secondly they were able to blend the free market with state direction. The following essay will examine why ‘the Japanese model’ of...

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The Last Chrysanthemum

The Last Chrysanthemum Why should this flower delay so long    To show its tremulous plumes? Now is the time of plaintive robin-song,    When flowers are in their tombs. Through the slow summer, when the sun    Called to each frond and whorl That all he could for flowers was being done,    Why did it not uncurl? It must have felt that fervid call    Although it took no heed, Waking but now, when leaves like corpses fall,    And saps all retrocede. Too late its beauty, lonely...

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WW1: Causes

nationalist group, Austria declared war on July 28, 1914, causing Russia to declare war on Germany since they agreed to help Austria in the event of war. After that a web of alliances began to tangle bringing in more countries to the war then required.) • Long: Militarism (Glorifying ones military, building and maintaining the military strength necessary to win a major war; like Britain bulking up its navy just to meet the large army presented by Germans). Alliances (Agreement between two or more countries...

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Why soldiers enlisted in WW1

To what extent did Australian’s enlist in 1914 to defend the ‘Mother Country’? There are many reasons to why Australian’s went to war in the 1914; everyone had different reasons for applying for this life- threatening job. Some went for the thrill, to get a job, to get away from the drought and some people even had war fever. On the other hand, some people went because they felt like it was the right thing to do and because everyone else was doing it. A lot of time people think only about the...

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Why Did Reconstruction Fail

Why did Reconstruction fail? Reconstruction in the United States is historically known as the time in America, shortly after the Civil War, in which the United States attempted to readdress the inequalities, especially of slavery and many other economic, social and politically issues including the poor relationship between the North and the South of America. These problems were highly significant in America, and a variety of groups in government tried to resolve these problems, but this only led...

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Why did Germany lose WW1

World War I (WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War, was a global war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. From the time of its occurrence until the approach of World War II, it was called simply the World War or the Great War, and thereafter the First World War or World War I. This war The war drew in all the world's economic great powers which were assembled in two opposing alliances: the Allies (based on the Triple Entente of the United Kingdom...

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Why Did the Titanic Sank

Why did the Titanic’s maiden voyage ended in such disaster? One of the largest passenger liner of the early 20th century made in the history, having the first and final voyage 100 years ago, owned by the magnificent White Star Line, was travelling without interference through the calm waters until one of the sailors on board reported that the Titanic is heading for a vast and humongous iceberg in April 12 1912 at that lethal midnight. The disaster had caused 1517 deaths on board, though there were...

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Why has the dream of unification of Europe endured for so long

WHY HAS THE DREAM OF THE UNIFICATION OF EUROPE ENDURED FOR SO LONG? "I wished to found a European system, a European Code of Laws, a European judiciary: there would be but one people in Europe," – Napoleon Bonaparte When people talk about the unification of Europe, various organizational names like European Union, United States of Europe and various other treaties and policies come to mind. The dream of unification of Europe has persisted long before the European Union was formed. The indication...

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Why Teenagers Are so Worldly?

WHY TEENAGERS ARE SO WORLDLY?  One of the most disheartening trends in the church today is the lack of enthusiasm displayed by teenagers concerning the things of God, in contrast with their fanatical fascination with the things of the world. Even children of very good Christian people seem to be caught up in the trend. In some churches, worldly gospel music is adopted to appeal to the youths. This is testimony to the fact that we have lost faith in the power of prayer and the Word of God to solve...

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Why Soccer Is so Popular

Why is soccer so popular? Many people in the U.S. often ask: “why soccer is so boring? Some time they can’t even score!” In my person opinion, I do not think soccer is boring; in fact, it is really fun to play, soccer or football as it is known throughout the world, is the most popular sport in the world, and also requires a huge amount of skills. It creates fanatical fans, and throws the world’s biggest sporting tournament, the World Cup; The World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event...

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Why Did so Many Europeans Collaborate with the Nazi Occupiers?

Why did so many Europeans collaborate with the Nazi occupiers? As the dust settled in Europe, collaborators were hung, sent running naked down the streets or imprisoned, while the resistance set out to define post-war Europe. The illusion of a clear distinction between Hitler’s henchmen and enemies shaped the psychology, language and power structures that are still present today. Collaboration and resistance, as categories of human behaviour, gained their historical relevance from the weight...

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So Long a Letter - Essay

So long a letter. How has the author depicted cultural and social aspects about gender through the characters inSo long a letter’? Throughout the book Mariama Bâ has used Rich, poetic language. Feminism is one of the major themes in this book. Mariama Bâ used many situations all through the book to bring out the gender differences in the society and Senegalese culture. She brought out most of this through the main character: Ramatoulaye. Ramatoulaye is in the transitory generation, where there...

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Why the Soliloquy “to Be or Not to Be” Is so Famous

Why the Soliloquy “to Be or Not to Be” Is So Famous The essay talks about the reasons why the soliloquy which includes “ to be or not to be, that is the question” in Hamlet is discussed so heatedly among people who know it and especially why “to be or not to be” is known to numerous people, some of whom even know little about Hamlet. The essay talks about the analysis of the controversial topic of the soliloquy first and then analyzes other reasons why the soliloquy is so famous by analyzing...

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Why is Gatsby so great?

A dream is defined as: a fanciful vision of the conscious mind; a fond hope or aspiration; anything so lovely, transitory, etc. as to seem dreamlike. In the beginning pages of Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby", Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story gives the audience a glimpse into Gatsby's idealistic dream which is later disintegrated. "No- Gatsby turned out all right at the end; it is what preyed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest...

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ww1 soilders

dangers 5. Fighting and combat 6. Keeping in touch 7. Important events in ww1 8. Bibliography Equipment and kit Gasmask-these were used to protect soldiers form gas attacks Bayonet- a long blade that fits onto the end of a rifle Haversack- a type of backpack used to carry essential Helmet- a hat to protect the soldiers head Rifle- a long gun used to for shooting enemy Eating tin- what the soldiers eat out of Puttees-material...

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Weapons In Ww1

different kinds of weapons used in WW1. Firstly, there was the rifle and it was a bolt-action rifle. It was the most used gun by the soldiers in the trenches. 15 rounds altogether could be fired in a minute and a person that was standing 1400-1500 metres away could possibly be killed by it so this shows how powerful it was. Also, another weapon that was frequently used was machine guns. A disadvantage to them was that they needed 4-6 men to use them so this could be costly if you are facing...

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Why Did the Stalemate End in 1918?

Why did the stalemate end in 1918? By 1918 the western front was still in the middle of a stalemate, but now it looked like there might be a breakthrough that would lead to the end of the war. Even though defensive weapons had ben largely developed and were extremely dangerous offensive weapons had started to be developed largely. I believe the stalemate ended in 1918 due to several reason but mainly because of the entry of the USA into the war but there were other key factors such as the British...

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why did the nazis become popular

consequently equally also thus similarly furthermore so compared in addition hence an equivalent too as a result in the same way again because/as likewise the following therefore as withIn this essay I am going to justify in the form of PEE why the Nazi party was so popular at the time Hitler criticised the treaty of Versailles for all Germanys problems...

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Why Are There so Many Cultures?

are, what defines them as a person. There are so many different cultures in the world, some are similar and others are completely different in every way, the list is never ending, but why? Why are there so many cultures that exist? Culture is who you are as a person and is based on similar beliefs between you and others. When you actually think about it it’s a way that connects you to everyone in the whole world on a personal level. So why are there so many cultures if we are all the same? When you...

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Why Jersey Shore is so Popular

States have been watching the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore” for five seasons straight now. It is a wild, offensive, and mildly degrading show. Why is it so popular? In the article written by James Poniewozik, he describes reality TV as being successful because of the audiences’ contempt for it. He says that it makes the viewer feel tawdry, dirty, and cheap. That’s why people watch it. “Jersey Shore” is an excellent example of reality TV that makes people feel that way. “Jersey Shore” shows a lifestyle...

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The Causes If Ww1

It proved to be one of the most brutal and horrific wars the world will ever fight, with an estimated thirteen million deaths. The four main reasons why WW1 broke out were The Alliance System, Imperialism, The Arms Race and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Overall, the most important cause was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. One cause of WW1 was the alliance system, which involved two main forces: The Triple Entente, consisting of Britain, France and Russia and The Triple Alliance consisting...

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Why Did The Bolsheviks Face So Much Opposition Between 1918 And 1924

Why did the Bolsheviks face so much opposition between 1918 and 1924? Summary of overall line of argument: There were many reasons for opposition to Bolshevism, for example their attempt to destroy the bourgeoisie, War Communism, civil war, grain seizures and their attitudes towards religion. However, it is my opinion that war and its related issues were the prominent cause for opposition. Paragraph 1: Intro Content/Examples: Bourgeoisie, Peasants, Civil war and War communism, Religion, Cheka –...

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How did Hitler gain power in Germany by 1933?

How and why did Hitler gain power in Germany by 1933? Following the collapse of the Weimar government, Hitler managed to gain dictatorship over Germany by 1936. In fact it took Hitler just around 18 months, between February 1933 and August 1934, so how did Hitler gain autocracy over Germany so quickly? I am going to start with how the Germans had fear of Germany becoming a communist country like Russia. At the end of the war, many people hoped that democracy would spread to most countries of...

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WHY KPOP IS SO POPULAR NOW Fung Ka Man Student Number: 12208825 GCPS1005, Section 10023 Date Due: 10-2-2014 Section Instructor’s Name: Miss Yuen Vera Specific Purpose: To discuss the reasons of Korean popular music become popular nowadays. INTRODUCTION (attention getter) I. Have all of you heard the song of Sorry Sorry, which is sung by 12 Korean boys? And your answer must be ‘Yes’. But do you know how many views of this music video on Youtube? It currently has over 43 million views on YouTube...

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Why Is the Crucible so Called

others because if they do not convict others it looks as if they themselves might have something to hide. It is ironic that Reverend Parris says that the witchcraft investigation might reveal the source of all the community’s problems ‘Why, Rebecca, we may open up the boil of all our troubles today’ because in the end the witchcraft investigation provokes the burning down and destruction of the community. The witch trials are also metaphorically a melting pot, again, for people’s...

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A Long Way Gone JOTS

 a long way gone JOTS (This text will make readers think, and may elicit uncomfortable emotions…feel free to jot your connections to Beah’s story.) Chapter One Jot Questions 1. Connect O’Brien’s analysis of a war story to Beah’s. You may jot a T chart. 2. Why did most of the refugees refuse to feel sorry for those affected by the war? 3. How does Beah explain his understanding of war in a way that American readers can understand? a. When was the narrator first touched by war? History of...

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Why Is There so Much Poverty?

assistance to the poor weakens the family by subsidizing out-of-wedlock births and single-parent families. The supporters also agree that by providing a deterrent to work, welfare creates a cycle of dependency on the government. They declare that in the long run, the only helpful course of action is to help people become self-sufficient. Supporters reveal that eliminating the dependency trap can be accomplished by phasing out benefits for able-bodied workers, limiting other benefits, including healthcare...

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ww1 causes

Causes of World War One Isaiah Puryear Mr. Noble 4th 3-25-13 World War One had many key players, countries and empires being Great Britain, France, German, Austria-Hungary and Russia. Some of the key battles of WW1 were the battle of Marne 1914-1918, battle of Ypres 1914,1915 and 1917,the battle of Somme 1916, battle of Cambria and the famous battle of Verdun 1916. The two sides of the war were the triple Alliance consisting of the central European empires being Germany, Austria-Hungary...

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Why Are We so Angry

to balance their time between working and putting aside some time for personal leisure. The increasingly more advanced technology which is expected to make lives easier has in turn made it more difficult. People are more dependent on technology, and so they will get frustrated easily should the appliances fail to work for some reasons. We have seen a lot of cases of “computer irritations,” a situation where slow, inefficient computer systems have tested people’s patience and ended up in people slamming...

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Why Did the Liberals Introduce Reforms?

eralWhy did the Liberals introduce reforms? There are many reasons why the Liberals introduced reforms. My first and in my opinion, most important reason why the Liberals introduced reforms was the politically motivated, political rivalries. Winston Churchill’s former party the Conservatives had already brought in some reforms, which showed the first signals for the Liberals to do so too. However, it was the newly formed Labour party which were the big competitors for the Liberals. They begun...

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Why Did Stalin Win?

Why did Stalin win? Throughout the summer of 1923 it was apparent that Lenin’s reign was coming to an end and this overshadowed the political struggle however in the Politburo and central committee battle lines were forming. They all thought that they were deserving candidates with so thinking that they were untouchable and were destined to lead USSR . Leon Trotsky seemed to have the stronghold as he had a close relationship with Lenin. However in the background there was opposition growing. Stalin...

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civilians alike were killed, and with no one great end-result for any of the central powers, it goes to show the uselessness of war. It is unmistakable to see these facts after reading All Quiet On the Western Front, a novel labeling the horrors of WW1 for what they are. The book is of a young soldiers experience in the trenches, and the indignities he suffered for the illusion of glory in battle. Overall, what can be said about the dismay, the terror that is evident in not just this war, but any...

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maintain peace by isolating France by making sure it did not have allies because he thought they were still bitter about the Franco-Prussian war. No allies, no war. In 1879, Bismark created an alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungry, which Italy joined later. Bismark took another possible ally away from France when he made a treaty with Russia -In 1890 when Germany’s foreign policy changed Willhem II (Ger. Ruler) forced Bismark to resign because he did not want to share power with anyone and wanted...

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Alliances of Ww1

easily been avoided. 1st paragraph - Alliances were a major cause of the conflicts between countries in WW1 The original disagreement was between Serbia and Austria-Hungry over the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand. A Serb terrorist group were the ones to kill Ferdinand even though Austria-Hungry assumed it was the Serbian government who did the assassination. Austria asked Germany if they would back then up in a war if they fought Serbia. This was the start to all...

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