• Bill Rights
    The Theory that the Fourteenth Amendment incorporates the Bill of Rights established the foundation for the Warren Court’s criminal procedure revolution. The U.S. Supreme Court has incorporated many of the protections and prohibitions in the Bill of Rights. These protections are available to cri
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  • Civil and Criminal Procedure
    LAWS 1014 Criminal Procedure Exam Table of Contents Introduction to Criminal Procedure – Crime and Society 4 Crime 4 Criminal law 4 Sources of criminal law in Australia 4 Justice 4 Procedural law 5 Substantive law 5 General criminal procedure 5 Current trend towards criminal procedure 5 Crime
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  • Human Rights
    sha123A Guide to the Human Rights Act 1998: Third Edition  A Guide to the Human Rights Act 1998: Third Edition October 2006 A Guide to the Human Rights Act 1998 | Note Note This is the third edition of the Guide. It aims to take account of developmen
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  • The Reasons for the Introduction of the Consumer Law Reform Bill
    CONSUMER LAW REFORM A DISCUSSION PAPER JUNE 2010 1014494 CONSUMER LAW REFORM A DISCUSSION PAPER JUNE 2010 ISBN Print: 978-0-478-35851-3 PDF: 978-0-478-35852-0 HTML: 978-0-478-35853-7 Ministry of Consumer Affairs PO Box 1473 Wellington New Zealand 972421 List of Contents
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  • Human Rights
    OFFICE OF THE UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS PROFESSIONAL TRAINING SERIES No. 5/Add.2 Human Rights and Law Enforcement A Trainer’s Guide on Human Rights for the Police UNITED NATIONS New York and Geneva, 2002 NOTE The designations employed and the presentation of
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  • criminal law notes
     CRIM II CRIM II Homicide: murder and involuntary manslaughter Patterns of homicide A Wallace, Homicide: The Social Reality (1986) Homicide is a unique crime: Seriousness which it is regarded by law and society – only death penalty crime in certain jurisdictions Contravention...
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  • Us and Human Rights
    US State Department Human Rights Report Staff Correspondent | Published on May 25, 2012 at 6:39 am EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Sri Lanka is a constitutional, multiparty republic. President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was reelected to a second six-year term in January 2010, and the parliament, which was elect
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