• The Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Loans
    INTRODUCTION Working capital loan funds provide your business the cash it needs to keep growing until you can cover all operating expenses out of revenue. Without a working capital loan most businesses are unable to generate enough revenue to stay afloat. These funds provide access to cash which
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  • Fixed Income
    Fixed-Income Securities Valuation, Risk Management and Portfolio Strategies Lionel Martellini Philippe Priaulet and St´ phane Priaulet e Fixed-Income Securities Wiley Finance Series Country Risk Assessment Michael Bouchet, Ephra¨m Clark and Bertrand Groslambert ı Erik Banks The
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  • Global Fixed Income Manager: a Risk Management Perspective
    Table of Contents Introduction 3 Diversification 4 Covariance and Correlation 5 Risk Aversion 6 Expected Utility 8 Opportunity Cost of Capital 9 Compensation for risk 9 Application of Derivatives 10 Credit Default Swaps 11 Interest Rate Swaps 12 Inflation Swaps 12 Bond Futures 12 Inte
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