"What Changes Are Occurring In The Economy Or Concerning Licensing And Regulatory Factors That Must Be Considered In The Future Of Healthcare" Essays and Research Papers

What Changes Are Occurring In The Economy Or Concerning Licensing And Regulatory Factors That Must Be Considered In The Future Of Healthcare

 Advanced practice nursing and future of health care: Name Institution Advanced practice nursing and future of health care: Approval of affordable act 2010 has transformed the role of healthcare professionals as well as the nurses in the future of healthcare. The act has been considered as a major transformation in the field since Medicaid and Medicare programs that were created in 1965. The time has revealed that the role played by nurses in evolutionary field has been quite passive...

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Investing helps your assets work for you. What is investing? Investing refers to the act of using your money to buy some sort of financial product or any other item, in the hope and expectation that the product will grow in value after you buy it. What are some type of investments? Almost anything you buy now that you think you can sell for more money later is considered an investment, including things like real estate, collectibles, stocks and bonds. So why invest? By investing your money, you...

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Future of healthcare

Running head: FUTURE 1 “The Future Direction of Health Care” By: Carrie Robinson HCA421: Health Care Planning & Evaluation (BGJ1422A Instructor: Fran Steel  June 13, 2014 FUTURE 2 “The Future of Health Care” ...

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Healthcare and Its Legal Challenges

Healthcare and its Legal Challenges This paper will discuss the legal challenges within the health care industry. These topics will include the positive and negative changes that America is currently facing. These topics are closely related to the current events of our economy. First of all, what will universal health care cost us and what will we get from it? The costs of the future changes in the healthcare industry will cost roughly $2.6 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. Paying for...

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Healthcare Spending

should be made. To help understand costs and payment, a breakdown of how health care is financed is included. The second half of the paper will provide a forecast of the future economic needs of U.S. health care, why these needs must be addressed, and my opinion on how the finances will be covered. Health Care Expenditures Healthcare spending within the United States (U.S.) is continually rising. In 2011, U.S. health care spending increased 3.9%. The total for health care spending was $2.7 trillion;...

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Internal and External Factors

Considered by most economists to be officially over in 2009, the Great Recession is generally acknowledged to be the most devastating economic crisis in the United States since the Great Depression of the 1930s. As a result of this economic downturn, The United States lost more than eight million jobs and the unemployment rate rose to 10%. Trillions of dollars in personal wealth evaporated as the collapse of the housing market and fluctuations in the equity market made Americans far less...

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Future Direction of Healthcare

Future Direction of Healthcare HCA 421: Health care Planning & Evaluation Instructor Nicole Kirksey September 9, 2013 Future Direction in Healthcare There are many challenges that are affecting the strategic planning of healthcare. Each of these challenges creates a specific barrier for healthcare providers. In order to address the pending changes to healthcare, providers must take proactive measures to adapt and respond accordingly to healthcare reform. Changes to strategic...

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Factors of Change

FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHANGING AN ORGANIZATION The following factors should be considered whenever change is being contemplated: 1. The Change Agent 2. Determining What should be Changed 3. The kind of Change to Make 4. Individuals affected by the Change 5. Evaluation of the Change THE CHANGE AGENT: The change agent might be a self designated manager within the organization or an outside consultant hired because of a special expertise in a particular area. This individual...

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Implementing Change

Implementing Change Paper HCS/475 Implementing Change Paper Implementing change among all organizations is necessary to achieve success; within the health care industry change is constant and it is the role of management teams to assess, plan, implement and evaluate change to ensure satisfaction. Considering this among the other aspects of running a successful organization it is essential to ensure that there is minimal resistance and familiarity to change. Demands...

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Changes in the business environment and labour market affect Human Resource Planning (HRP).

the HPR provide a tool for evaluating the effect of alternative human resource actions and policies. Nowadays business environment is multifaceted and complex, thus the changes in business environment will have a great impact on the HRP of the organization. By the definition of HRP, to be a success organization, the organization must achieve the business objectives through the effective utilization of human resources. Therefore, organizations need to forecast the internal and external supplying of...

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Various Factors of the External and Internal to Organization

various factors of the external and internal influence directly or indirectly to the organization The Internal Environment The internal environment of an organization refers to events, factors, people, systems, structures and conditions inside the organization that are generally under the control of the company. The company's mission statement, organizational culture and style of leadership are factors typically associated with the internal environment of an organization. As such, it is the internal...

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Looking Into Our Nursing Future and the Impact the Iom Report Has on It

Running head: LOOKING INTO OUR NURSING FUTURE AND THE IMPACT THE Looking Into our Nursing Future and the Impact the IOM Report Has on it Professional Dynamics NRS-430V Looking Into our Nursing Future and the Impact the IOM Report Has on it Since the passing of the 2010, Health Care Legislation Laws, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act, were instilled to increase the percentages of Americans having quality, affordable...

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External Factors of New Zealand Business

Analysis of external factors: ..................................................................................................... 3 Neutralizing External Factors .................................................................................................................... 6 Conclusion ................................................................................................................................................. 6 2 Introduction: There are many factors that affect business...

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Changes in Healthcare Delivery

Changes in healthcare delivery regarding managed care and quality improvement. Ethical controversies regarding stem cell research and human cloning. Healthcare Administration sampling and Implications of Market Profiles. Analyze how each has changed healthcare delivery on both the macro and micro levels. Provide specific examples of how both macro and micro impacts/changes: (a) Managed care and (b) Total quality improvement. On a micro level, although many Americans say they're satisfied with...

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Market Economy and Macro Environment Factors

Macro environment factors are uncontrollable external forces that affect how a business operates. They are largely out of the control of the business, and often require changes in operating, management, production, and marketing. Analysts often categorize them using the acronyms PEST or PESTEL. Broken down, PEST stands for political, economic, social, and technological concerns. PESTEL also includes environmental and legal factors. Political Political macro environment factors include things like...

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History of Healthcare and Economics

HISTORY OF HEALTHCARE AND ECONOMICS HCS/440 History of Healthcare and Economics This paper will discuss the history and evolution of healthcare economics and healthcare funding timelines. In the 21st Century healthcare has proven to be one the largest industries world. The healthcare industry has changed dramatically in the last hundred years. As changes and progression are examined, it becomes clearer that healthcare and the economy it has created, is an important part of American life. The...

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change management

Change Management: Defining change management It is important to note what change management is and what change management is not, as defined by the majority of research participants. Change management is not a stand-alone process for designing a business solution. Change management is the processes, tools and techniques for managing the people-side of change. Change management is not a process improvement method. Change management is a method for reducing and managing resistance to change...

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Healthcare Proposal

presented in the past years but the root of the issue remains prevalent today, that there is a lack of quality in its delivery and the cost of care is continuously increasing beyond national economic edges. In this manuscript, we will discuss several factors that can positively sway the long-term significance, impact, and structure of the United States health care system. Many are wondering whether the Universal Coverage, to which will give more control and influence to the government, is the solution...

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Environmental Factors Paper

Environmental Factors Paper This paper will discuss the five environmental factors that influence global and domestic marketing decisions that organizations must make. The five environmental factors are social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory. The social forces of the environment as defined in Marketing, include the demographic characteristics of the population and its values (Kerin & Berkowitz, Hartley & Rudelius, 2006, p. 74). This includes gender differences, buying...

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The Future of Nursing

The Future of Nursing Carrie Curell Grand Canyon University: NRS-430-0191 Professional Dynamics 02/23/2013 The Future of Nursing The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has researched how nursing as we know it will and is changing. They have written a report called “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” that outlines the impact of these changes on education, nursing practice, and nurses as leaders and made recommendations on the necessary changes. Regarding the impact of education...

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Managing Technology, Healthcare

Information Technology and the Healthcare Industry BUS 615: Managing Technology March 13, 2013 Information Technology and the Healthcare Industry Today, implementation of Information Technology (IT) in the healthcare industry is aimed towards reaching a level of interoperability which allows healthcare stakeholders to seamlessly share Electronic Health Records (EHRs) safely and efficiently. In healthcare, interoperability is considered the ability to use IT applications...

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The Future of HealthCare in the U.S.

 The Future of Health Care in the U.S. HSA 3111 Health Care Delivery in the United States The Future of Health Care in the U.S. Introduction The United States healthcare reform is among the most popular topics with considerable debate in America. American’s rely depend on medical services to ensure their lives are safe in case of unforeseen complications or accidents. It is 48.2 million...

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The Role of the Economy in Presidential Elections

The Role of the Economy in Presidential Elections There are many factors that can influence a presidential election in the United States. One of the most important factors is the economy. It is always one of the top debate topics which candidates must pay close attention to. What makes it such an important issue is that it does not matter what state the economy is. Whether it is in good shape or bad shape, it is still going to play a major role. However, if the economy is suffering than is...

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Data Security in Healthcare

 Data Security in Healthcare Data Security in Healthcare In the world of technology today, consumers often purchase items through the internet using their personal information such as name, date of birth and credit card numbers. This information can easily be stolen from someone who seeks to exploit weakness in a computer network. According, to (Gagne, 2012), “data breaches often occur through technical vulnerabilities, malware, compromised user credentials or opportunist...

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Transformational Changes in Healthcare Organizations

Participation of all employees in a healthcare organization is needed within a transformational organization. Change is probably never popular, but is necessary for the transformation and restructuring of the healthcare industry. There are several models in the scope of transformational changes and learning organizations. The capacity to change is embraced by organizational transformation and initiatives sustained are representative of learning organizations (Johnson, 2009). The first organization...

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To What Extent Have Demographic Change and Employment/Unemployment Levels Affected the Uk Economy in Recent Years and How May They Impact the Economy in the Future?

To what extent have Demographic change and Employment/Unemployment levels affected the UK economy in recent years and how may they impact the economy in the future? This essay will look into the recent impact of the demographic situation of the UK economy and also the recent levels of UK employment, and how they have also impacted the economy. Then there is the impact that these variables may have or are expected to have in the future on the UK economy as well. Demography is effectively the...

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The Future Trends in Healthcare

The Future Trends in Healthcare “Health care trends refer to statistical patterns identified in the health care industry. Government authorities and other industries examine and use trends to preserve or enhance the health and wellness of those in the community” (ehow, 2012).The health care industry has seen many advances and improvements in recent years and this trend will continue because of advances in technologies, diseases, medications and many more. “Health care trends allow analysts to identify...

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Environmental Factors Paper

 Environmental Factors Paper Elizabeth McUne MKT/421 December 16, 2013 Creig Foster Environmental Factors Paper Introduction This paper will discuss the environmental factors that PepsiCo faces. These factors effect both the domestic, and global marketing the company does. Factors such as trade practices, demographics, cultural differences, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 will all be discussed, as well as other factors that affect PepsiCo, and their...

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Changes in Healthcare

Changes in the Practice of Nursing The health care in the United States is changing, patients need and demand outstanding services delivery. So we as nurses are called up onto deliver this service. With the shift in the health care sector nurses will be even more in demand. This demand will be tied to skill levels and education. This is why it is so important for all nurses to commit to furthering their studies, it will make them more marketable. There will be many new job opportunities due to the...

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What Is 'Housework' and What Changes Are Occurring in This Area of Work Today?

What is ‘housework’, and what changes are occurring in this area of work today? Broadly speaking, the term ‘housework’ is used to describe the management of the home, which ‘involves a range of activities, the purpose of which is to maintain household members’ (Hatt 1997: 39). Hatt discusses how the industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism created a tidal wave of mass social change; causing production to shift from within the household to the factory. The home is now the site of the ‘reproduction’...

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What Drives Organizational Change

What Drives Organizational Change Paper What Drives Organizational Change? When a business first enters into the market the organization develops goals and missions that they have set forth to achieve. However, during the lifetime of the company there are many internal and external factors that can affect the company from reaching their goals and achieving their set forth mission. As a result a company may have to enforce organizational changes to help the company...

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Climate Change

LSGI1B02_20122 Climate Change and Society With English Writing Requirements (by Janet Elizabeth NICHOL; Man Sing WONG;) Second Draft Submission Assignment Title: WHAT IS NEEDED TO MANAGE GLOBLE WARMING | Student Name: | YangTianfang | | Student ID: | 12131087d | | Group ID: | EWT008 | | Date: | April 12, 13 | Based on a series of scientific theories and evidence, it seems fair to say that nowadays environmental issues are essential for people to acknowledge and consider...

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Healthcare Organization SWOT Analysis

 Healthcare Organization SWOT Analysis Tina Sampers November 21, 2014 CSU Global Campus HCM 560 Dr. David Milen I currently work for a local home care company, Angels Care Home Health. Currently, I am working on a project in which we are creating a new department that is responsible for the development and implementation of the electronic health record (EHR). Due to the size of the organization and the number of clients, the development of the EHR is a daunting and time consuming task...

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Change and Culture Case Study 2

Change and Culture Case Study 1 Joan Ramos HCS/514 February 4, 2013 Debra Williams Change and Culture Case Study 1 The cost of health care in the United States remains an important concern for American consumers. The challenges for controlling costs and providing a better health care system are various and complex. These challenges, in many cases, are in the realm of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or other federal or state agencies (Department of Justice, 2012). Hospitals...

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What Are the Arguments for and Against Intervention?

of the major areas in which the government intervenes is in business, for example by creating a minimum wage for all workers.  This means that no matter the job and responsibilities, a worker must be paid at least a certain wage for the labour they provide to a company.  This can be considered to be an advantage of government intervention as it determines that anything lower than the minimum wage is not enough for a person to live on  This is an also an advantage as the minimum wage...

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2010 IOM report on the Future of Nursing APA Format

The 2010 IOM Report: The Future of Nursing Michelle Kennedy Grand Canyon University NRS-430V April 5, 2015 The 2010 IOM Report: The Future of Nursing The Institute of Medicine (IOM) released its 2010 report called The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health and it calls for an increase in nurses working in the profession to be “80 percent BSN-prepared” by the year 2020. (An 80% BSN workforce by 2020?, n.d.). The four key messages that the committee developed included ideas such...

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Emerging Economies

 Emerging Economies and Globalization Argosy University October 29, 2013 Emerging Economies and Globalization Multinational corporations (MNC’s) are consistently looking for new unsaturated markets to tap into in optimisms of expanding their business and capitalizing on future industry trends. General Electric Healthcare (GEH) is one of these MNC’s trying to capitalize on the incessantly rising healthcare industry. In 1878, Thomas Edison founded General...

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Ways to Prevent Secondary Healthcare Errors in Hospitals


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factors to be considered

September 18 & 22, 2014 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM Multimedia Room, Edilberto P. Dagot Hall, PNU-Manila Dr. Baifern N. Lim • Parents want their children to be safe and comfortable. • Parents must choose a program they can afford as well. • Quality of the program is a key factor • Many parents ask about the training and experience of the staff. • Asking about staff turnover rates can help parents in choosing a program. • Parents want a facility that is safe for their children...

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Factors that drive organizational change

Running head: FACTORS THAT DRIVE ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE 1 FACTORS THAT DRIVE ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE 4 Factors That Drive Organizational Change MGT/380 August 5, 2013 Factors That Drive Organizational Change Organizational change is defined as change that has an impact on the way work is performed and has a significant effect on staff. (The Vector study, 2012). Organizational change can be major like a reorganization or a much smaller change such as new computer software. Changes can include...

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Philosophy Paper -Parental Licensing

May 6, 2013 Essay 3 Parental Licensing Congress is considering passing a law that would mandate parental licensing and two experts are testifying, philosophers, LaFollete and Frisch. I think Congress should listen to Lafollete’s defense testimony and enact parental licensing immediately. LaFollette argues parents should be required to obtain a license before they can raise a child. Though he says there are many hurdles in this claim but they can be addressed overtime. Part of LaFollette’s...

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Thoughts about climate change

through big changes. This does not only concern the changes in technology but also how countries nowadays are able to interact with each other. The new technology have mad it possible to transfer and spread information faster than ever before. These changes have lead to huge possibilities when it comes to researches, to do researches that earlier have not been doable. For example when it comes to knowledge about illnesses and health. Earlier people died from deceases that the healthcare today has the...

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Factors Influencing Global Tourism and Their Impact on Economy

Question: Explain how four of the factors below influence global tourism and describe the impact they have on the possible future directions of the economic activity. Tourism is subject to exterior factors which may alter its nature and future direction. These factors are uncontrollable and can see positive outcomes. However negative impacts to tourism are often also prominent usually negatively influencing the areas economy. Human in3duced factors such as climate change have resulted in, and are...

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Future of Hr Management

Future of HR Management Over the years, the role of human resources has changed and evolved based on the needs of our society. Put in basic terms, human resource management must change as the business environment in which it operates changes. An article written by Susan Heathfield, states that while successful organizations are becoming more adaptable, resilient, quick to change direction, the HR professional is considered by line managers as a strategic partner, an employee sponsor or advocate...

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 What a Religious Tradition Says—Its Teachings, Texts, Doctrine, Stories, Myths, and Others

Introduction In this paper I will conduct an internal environmental analysis for my beauty salon. I will discuss the forces and trends that must be taken into consideration while developing a strategic plan.in todays beauty salon business I will provide a list of the lesson learned from my learning team discussion. I will create a SWOTT table summarizing my findings. My environmental analysis will identify the one primary strength , / weakness, threat and trend. Internal and external...

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Triggers for Change

Triggers for Change: Learning has no end for an individual or the organization. Hence people must update their skills and knowledge in order to perform efficiently as well as effectively in the organization to get a competitive edge. If people learn in the organization, naturally organizational growth happens in streamline. Individuals within an organization learn as they carry out what is expected of them, written as well as unwritten expectations. Written expectations can be reached through...

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Resistance to Change

Resistance To Change Webster University ABSTRACT Changes are an important part of organizational life. Without them, no company could keep pace with its competitors in today’s workplace. Nowadays managers are faced with an increasing amount of technological change, with advances occurring more rapidly now than at any other time in history. Ultimately, it’s these technological advances that cause society and its business organizations to change as well. The current rate of technological change has created...

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What Is Change? Organizational Environment

Change is an alteration of an organization’s environment, structure, technology, or people If it weren’t for change, the manager’s job would be easy. Planning would be simplified, tomorrow would be no different from today. The issue of organization design would be solved because the environment would be free from uncertainty and there would be no need to adapt. Similarly decision making would be dramatically simplified because the outcome of each alternative could be predicted with near pinpoint...

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Identify the significant changes taking place in today's business environment

1. Identify the significant changes taking place in today's business environment that are forcing management decision makers to rethink their views of marketing research. Also discuss the potential impact that these changes might have on marketing research activities. Please provide adequate references for each of the points in your discussion. Today's business environment is relentlessly subjected to significant changes. These changes force decision makers to reassess their views of marketing research...

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Elderly Healthcare Limitation

Should Healthcare For The Elderly Be Limited? HSM 501 Ethics in Healthcare Jose Joe Rodriguez   Our healthcare system in the United States is currently going through a massive change.  For the past 4 years, our healthcare system has been dissected, analyzed, and restructured, with a  single objective: Deliver better and more cost­effective care. The Affordable Care Act, which  was enacted in 2010, promised to accelerate both the rate of change and level in which we  delivered care across this country (cms...

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Pestel: Pest Analysis and Factors

Technological analysis''') describes a framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management. Some analysts added Legal and rearranged the mnemonic to SLEPT; inserting Environmental factors expanded it to PESTEL or PESTLE, which is popular in the United Kingdom.[1] The model has recently been further extended to STEEPLE and STEEPLED, adding Ethics and Demographic factors. It is a part of the external analysis when conducting a strategic analysis...

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Economy Notes

CHAPTER 1 ( INTRODUCTION 1.1 DISCIPLINE OF ECONOMICS THEORY There are two different categories concerning economic behavior, the micro economics and macro economics. Micro economics The study of economic behavior of individual making units such as producer, consumer, household, and firms. Macro economics The study of economic system as a whole or on the basis of aggregate such as consumer price index, inflation rate, national income and unemployment...

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Climate Change

To what extent is climate change part of the Earth’s natural cycles Since the origins of the Earth about 4.6 billion years ago the climate has be constantly changing. The Earth experienced far warmer weather and far colder weather, however it has survived and the species which existed have been continuously adapting though a process of evolution- this is all part of the Earth’s natural cycle. Recently though the changes have seemingly occurred at a more concerning pace than before; this...

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Evaluate How Future Changes in Economic, Political, Legal and Social Factors May Impact on the Strategy of a Chosen Organisation

Evaluate how future changes in economic, political, legal and social factors may impact on the strategy of a chosen organisation Changes in a number of different factors can affect the way in which the business is run in the future and this could mean that the business has to look into different ways of tackling problems, which would mean they have to forecast what they believe the future is going to be like. Tesco as an organisation is constantly expanding because of the amount of people who need...

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Transformational Change in Healthcare

Transformational Changes in Healthcare: Two Case Studies Patrick Chapman MHA 601 Professor Sherrie Lu November 29, 2010 Transformational Changes in Healthcare: Two Case Studies The economic downturn has led healthcare organizations to think big changes. We understand that all organizations experience micro changes in their normal adjustments to operating; however, occasionally a unique climate comes together to force new ways of thinking. This new way of thinking is usually a whole novel...

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Factors of Production

Factors of Production 1. Land 2. Labor 3. Capital (Money) is not actually considered as capital in economics as it does not produce a good and service but it is rather a form of asset that is used as a medium of exchange. 4. Entrepreneurship The 3 E’s in ECONOMICS 1. Efficiency refers to productivity and proper allocation of economic resources. 2. Equity means justice and fairness. 3. Effectiveness means attainment of goals and objectives. Types of Economic Systems To address...

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Licensing Requirements and Accreditation Affecting Long-Term Care

Licensing Requirements and Accreditation Affecting Long-Term Care Michael E. Puckett University of Phoenix HCS/443 August 5, 2006 Licensing Requirements and Accreditation Affecting Long-Term Care The world of health care is changing from the needs of individuals due to changes in expectations of the health care organizations. One steady component of long-term care is the need for regulation in the industry that serves the public. Regulation is provided in several ways that includes licensing...

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Ethics and Technology What Is the Relationship?

Ethics and Technology What is the Relationship? Rick Wagoner Information Education Technology 600, Section 002 Professor Dr. A Zargari September 10, 2004 Ethics and Technology What is the Relationship? With technology as well as many other fields of study or concentration we must be sure of our actions and motives before studying, researching, creating, developing, or implementing a new advancement. Consideration must be given to the results of our actions as a measure...

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Enviromental Factors

Environmental Factors Marilys F. Robles Rivera MKT/421 July 25, 2013 Professor Thelma Gonzalez Environmental Factors Environment global international field is a key field of the environment of most managers, today more than ever. In addition, several groups are pushing for new forms and higher levels of ethical behavior of managers and greater corporate social responsibility. The overall feel, sometimes called macro environment, includes the external factors that usually affect all organizations...

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o How health care has changed in the last 10 years. o What you think will be the biggest change in health care within the next 10 years. o What role you plan to serve within the industry. o How you will adapt your skills to evolve along with the industries needs. o How your perception of health care changed over the course of your program. o The role technology will play in health care organizations in the coming decade. o The financial and economic issues that will affect the health care...

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