• Rubin Carter Innocent by Nicole
    In today’s society it is quite possible for people to be accused and punished for committing a crime they didn’t actually do. It would be nice to think our judicial system is 100% accurate but unfortunately that is not the case. Innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit more
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  • Guilty or Innocent
    Imagine someone being locked up in a cell for 25 years convicted of a crime he or she did not commit. This person whom has been locked up for all these years has been telling everyone that he or she is innocent of the crime they were convicted of. Even though this person was telling everyone this, n
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  • Rubin Carter
    Wrongfully Convicted: Andy Dufresne and Rubin Carter People in prison face many emotional challenges. They are likely to become institutionalized, and unable to function in society outside of the prison. Not all people in prison are even guilty of their crimes. They have been denied a fair trial,
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  • Rubin Hurrican Carter
    Expected Truth Unexpected Lies When we watch a movie what do we expect from it? Drop dead gorgeous main characters? Heart rending death scenes? The ‘goodies’ triumphing over the ‘baddies’? Happy endings? But how many of us expect the truth from a movie? The film The Hurricane is one such fi
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  • Anniversary Paper of Rubin Hurricane Carter
    Thomas Clarke JRL 2020A Professor Keohan The Ring Looking Backward: Wrongful Imprisonment of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Born 1937 in Clifton, New Jersey; a young African American orphan quickly became the product of impersonal boys homes and state penitentiaries. After running from his orpha
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  • Rubin Hurricane Carter
    Rubin “Hurricane” Carter Case Initial Description: On June 17 1966 two men walked into the Lafayette bar and grill in New Jersey and shot a total of 4 people. Two of those men were killed instantly, one died a month after from all the bullet wounds and the last man survived but is...
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  • Rubin Hurricane Cater
    16 Year old proves Rubin “Hurricane” Carters innocence. 16 year old Lesra Martin and his Canadian family proves Rubin Carter is innocent. By: Brianna Hicks, Toronto Star Rubin “Hurricane” Carter sits in a jail cell for 20 long years. People say Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was gui
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  • Carter Case # 3
    Case Study # 3: Carter Cleaning, pp. 222-223 2 Abstract The format and form in which a job description should appear varies in semblance. There is no set format in which a job description should appear, however with technology ever increasing and the many changes in the way an organization c
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  • The Innocent Man
      THE INNOCENT MAN: MURDER AND INJUSTICE IN A SMALL TOWN, by John Grisham.  New York: Doubleday, 2006.  368pp. Hardcover.  $28.95.  ISBN: 9780385517232.   Reviewed by Jack E. Call, Department of Criminal Justice, Radford University.  Email: jcall [at] RADFORD.EDU.   John Grisham’s leg
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