• Wired Verus Wireless Networks
    Wired VS Wireless Networks In today's world networking is becoming a very common thing with business's and homes. Some of the main reasons are because you can share files, printers, and other resources. The big networking way style is to use cables connecting all the equipment on a network. To
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  • Home Loan Types in India
    Owning a piece of land or property is a lifetime dream for every individual. There are many home loans provider in the market to make your dream come true. But before you opt for any home loan provider, you need to consider certain factors related to property that you are interested in buying and al
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  • Wired and Wireless Networks
    Wired and Wireless, What’s the Difference? The main difference between a wired and wireless data communication infrastructure is the existence of physical cabling. The same or similar techniques are employed for both types of data communication infrastructure in terms of the core elements of essen
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  • Handbook on Different Types of Networks
    DRAFT COPY Hkkjr ljdkj GOVERNMENT OF INDIA jsy ea=ky; MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS (dk;Zky;hu iz;ksx gsrq) (For official use only) Different types of Networks in Indian Railways (FOIS/RAILNET) A MAINTENANCE HANDBOOK dSeVsd@,l@izkSt@10&11@,pch&usVodZ CAMTECH/S/PROJ/10-11/HB-NETWORK EkkpZ 20
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  • Types of Computer Networks
    TYPES OF COMPUTER NETWORKS: A computer networks is a communication system connecting two or more computers that work together to exchange information & share resources. A network may consist of microcomputers or it may integrate microcomputers or other devices with large computer. Networks can
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  • LAN wired networks
    Chapter 5, Local Area Networks, was informative and interesting. Local area connections, wired technologies, wireless technologies and network setup are all covered in this chapter. Local area networks, (LAN) are data communication networks that usually connect a single building....
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  • Networks and Connectivity
    Networks and Connectivity Trying to give a definition to the term COMMUNICATIONS we can say that “Communications is the dispatch of a message from one point to another and the confirmation of the complete , right and conceivable receiving of the message by the authorized addressee&#8221
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  • Switched Networks
    Switched Networks Networks are getting more and more popular, and because of this more people use them, which slows them down. Networks in the future will need to have enough bandwidth to support applications, like multimedia, witch require larger bandwidth. Switching will change the way n
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  • How Ethernet Works
    Critical Analysis of Ethernet: How used and why businesses need it MGT 301 Ethernet: How used and why businesses need it Introduction Networks are increasingly important in the business use of computers as well as for the applications and data that networks can deliver. If a single computer
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  • Computer Networks
    Computer Networks Computers by themselves are useful tools. But once they are interconnected, they surge in usefulness and suddenly become media. One computer is connected into a network which is then patched into a network of networks. Computer networks have the potential to break the monopolies o
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  • Networks
    Improving Network Performance Nowadays, it seems that everyone has a computer and is discovering that communication technologies are necessary. E-mail, Internet, and file transferring has become a part of the modern world. Networks allow people to connect their computers together and to share resou
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  • Economic Development in Three Urban Areas: Atlanta, Baltimore and Cleveland
    Executive Summary The following pages review the comprehensive strategies that have been used by the cities of Atlanta, Baltimore and Cleveland to improve their economic conditions. It should become apparent to the reader that the fate of each city is determined by many factors including historica
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  • Traditional vs Distance Education
    Education is an essential element in societies throughout the world. For many years education has been provided in classrooms on campuses worldwide, but there has been a change made to the conventional method of classroom learning. With the advancements in technology, education has been restructur
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  • Networks
    Wireless Local Area Networks A wireless local area network (LAN) is a flexible data communications system implemented as an extension to, or as an alternative for, a wired LAN. It uses radio frequency (RF) technology, to transmit and receive data over the air, minimizing the need for wired conn
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  • Metro Ethernet
    Metro Ethernet Disclaimer; this is intended to be an introductory technical article; certain details have been excluded in the interests of space and clarity. Network design examples are presented to illustrate specific technical points and are not intended to fully complete. Historically WAN'
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  • Digital Home Convergence
    Digital Home Convergence Overview As technology and entertainment converge inside the home, major players in various industries are taking different strategies in planning for the future. The concept of the "digital home" will likely take one of two forms: a closed wired entertainment network
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  • Home Depot
    Introduction History The Home Depot was founded in 1978 by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, and Ronald Brill. These men founded The Home Depot because they were laid-off of their management jobs at the Handy Dan home center chain. They used the knowledge that they acquired from the Handy Dan along
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  • Comparing Three B2B or B2C Web Strategies
    I. Introduction The worldwide network of computers, called "Internet", provides opportunities for a company to do business in cyberspace. Organisations find it more and more important to represent them on the Internet to get more customers, to increase the public's awareness of the companies and th
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  • Speaker Identification and Verification over Short Distance Telephone Lines Using Artificial Neural Networks
    SPEAKER IDENTIFICATION AND VERIFICATION OVER SHORT DISTANCE TELEPHONE LINES USING ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORKS Ganesh K Venayagamoorthy, Narend Sunderpersadh, and Theophilus N Andrew gkumar@ieee.org sundern@telkom.co.za theo@wpo.mlsultan.ac.za Electronic Engineering Department, M L Sultan Techni
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  • Hd Tv over Ip Networks
    HDTV over IP Networks Table of Contents Introduction 1 About CBN 1 HDTV Integration 2 Area Researched 3 Technology Involved 5 System Architecture 5 Implementation 6 Future Trends 8 Future Products 8 Companies Involved 10 Regulatory Issues 11 "Dual Carriage" and Multicast Requirement
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