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The Changeling By Judith Ortiz Cofer

Judith Ortiz Cofer: Understanding a Writer Judith Ortíz Cofer was born in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico in 1952. She was raised on the island and in Paterson, New Jersey, before her family finally settled in Augusta, Georgia. She received her B.A. in English from Augusta College in 1974, and her M.A. in English from Florida Atlantic University, and did graduate school at Oxford University in 1977 (Judith). Her collections of poetry include The Year of Our Revolution: New and Selected Stories and...

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Narrative by Judith Ortiz Cofer

narrative written by Judith Ortiz Cofer discusses some of the many experiences she has encountered throughout her life dealing with stereotypes and common misconceptions of Latin American women. To further engage her audience in the story, she provides detailed past experiences that have stood out to her the most. In order for the readers to fully understand those past encounters, some of which are cultural and common among Latinos, Cofer explains them in careful detail. For example, Cofer explains the concept...

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"The Story of My Body" by Judith Ortiz Cofer, and "Never Just Pictures" by Susan Bordo.

elements of our society: friends, place, and education. We reflect what we think it is correct in the opinions of others. This idea is expanded and explained in two essays: "The Story of My Body" written by Judith Ortiz Cofer, and "Never Just Pictures" by Susan Bordo. In the first essay, Cofer suggest that our body plays an essential role in our social life. The differences of race, color, and size can create many uncomfortable situations in our adolescence. She tells us the story of her body and...

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Lessons of Love by Judith Ortiz Cofer

Desperation, Love, and Torment… The short story "Lessons of Love" by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a perfect example of faulty love, people who abuse love, and people who feel so deep about their love they will do anything for their "partner". The girl in the story is a trust worthy, honest, and an innocent girl before she meets the guy of her dreams which changes her in many ways. The guy changes her personality traits by making her disloyal to her family and indirectly teaching her lie to them. For example...

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Response to The "American History" by Judith Ortiz-Cofer

Response to "American History" The story "American History" by Judith Ortiz-Cofer is one that many people can relate to. It is not merely a Latina girl's experiences with prejudice and growing up in New Jersey. The story rings true for many. In "American History," Elena is a ninth grader at a large public school in Paterson, New Jersey. On this day, a cold gray November day, President Kennedy has been shot. The reader can see how all the adults in the story are immensely affected by this event...

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"One More Lesson"- Judith Ortiz Cofer

The story “One More Lesson”, by Judith Ortiz Cofer, discusses her childhood life in Puerto Rico and when she moved to the United States. The story discusses how Cofers father wanted her family to conduct themselves a certain way, to escape the general stereotypes that Puerto Ricans received, such as them being loud, playing loud music, and mothers yelling at their children. Cofer’s family was forced to act differently from the other Puerto Ricans that were around them for the satisfaction of her...

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Staples and Cofer

them. Stereotypes are strongly displayed in the media; stereotype can be based of someone’s color, culture, religion, or sex. In Black men in public spaces by Brent Staples, and in The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the authors talk about stereotypes based on their gender and ethnicity and the experiences they both encounter because of their ethnicity and gender which have many similarities and differences. Stereotypes can lead to hatred and discrimination...

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Cofer And Staples

talks about the way people see him. The reason being he is African American and within his neighborhood people see him as a mugger, rapist, or worse than the two. He is also discriminated and stereotyped because of his race and his skin color. In Judith Ortiz Cofer’s essay “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” she explains how people stereotyped Latin people and herself for the way they dressed, their education, and the way they were viewed just by watching a movie. Also their...

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Judith cofer summary

Chris Robinson Ms. Thomas English 1101 January 25 2014 Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “Silent Dancing” Essay of the cultural shifts of Cofer’s mother, her cousin and her cousin’s brother girlfriend From Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “Silent Dancing” Cofer’s Mother Cofer’s mother is in the middle of the assimilation phase she is involved in both the American culture and the Puerto Rican culture. She often shops...

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Joost 1988. Folly and Madness in "The Changeling". 'Essays in Criticism', vol.38, no.1, 1-21. This is a pre-copy-editing, author-produced PDF of an article accepted for publication in [insert journal title] following peer review. The definitive publisher-authenticated version 'Essays in Criticism' is available online at: http://eic.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/XXXVIII/1/1 Archived at Flinders University: dspace.flinders.edu.au FOLLY AND MADNESS IN THE CHANGELING 3 One reason why this answer must...

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 Changeling is a movie from 2008. Directed by Clint Eastwood, and based on a true story, this film is about a woman who takes up a tiff with the Los Angeles Police Department for giving her a child that didn’t belong to her. This twisted drama dates back to the late 1920’s to the early/mid 1930’s. The main characters in the film were: Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie), Walter Collins (Gattlin Griffith), Captain. J.J. Jones (Jeffery Donovan), Reverend Gustav Briegleb (John Malkovich), Sanford...

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Gender and Sexulaity

and out of place. In society only a few decades ago, women were meant to be silent and restricted. Men were the superior ones who had a voice. They freely got to do whatever they pleased. In Julia Avarez’ “Daughter of Invention and Judith Ortiz Cofer’s poem “The Changeling,” women were restricted of their true identities and their voices were silenced by the Ppallogocentric order. As a female in society, one was not permitted to speak freely of her opinions because of men. She must remain silent....

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The Changeling Essay

the first time, as we peak through our fingers. As scared as we are we keep watching. Once it is over we remind our self that it was “just a movie” and is not real. But if it is not real, then why are we so scared, and why do we watch it? The Changeling is a story of a composer named Doctor Russell living in New York, who loses his wife and daughter in a traffic accident on vacation. After their deaths he moves himself cross country to Washington State, where he rents an eerie Victorian style mansion...

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Judith and Jael

The heroines in the Book of Judges and in the Book of Judith are powerful women executing the men who were against God. The difference is that Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite killed the man who wanted to destroy the Israelites, the commander of King Jabin of Canaan; Sisera, by sudden inspiration, when he came to her for safety. On the other hand, Judith, a widow from the town of Judea had a carefully thought out plan for her assassination of Holofernes, the chief general of Nebuchadnezzar King of...

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Compare and Contrast: Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “Catch the Moon” and W.D. Wetherell’s “the Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant”

Compare and Contrast Essay Love is an emotion that deeply alters a person’s thought-process. This emotion can bring out the best of people or even make them question who they are and what they’re willing to give up for the person they love. In Judith Ortiz Cofer’s short story “Catch the Moon”, she suggests that love can change a person for the better by making them want to improve themselves. However, in W.D. Wetherell’s short story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant”, he suggests that love can...

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Myth of Latina Woman Lindsay

AP Style Prompt: In the essay below, author Judith Ortiz Cofer examines the impact of racist stereotypes. Read the passage carefully. Then, in a well-organized essay, analyze how Cofer uses rhetorical strategies to convey her attitude towards Latina stereotypes. Mythbusters: Deconstructing the Latina Stereotype In Cofer’s essay “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria,” Cofer uses a variety of rhetorical strategies to portray Latina stereotypes as harmful and inaccurate. Right...

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Judith Murray

Judith Sargent Murray Judith Sargent Murray was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts on May 1st, 1751. She grew up to be an American advocate to women's rights as well as a famous poet and writer. Judith lived in the time where women were not equal to men and did not have the same opportunities. Growing up, she watched her brother become well educated and she as well wanted to learn everything, but her parents refused to bring her up in the same way they did their son (Wikipedia). Women's voices were...

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Judith Wright

Judith wright Judith wright raises an aspect of Australia’s past to the level of myth thereby contributing to a sense of tradition that the poet feels is so important for the development of Australian identity, a task to which she is fully committed. Good morning class mates and teachers, Today I will be analyzing Judith Wright’s compassionate on the important issue of Australian identity that has been conveyed in her poetry. Poetry is a tool for expression of one’s voice. I believe...

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Uncovering the Stereotypes of the Latin Woman

Girl Named Maria,” author Judith Ortiz Cofer reflects on her experiences being stereotyped as a Latin woman. There are numerous stereotypes that Latin women are subjected to. Cofer shares a few of the ones she has had to face throughout her life. Cofer was judged based on her clothing, her maturity level, and her job. With all of these stereotypes, Cofer comes to her own conclusions on how they came about. Clothing in the Latin culture is a means of expression. Cofer explains that woman and girls...

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Quinceañera by Judith Ortiz Cofer: Freewrite

My response to the title of the poem was a fifteen-year-old Latina girl becoming of age. Quinceanera can be compared to Sweet Sixteen or becoming eighteen-years-old all of which represent the transition into adulthood for a young lady. Traditionally a Quinceanera is celebrated among the Latino culture and catholic community. The poem demonstrates tone well using her emotions and feeling toward turning fifteen. This author takes her own experience and puts it into the poem. She describes the time...

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male and a burglar caused confusion that led security to chase Staples within the magazine company. Another similar scenario occurred to Judith Ortiz Cofer in her essay, The Myth of the Latin Women: I Just Met a Girl Named María Ortiz Cofer experiences individual discrimination by a white man, who starts shouting Spanish names and phrases directly to her. As Judith was walking to her room with her new colleague, at a classy metropolitan hotel a middle age white man in a tuxedo stepped right in front...

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Judith and Holofernes

Judith and Holofernes The story of Judith and Holofernes from the book of Vulgate demonstrates the extraordinary power a woman can possess. Judith, the heroine of the story, saves her town from destruction as the author conveys her strength, faith, and determination throughout her quest against the tyrannical Holofernes by using various archetypes and themes. Before the actual story of Judith begins, the author provides some background information. The exposition is set in the great city of Ninevah...

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The Ignorance of Discrimination

 Some people discriminate without knowing the true ramifications of their actions. Also not being aware of how uncomfortable and self-conscience their words or actions are going to affect others. In the stories, The Myth of the Latin Women by Judith Ortiz Cofer and Discrimination at Large by Jennifer A Coleman, we are going to encounter different forms of discriminations and how it affects and alters their way of life. Despite efforts of eliminating discrimination through out the years, it remains...

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Cofer - the Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria

Cofer - The Myth of the Latin Woman: I just met a girl named Maria March 4, 2009 As Judith Ortiz Cofer says in her essay “mixed cultural signals have perpetuated certain stereotypes” (49). Since something can be natural in a determined culture and offensive in another, it is easy to find a variety of behaves that are misunderstood. This misunderstood is what promotes the existence of prejudice. The stereotypes should be ignored and forgotten by people. Each individual should be judge by its work...

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The Self-Consciousness

Pray,” Judith Ortiz Cofer shows the different cultures can interpret religious customs and difficult for searching the religious of Latin people in the United States. In the poem, Cofer shows the relationship between the women’s religion and religious. Cofer uses the women who pray to Anglo God, but they have not believed in all God's power. Moreover, the Latin women live in the different culture and language, but they still hope that God at least understands what they are praying for. Judith Ortiz...

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Escaping Eurocentric America

Escaping the Eurocentric American Stranglehold Ethnic variety is one of the defining characteristics of the American people. The American people, however, define themselves based on their cultural background. Armando Rendón and Judith Ortiz Cofer are two writers with passionate perspectives on encroaching Anglo assimilation. Rendón reflects on his near loss and reclamation of cultural identity in his essay, “Kiss of Death,” while Cofer's heritage is tested and strengthened through her encounters...

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Silent Dancing

English 100 14 September 2013 Memories From the Past The written text and photograph for Judith Ortiz "Silent Dancing" reflects back on Cofer's unhappy confusing childhood. Cofer recalls most of her memories from a silent video; both the story and photograph paint a garden of grey memories of isolation, unsettling situations, the struggles of assimilation, and the sadness she experiences as a child. My goal of this essay is to compare and explain the similarities of Cofer’s text...

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Cultural Differences

contrast will be “A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood,” written by Judith Ortiz Cofer, and “Only Daughter,” written by Sandra Cisneros. Both female Hispanic authors talk about how they divided their childhood between two countries and the meaning of being a woman in their cultures. They also describe family structures and relationships between parents and children in an immigrant family. Judith Ortiz Cofer was born in the small town of Hormigueros, Puerto Rico. She came to the U.S...

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Myths of a Latin Woman

EH 101 November 5, 2011 Facts of a Latin Woman “Myth of the Latin Woman:/Just Met a Girl Named Maria,” by Judith Ortiz Cofer tells of her personal experiences as a Latin girl growing up in a large urban city in New Jersey during the sixties. She tells of her journey maneuvering through her childhood trying to find her place in a mixed cultural world and faces many stereotypes. Cofer later learns how to take the negative comments of others and turn them in to positives in her own life. There are...

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Judith Wright

English essay: Judith Wright Judith Wright, born in the country town of Armidale, but grew to become one of the most influential modern thinkers through her poetry. Wright writes poems that expand further than just love, she wrote poems expressing the issues that deal with the spiritual and cultural fracture. Her views of the disintegrating culture and the physical environment surrounding her world are portrayed through the various techniques. These elements of techniques are such as Wright’s...

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Judith is a 349- line poetic fragment. It is one of five articles in the British Library, MS. Cotton Vitellius A.xv. It is a document originally made up of two manuscripts. The first of the pair known as the Southwick Codex, is thought to of been produced during the twelfth century. The Nowwell Codex also known as “The Beowulf Manuscript” is about 150 years older and dated between A.D 980 and 1020. The manuscripts were combined in the 17th century. Like much of the other works housed at the...

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The Perspective of Cultural Differences

 The Perspective of Cultural Differences “The Myth of the Latin Women” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, the author states how she has been treated by different people in different countries due to their conception of her as a Latin woman. She points out several incidents where she is viewed, stereotypically, as a woman only capable of being a housewife and as a sexual object. She also shows the cross-cultural conflict Hispanics have to deal with on an everyday basis. This country, the United States is...

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Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz Unraveling America’s Hispanic Past Internal Stratification and Class Boundaries This essay was very interesting. Our Spanish/Mexican origin has a very historical, literature past that I did not know of. This essay explains how the Spanish/Mexican origin is far from being a homogenous group. Ramon A. Gutierrez, the author of this article explains that “his intent is to show that how the people defined themselves and how they are defined by others.” To me this means that the Spanish/Mexican...

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Compare and contrast

Being stereotype is difficult deal with, and it’s really offended and hurtful. “The Myth of the Latin woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan share some common and different stereotypes that they had to go through. In the story “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I just met a Girl Named Maria”, Judith Cofer wrote about her experiences being stereotyped as a Latin woman. In “Mother Tongue,” Amy shared her personal experiences being stereotyped with her...

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Maxine Hong Kingston

family stories told, give an outline of morals as well as a way to stay close to their true family. Both Cofer and Stone show how family stories give them a very strong form of acceptance. Acceptance is key for each of the writers because they both face the challenge of living as multicultural people in a world that tends to shame diversity. These stories are extremely important to Cofer and Stone; questioning them would violate all they believe in. However, there is another side to this subject...

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Gender Equality

sustainable development and building good governance.” (Kofi Annan) In Paulette Jiles’s poem, “Paper Matches” and in Judith Ortiz Cofer’s poem, “The Changeling” the theme described is gender roles. In the two poems the women do not feel appreciated. These two poems are very similar in theme, content, and figurative language. However, the structures of the two poems are very different. Jiles and Cofer both use symbolism, dialogue, figurative language, and imagery as instruments to reflect the cruelty of the...

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compare and contrast AP English essay

October 4, 2013 A.P English Over the resent years, have people really thought about the discrimination of women throughout history? Two feminist authors, Judith Ortiz- Cofer and Virginia Woolf have written works that have addressed this concern. Cofer’s essay “The Myth of the Latin Women…” argues against the stereotyping of women. Her essay especially points out the discrimination faced by minority women such as Hispanic women. Woolf’s essay “Shakespeare sister” illustrates the...

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comparison contrast: Don't Call me Hot Tamale- My two lives

cultures they also frequently offered critical (…) descriptions of their adopted country, seeking to expose its ills and to enrich its culture.”4 These writers believe that "cultural differences do not imply levels of superiority or inferiority.”5 Judith Ortiz Cofer and Jhumpa Lahiri, two distinguished immigrant writers share this view point. Through their literature, they express pride of their cultural heritage and their commitment to enrich American culture by promoting the acceptance of their culture...

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judith butler

Judith Butler and Performativity for Beginners (mostly in her own words) Film 165A 1. A central concept of the theory is that your gender is constructed through your own repetitive performance of gender. This is related to the idea that discourse creates subject positions for your self to occupy—linguistic structures construct the self. The structure or discourse of gender for Butler, however, is bodily and nonverbal. Butler’s theory does not accept stable and coherent gender identity. Gender...

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Judith Thomson

that killing the fetus violates its right to life, i.e., that abortion is unjust killing. And is it?" Thomson's article defends abortion rights and functions primarily as an argument by analogy in regards to the idea of mother/fetus consanguinity. Judith Jarvis Thomson provided one of the most striking and effective thought experiments in the moral realm. Her example is aimed at a popular anti-abortion argument that goes something like this: The fetus is an innocent person with a right to life. Abortion...

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The Changeling -Fate Essay

The Changeling Essay Question - Choose a novel in which the fate of a main character is important in conveying the writers theme. Robin Jenkin’s downbeat meditation on the nature of pity, ‘The Changeling’ has a tragic ending; it emphasizes that the ‘Good Samaritan’ Charles Forbes fails to redeem the life of his pupil Tom Curdie. He sees himself as the boy’s saviour and makes the decision to take him on holiday, to show another side of life from the slum in which he grew up. Yet Tom’s stealing...

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Myth of a Latin Woman

ENG 111; Section 4209 Stereotype: The Myth of a Latin Woman Judith Ortiz Cofer is a Puerto Rican immigrant and a professor of English and creative writing at the University of Georgia. Cofer has written many books, poems and essays in her career. As the author of “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria”, she shows how society uses stereotypes to deny individualism of certain minority groups. In this essay Cofer describes the injustices that Latina women suffer in this country...

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Judith- Compare and Contrast

Judith – Old English and Vulgate Versions Upon looking closely at the Old English and Vulgate versions of Judith, one can catch a glimpse of how culture was during the time they were written by comparing and contrasting the elements of the story that are presented and modified. The distinct differences that can be found between the Old English and the vulgate versions of Judith provide a clear view of what the Anglo-Saxons considered to be important, and what they felt required respect. When comparing...

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Judith Slaying Holofernes

Judith Slaying Holofernes Artemisia Gentileschi was not the first to paint Judith Slaying Holofernes. Her father had painted Judith. Michelangelo, Botticelli and Caravaggio had painted Judith. Donatello had sculpted Judith. But she was the first to interpret the story of Judith, in a time when women had few rights, as an allegory for female dominance. In comparison with other contemporary versions, the composition, dramatic style, and emotions of the characters present a violently feminist...

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Judith Ortiz

fgsdfgfgsdfgsdfgsfdgs Poetry Our poetry unit will involve in-class and out-of-class reading of poetry and a discussion of, but not limited to speaker, point of view, tone, diction, syntax. We will begin with general discussions on reading and writing poetry in which we work together to form meaning from given poems. Students will look at samples of annotated poetry, close readings, and student essays on poetry. As the unit progresses students should become more independent and confident in...

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Examination of Judith and Holofernes.

Topic of research: The comparison of the portrayal of the females figures within the paintings “Judith slaying Holofernes” by Caravaggio and Artemisia. Caravaggio (1571–1610), was the greatest and most influential painter of the Baroque style. He was also a quick-tempered Bohemian who was often jailed for brawling and was forced to flee from the law and his enemies, escaping to Naples, Malta, and Sicily at various times. His "travels" helped to spread his extraordinary style, which was soon imitated...

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Judith Beheading Holofernes

  Judith  beheading  Holofernes   1. Painted by the Italian artist Caravaggio, in 1598 around the 16th century. During the art movement of Baroque period. 2. It is a history painting 3. The media: Oil on canvas / The method: The lighting in this painting is dramatic, as though a single flame is illuminating the entire scene, causing the shadows to recede far into the background and the highlights to protrude outwards. This is most evident in the red curtain behind Holofernes. The techniques:...

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Judith and Holofernes by Donatello

changed and all of Donatello’s important commission came outside of Florence. In 1460 Cosimo de Medici commissioned Donatello the bronze statue of Judith and Holofernes to serve as a decoration for the fountain in the garden of the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi. Together with his David, it stood at the courtyard depicting tyrant slayers. The story of Judith and Holofernes is a story on the Roman Catholic bible but not in the Hebrew or Protestant bible. There has been a controversy if it is a historical...

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Lation Women

Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria by Judith Ortiz Cofer is about the hardships that her and many other Latin women have to go through due to many stereotypes shown by the media and portrayed by society. The author starts talking about her incident in London with the drunk young man, who approached her singing “Maria” from West Side Story. Cofer was not very pleased about that; in fact, she was irritated. According to Cofer, she did not find what the young man did amusing especially...

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latin womens myth

by Judith Ortiz Cofer she discusses how latin women get treated and how they are perceived. Cofer herself being a latin gets into detail on how she’s been discriminated against, objectified, and stereotyped. Cofer argues that Latin women are objectified by society based on stereotypes. Cofer’s birth place is Hormigueros, Puerto Rico however she spent most of her younger years in Paterson, New Jersey but before her parents finally decide to settle down I Augusta, Georgia. Being that Cofer is Puerto...

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Earth and Judith Plant

"Women have long been associated with nature." In the following essay Judith Plant sets out the main principles (in regards to ecofeminism): the closeness of women to nature; the belief that the domination of women and the destruction of nature have the same root cause; patriarchy; and the need to re-establish for nature the organic metaphor over the machine metaphor. Judith Plant believes that women have long been associated with nature and that historically, women have had no real power in...

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"Not For Sale" - Judith Ortiz Cofer: Clash between Cultures

Limits placed on the female role in society in the story "Not for Sale" have a clash between American and Puerto Rican cultures. Conflicts between a 16yr old daughter and her father occur multiple times due to limitations of the Puerto Rican culture. The daughter from the story wants to have the freedom of an American girl. With the restrictions enforced, she resorts to reading exotic stories to pass the time. The women's role in the Puerto Rican culture is not expected to reach further than a homemaker...

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Perceptions Paper

different experiences, and the expectations of life that are instilled in people throughout childhood and beyond are what distinguishes and molds that person's views on the world. Take, for example, Judith Ortiz- Cofer's essay about a Puerto Rican girl raised to grasp her femininity. The essay is written through Ortiz-Cofer's first hand perspective. The woman is brought up in a Latin culture and goes through different situations through childhood which lead her to expectations of how the world will perceive...

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killing Bear by Judith Mintys

Pity the Bear in Judith Minty's story, Killing the Bear - Pity the Bear in Judith Minty's story, Killing the Bear  Judith Minty's story, "Killing the Bear," is a rather chilling tale about a woman who shoots a bear to death. The story is not merely a simple account of the incident however. It is full of stories and facts about bears, which affect how the reader reacts to the story. In the beginning, the reader expects the bear to be portrayed as a cold-blooded monster who must be killed for the...

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exist in history and stories. However, many are suffering from it specially people with colored skins who had to immigrate to countries to have better life qualities. Ortiz Cofer was one of these people and in her essay “The story of my body”, she portrays a young female born in Puerto Rico that later moved to the United States. Cofer shows the reader how differently she was treated by those of the same race as her versus those that were not by guiding the reader through stories of experiences she...

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Judith Wright Essay

Judith Wright is a prominent figure in Australian literature, as well as an environmentalist and social activist. This plays a major role in her various collections of poems, where she explores both national and personal concerns. These include her fight for Aboriginal land rights, as well as personal experiences such as pregnancy and motherhood. Through her poetry, Wright is able to give voice to the interest of social groups who are often denied one.   Wright’s poem “Woman to Child” primarily...

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Judith Wright Poetry

Judith Wright’s poetry reflects her unique vision of Australia To what extent does this statement reflect your understanding of Judith Wright’s poetry? Discuss this question with detailed reference to two poems from the BOS prescribed text list. Judith wright is an Australian poet who has a distinctive way of capturing her unique vision of Australia throughout her poems. Good morning teachers and students, Judith wright is a well-known Australian poet who was born in Armiadale, Australia...

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"Character Analysis of Judith in Doris Lessing's 'Our Friend Judith'"

English 102: Introduction to Literature Instructions from professor: Write an essay (at least 3 pages) - a brief character analysis of Judith. Use examples from the story to support and develop the thesis. Devote particular attention to the details that contribute to the characterization. ==========Body of essay========= Through the revelations of an unnamed narrator, we are given a glimpse of Judith's contradictory attitudes and behaviors without any insight into previous experiences that would...

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Judith Wright Poetry Essay.Doc

Judith Wright Poetry Essay: All great poets evoke emotional and intellectual responses from their readers. Judith Wright is one such poet as she uses a wide range of appropriate language and poetic techniques to challenge the responder with complex ideas, such as the inherent flaws in our nature and the folly of chasing total perfection in Eve to her Daughters, challenging the individual to question their role in a post-Edan world. The idea of finding our individual place in the world is again...

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“The Myth of the Latin Woman

In “The Myth of the Latin Woman”, Judith Ortiz Cofer intends to dispel several stereotypes about Hispanic women by expressing her own personal stories and observations. She starts off by relating an experience that happened on a bus in London, then she goes into explaining how her parents made her home in America a microcosm of the home they used to have in Puerto Rico. She explains why Puerto Rican women dress the way they do—because they’re protected by an honor system—and goes on to relate two...

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