• Prostitution
    Prostitution: the act of providing sexual services in exchange for money; has existed in society longer than many realize. Commonly referred to as the worlds oldest profession, prostitution dates back to biblical times. The issue at hand is not whether the act of prostitution is immoral; but rather,
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  • Prostitution
    Prositution: Then and Now Contents: • The Bigger Picture • Why Victorian Women Became Prostitutes • How Industrialization Affected Prostitution in the Nineteenth Century • Societal Views of the Victorians • Victorian Solutions to Prostitution • Why Women of
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  • Prostitution Through the Functionalism
    Throughout America and the entire world, prostitution flourishes rapidly. Prostitution is another never ending war like abortion, which society feels is immoral. This immorality leads functionalists, who apply functionalism to this social problem, on a chase to figure out why prostitution is what it
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  • Child Prostitution
    Like other forms of child sexual abuse, Child prostitution is not only a cause of death and high morbidity in millions of children, but also a sickening violation of their rights and dignity. Both boys and girls can be prostituted and, according to reports, some are as young as 10 years old. Most of
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  • Prostitution
    Question 6: Prostitution Most feminists believe that prostitution exploits and objectifies women. Simultaneously, both Simone de Beauvoir and Andrea Dworkin felt that the institution of marriage was also a form of prostitution. They both agreed that both marriage and prostitution are extremely
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  • Legalizing Prostitution
    Legalizing Prostitution In the article "Legalized Prostitution" the author, Mark Liberator, shares his views on legalizing prostitution. He believes because of women's specialized roles in society, they should be allowed to use sex as a service that can be bartered for goods and money; and by usi
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  • Why Prostitution Should Be Legal
    Why should prostitution be legal? Can anybody tell me what is considered to be the world's most ancient profession? (doesn't require education, mostly involves women) Some researchers confirm that prostitution is indeed the most ancient profession, while others argue with it; however, everybody ag
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  • Prostitution
    Prostitution Prostitution is an issue which has caused controversy cross-culturally and historically and which has many individuals reexamining the logistics of it. If prostitution is decriminalized it will become economically profitable and feasible for not only the prostitutes, but als
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  • Historical Aspects of Prostitution
    Prostitution is commonly known as the “world’s oldest profession”. Throughout history, it has existed in one form or another. Before the dawn of civilization, acts that might be considered prostitution may have occurred when early man ‘paid’ for sexual favors with a bit of special food, or
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  • Prostitution
    A controversial issue that has provoked, brewed and stirred the pot of raging emotions of millions of Americans is the prostitution epidemic. Why are we told what to do with own bodies? Where is the freedom that we are being denied? If you are one of the many with minds that run rant with questions
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  • Prostitution and Legalization
    Prostitution and Legislation Sex for sell. For some prostitution is a victimless crime while others fight hard in the hopes of one day abolishing prostitution forever. The topic of prostitution remains a greatly debated issue even after so many years of existence. Prostitution existed as
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  • Prostitution
    Prostitution in Cambodia Cambodia had been affected in several decades of civil war. It is why the country still be a developing country. It needs times to be discovering the power of improvement to be ahead growing. As we understand, all developing countries in the world there are many notice pr
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  • Eileen - Sex Trafficking and Forced Prostitution - an Agenda
    Sex trafficking and forced prostitution - An agenda to wake up for. Srey Rath was any other Cambodian girl with long black hair, light brown face and a look of self-confidence, who loved to sing and dance, help her mum in the kitchen and chat around with her friends. At 15 years of age, that chang
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  • Prostitution in America
    Introduction In the United States prostitution for the most part is illegal. Around the world though is practically the opposite. Why is prostitution so unacceptable in the US? The US is one of the few countries in the world where prostitution is illegal. When I say for the most part I mean t
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  • 10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution
    10 Reasons for Not Legalizing Prostitution Janice G. Raymond Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International (CATW) March 25, 2003 The following arguments apply to all state-sponsored forms of prostitution, including but not limited to full-scale legalization of brothels and pimping, de
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  • Prostitution and Common Women
    MAZO, Ruth Common Women, Prostitution and Sexuality in Medieval England Ed.Oxford University Press, New York, 1996 * “Common woman” in medieval England is one who had many sex partners and also “common” because they were working women try to make a living. * Money, power and sexual
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  • Should Prostitution Be Legalized in Thailand?
    Should prostitution in Thailand be legalized? Attention Getter: Picture in your mind this scenario: Jane is a 26 year old single woman who makes her living working the streets as a prostitute. She is clean, and is tested regularly for diseases. Jane is standing on the street, dressed promis
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  • Victimless Crimes?: Prostitution, Drugs, Homosexuality, Abortion
    Mixing the moral and political is often perilous in the American political and legal scene. In the last two decades moral questions such as abortion and illegal drug use have been incendiary in political discussions. Current mixed political and moral issues include "partial-birth abortion" and physi
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  • The Holocaust-Final Solution
    The Holocaust- Final Solution The Final Solution was annihilation of the Jews. Hitler was the one that lead the Nazi’s to kill the Jews. The only way that this or even the Holocaust could have happened was because of World War II. Three things had leaded the Holocaust; if any of these were t
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  • Child Prostitution in South-East Asia
    Child prostitution is an appalling social issue plaguing Southeast Asia’s youth and society at large. In this brief paper I will expand on the epidemic of child prostitution in this region of the world. By illustrating why these children are becoming prostitutes and pointing out who is paying for
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