"Schwarz K Mion P Hudock D Litman G 2008 Telemonitoring Of Heart Failure Patients And Their Caregivers A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study Progress In Cardiovascular Nursing 23 1" Essays and Research Papers

Schwarz K Mion P Hudock D Litman G 2008 Telemonitoring Of Heart Failure Patients And Their Caregivers A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study Progress In Cardiovascular Nursing 23 1

Reading Research Literature #1 – Week 5 Type your answers to the following questions using complete sentences and correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. Click Save as and save the file with your last name and assignment, e.g.,NR439_RRL1_Smith. Submit to the Reading Research Literature #1 basket in the Dropbox by 11:59 pm MT Sunday at the end of Week 5. The guidelines and grading rubric for this assignment may be found in Doc Sharing. Title: RRL#1 Name: [replace this text with your name] The following...

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Nursing Infomatics-Tele-Nursing

Tele-nursing is the use of telecommunications technology such as videos, computers and tele-monitoring technologies to provide nursing care and advice at a distance. This growing technology offers many advantages in the delivery of healthcare information, disease monitoring, health promotion and disease prevention services, as well as nursing diagnosis, treatment and education to patient at home from a centralized location. Tele-nursing can be instrumental in helping patients and families...

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Telenursing 1

 Telenursing Chamberlain College of Nursing NR361: Information Systems in Healthcare Spring 2014 Telenursing Nurses face new situations and challenges with today’s rapid growing information technology and telecommunication systems. Telehealth is a progressively advancing system that incorporates the use of technology to enhance patient care in the most effective and efficient way possible at a distance (Epidirippulige, 2010). Telenursing is a part of telehealth that is gaining significant...

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NR439 RRL2 Form

with your name] The following questions pertain to: Sanford, J., Townsend-Rocchicciolli,J., Horigan, A., & Hall, P. (2011). A process of decision making by caregivers of family members with heart failure. Research & Theory for Nursing Practice, 25(1), 55–70. 1) What methods were put in place to ensure that the subjects were giving true informed consent? 2) What was the setting for the study? 3) Was the sample adequate for the research design that was selected? 4) Describe the data collection procedure...

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The Effect of Telephone Based Interventions in the Management of Heart Failure

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis are the most common, costly, and preventable chronic diseases in the United States. Seventy percent of the total deaths in the U.S. are attributed to chronic diseases and fifty percent of that deaths are due to heart disease and stroke. Total expenditure for treatment of chronic diseases is $277 billion (Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion, 2012). Disease management is the key factor in managing these chronic conditions and improving the quality...

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Improving Heart Failure Self-Care Management

Running head: IMPROVING HEART FAILURE SELF-CARE MANAGEMENT Improving Heart Failure Self-care Management Education to decrease Hospital readmissions Remonne Joseph Grand Canyon University Professional Research Project NRS-441V Prof. Peremislov January 21, 2012 Abstract Heart Failure (HF) is the single cardiovascular disease that is growing in incidence prevalence and occurrence. The disease is responsible for repeated illness, decreased quality of life, and hospital readmissions. Across...

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Literature Review for Nursing Researh

A. Problem Description Hourly patient rounding, according to Neville, is a preset timing, usually every hour or every two hour, in which tasks are performed by nurses as a way to check in on the patients (Neville, 2012). The concept of hourly rounding by nurses is not new. Infact, it is a way nurses organize their work and address important issues as they go about their day. There are other types of rounding in the hospitals such as interdisciplinary rounds and medical rounds, but these are...

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Clinical: Heart Failure

mortality (%)2 NR 9 (60-90 days) Readmission (%)2 NR 30 (60-90 days) ADHERE = Acute Decompensated HEart failure national REgistry OPTIMIZE-HF = Organized Program To Initiate life-saving treatMent In HospitaliZEd patients with Heart Failure NR = Not reported 1Adams KF, et al. Am Heart J. 2005;149:209-216. 2Gheorghiade M. Circulation. 2005;112:3958-3968. Slide 5 The outcomes of patients with acutely decompensated HF who are hospitalized are shown in this slide. The average length of stay...

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Collaborative Nursing Practice

Collaborative Nursing Practice Collaborative Care In order to improve the quality of patient care and ensure that the goals of care are being achieved, many settings are using the collaborative care delivery model. The collaborative “approach involves teams of health professionals working together to provide more coordinated and comprehensive care to clients,” (Kearney 2008). An interprofessional team can consist of nurses, physicians, care technologists nutritionists, counselors...

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Prevalence and Associated Factors of Spiritual Needs Among Patients with Cancer and Family

ASSOCIATED FACTORS OF SPIRITUAL Prevalence and Associated Factors of Spiritual Needs Among Patients With Cancer and Family Caregivers Prevalence and Associated Factors of Spiritual Needs Among Patients With Cancer and Family Caregiver Problem Statement Identify cancer patients and their caregivers spiritual needs and measure the prevalence of these spiritual needs. The patients and their caregivers can have similar spiritual needs that may require care. However, a nurse’s help with these spiritual...

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week 1 Importance of Health Care Research

to attain a deep knowledge of the topic. According to Community Connect to Research (2015, para.1), “the development of new medical treatments and cures would not happen without health research and the active role of research volunteers.” Before the implementation of the scientific health care research, the physicians in the past would provide treatment based on what worked for the previous patients. Research has taken the guesswork out of many aspects of healthcare. For example, the Food and Drug...

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Does Milrinone Prevent Low Cardiac Output Syndrome in the Pediatric Population after Congenital Heart Surgery?

after Congenital Heart surgery? | |Nursing 730 (A&B) | | | |Paediatric Cardiac Nursing | |Clinical Practice Review, Assessment 1. ...

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Case Study Sickle Cell Disease

Case Study 97 1. Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that affects hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body. People with this disorder have atypical hemoglobin molecules called hemoglobin S, which can distort red blood cells into a sickle, or crescent, shape. SCD affects millions of people worldwide, particularly those with African, Spanish, Mediterranean, and Indian ancestry. Some 120,000 infants are born with SCD every year worldwide...

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Nursing Papers

applicable to the case study of Phuong Thi. It will discuss the cultural perspective of the Vietnamese and how this impacts on the health behaviours that need to be considered for this patient. It will describe the effects of paracetamol on the health of the patient and what effect this substance has on the body. Finally is the appropriate nursing management for this patient and the discharge plan applicable to the patient. Theoretical principles for analysis of case study Erickson’s Development...

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Nursing Leadership

Nursing leadership is essential in the clinical settings. It plays a big role in the development of the nurses as an individual and as a profession. With nursing leadership, management skills are beneficial; nurse leaders are accountable in empowering, influencing, motivating and advocating for the nursing staff and patients. There is a common denomination between the nursing staff providing nursing care in patient satisfaction as an effect on clinical outcome with the nursing leadership. In this...

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Depression in the Chronically Ill Elderly Patient

million older adults, about 5% reside in nursing homes, with the median age of 83.2 years (Urdaneta & Thakur, 2010). It is estimated that by the year 2030, 20% of the nation’s population will be 65 and older (Glaister & Blair, 2008). With the number of older adults rising significantly, so will the number residing in nursing homes. A significant amount of older adults will experience depression. Depression is prevalent in older adults, and those residing in nursing homes seem to be at greater risk for...

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The Effects of Nurse Staffing on Patient Safety power point 2

The Effects of Nurse Staffing on Patient Safety Evidence and Methodology • Our goal is clearly defined---- To assess whether nurse staffing effects patient safety in the form of inpatient hospital mortality and patient safety • Our studies are observational and taken from random samples adjusted for risk and hospital characteristics----Data was obtained from nurse surveys and risk-adjusted 30-day inpatient mortality and failure to rescue. Pt discharge data was obtained from the state agencies....

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Congestive Heart Failure In Pediatrics

 Congestive Heart Failure: A Cardiovascular Condition Congestive Heart Failure: A Cardiovascular Condition Congestive Heart Failure is not a disease, but a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood needed to meet the cardiac demands of the body and facilitate systemic circulation. Congestive Heart Failure can be right or left-sided, and is mainly a fluid issue, in which there is a decreased amount of blood to the kidneys. In children, CHF can be long term and is...

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Effects Of Exercise On Cardiovascular Function

Effects of Exercise on Cardiovascular Function Fierra Harris Saginaw Valley State University Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide that affects the heart and the surrounding vasculature (Mathers et al. 2009). CVD can be brought on by behavioral or inherited characteristics such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, family history, and a sedentary lifestyle (World Health Organization, 2013). These conditions and thus cardiovascular disease are prevalent...

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Nursing Informatics Telenursing

Abstract Tele-nursing has been around for a long time, but now a days it requires more demanding and more practicing diversely in nursing. The reason is that it is saving a cost of care, helping the shortage of nurses, reducing distances and travel time, keeping patients out of hospital and expending in coverage of healthcare to distance. The growth of aged population and the increase of chronic...

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Nursing Dress Codes

tradition of nursing attire has changed over the years. The history of nursing uniforms includes wearing solid white skirts, shoes, and white cap. These white garments typically signified nursing roles and differentiated nurses from other staff members. Common questions that arise within medical institutions includes: what are the advantages of implementing mandatory dress codes? Should nurses be required to wear traditional white uniforms? Should personal individuality be preserved? How will patient care...

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Ebt Task 1

RUNNING HEAD: CRITIQUE OF EVIDENCE BASED ARTICLES Critique of Evidence Based Nursing Latoya Dotson Western Govenors University EBT 1 May 26, 2011 Critique of Articles Introduction The article by Schindler, (2011) was chosen because of the clinical relevance to direct patient care and patients acquiring pressure ulcer. The articile was retrieved and summarized in the graphic below. Further research was collected to evaluate other aspects of the same interventions and a annotated...

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Applying Standardized Terminology in Nursing

College of Nursing NR 512: Nursing Informatics Fall 2014 Introduction As a result of the introduction of computer technology and the combination of evidence-based practice in nursing; standardization of terminologies has become imperative in the classification of nursing diagnosis, interventions and expected outcomes. The most popular and successful systems are the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International (NANDA-I), Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC), and Nursing Intervention...

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Postpartum Case Study

case study 1. Title page: Date: 05/10/11 Instructor: 2. Patient data: C O MR#0882470 financial#110941625 G:2 P: 1001 Room: Age: 37 Allergies: PNC, Codeine Date of care 3. Medical history: None 4. Obstetrical history: C/S 12/27/07 40 wks 7.4 lbs Female, H/O post partum depression Week gestation first seen 13 4/7 weeks 5. Labor/Delivery Summary: Induced at 40 weeks Stage 1 (onset...

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Heart Failure Case Study

NURS 3530: Caring for Adult Clients I HEART FAILURE CASE STUDY Your client, Mr. Black, is a 72-year-old man who called his TeleNurse Line from home and, based on the symptoms he described, was advised to go directly to the Emergency Department at his local hospital. His admitting diagnosis is exacerbation of heart failure (HF). His Ht is: 5’9”, Wt. 235 lbs. He states that his usual weight is about 220. Upon admission, his symptoms are: extreme shortness of breath; unable to tolerate lying...

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Nursing: Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

Nursing: Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Introduction Nursing is not just a collection of tasks. To provide safe and effective care to the clients, nurses must integrate knowledge, skills and attitudes to make sound judgement and decisions. This essay describes some of the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes of nursing and discusses why they are essential attributes of a competent nurse. Nursing knowledge and clinical skills These are obvious essentials for nursing practice...

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Barriers, challenges, and strategies to implementing evidence-based nursing practice (EBNP)

implementing evidence-based nursing practice (EBNP) will be discussed with reference to relevant and authoritative literature. As well, the relevance and the links that EBNP has with the clinical area of Intensive Care will be discussed. EBP is the integration, by clinicians, of clinical expertise which is meticulous, explicit and uses current clinically appraised professional knowledge (Eizenberg, 2011; Kenny, Richard, Ceniceros, & Blaize, 2010). EBP accommodates patient preferences, views and values;...

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Caregivers of Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease

Caregivers of Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease Leila Pouttu, 77, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and her husband Donald was devoted to caring for her. “He was always there for her, always,” a friend of the couple commented. “He never left the house other than to ride his bike around and go swimming every morning”. The Pouttus had no local relatives and no children. Both were retired and lived in their house for 29 years (Kornacki, S., 2006d). The couple died together in their home on a...

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A Process of Decision Making by Caregivers of Family Members with Heart Failure

of Standford et al.’s Study 1|P a ge An Analysis of Sanford, Townsend-Rocchicciolli, Horigan, & Hall’s Study A Process of Decision Making by Caregivers of Family Members With Heart Failure A research critique submitted by Thelma Augustin, Melody Alexander, Ashley Breaux, Nissa Fisher, Kamaria Harris, Thao Huynh, Jeris Jensen, Leslie King, and Susan Livengood, Master of Science in Nursing Research College of Nursing 2012 An Analysis of Standford et al.’s Study 2|P a ge Design Sanford...

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Research Proposal: Rapid Response Teams and Team Dynamics Study Problem Statement/Scope The question being studied is whether Rapid Response Teams, RRT’s collaboration and team dynamics improve patient outcomes. This question doesn’t only relate to the outcome of one patient but rather to general patient population outcome, a different set of criteria to evaluate should be...

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Nursing Care Plan

Nursing Critique Since the early 1900’s nurses have been trying to improve and individualise patient care. In the 1970s this became more structured when the nursing process was introduced by the general nursing council (GNC), (Lloyd, Hancock & Campbell, 2007) .By doing this their intentions were to try and understand the patient in order to give them the best care possible (Cronin & Anderson, 2003). Through the nursing process philosophy care plans were written for patients. It was understood...

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Nursing and Reflective Practice

experiences and make changes for your future practice. Description The incident involves the administration of a wrong opiate drug to a postnatal patient. The incident occurred whilst checking and administering a controlled drug. The drug error was discovered by the co-ordinator at the end of the day shift. During the daily checking of the controlled drugs, the co-ordinator and another midwife, found a discrepancy with the number of Diamorphine 10mg and Morphine 10mg ampoules, there being one too...

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Legal Case Study

Case Study Susan L Groover Walden University Legal Case Study Examine the implications of health law for nurses, ethical principles, and decision making when faced with the potential for medical error is part of the nurse’s daily activity when caring for patients. Each state has a Board of Nursing governing the practice of nurses. The board of nursing specifies through codes, titles, articles, and definitions how the licensed registered nurses can legally practice. The case study “Where...

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Nursing Case Study

knees II. NURSING HISTORY The patient, MNM, has hypertension for 21 years, he’s not taking any medications until year 2008 when he was prescribed Nifedipine and Carvedilol. He also has gouty attacks for 14 years now and he is taking Allopurinol. Four days PTC, patient verbalizes pain on his knees. He was then also noticed by his wife to be drowsy at all time and has melena in which they sought consult at a nearby hospital. Three days PTC during the stay in the hospital patient was noted to...

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Safe Nurse to Patient Ratios

to Patient Ratios Augsburg College Abstract Determining nurse-to-patient ratios in nursing facilities remains a challenge for the nursing profession. Two main staffing methods that are currently used in most nursing facilities are staffing by patient acuity using patient classification systems and staffing by mandated nurse-to-patient rations. Each method has an impact on patient outcomes, safety and overall satisfaction determined from different articles and studies done...

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Nurse to Patient Ratio

Nurse To Patient Ratio Medtech College Ethics August 16, 2010 The past decade has been a turbulent time for US hospitals and practicing nurses. News media have trumpeted urgent concerns about hospital understaffing and growing hospital nurse shortage. Nurses nationwide consistently report that hospital nurse staffing levels are inadequate to provide safe and effective care. Physicians agree, citing inadequate nurse staffing as a major impediment to the provision on high quality of care...

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Effective Nurse-Patient Communication During Uncertainty in Illness

Effective Nurse-Patient Communication during Uncertainty in Illness Effective Nurse-Patient Communication during Uncertainty in Illness The Healthy People 2020 initiative includes goals to increase the number of patients who report that their healthcare providers listened to them carefully to 65% and increase the number of patients who report that their healthcare provider explained things so they could understand them to 66% (United States Department of Health and Human Services, 2010)...

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Integration of Evidence-Based Practice Into Professional Nursing Practice

Integration of Evidence-Based Practice into Professional Nursing Practice JMartinez Chamberlain College of Nursing NR351 Deborah Sinn January 24, 2011 Integration of Evidence-Based Practice into Professional Nursing Practice Introduction Evidence-based practice (EBP) can be seen throughout history dating back to the mid 19th century when Florence Nightingale gathered research to improve the quality of care provided to patients while analyzing hospital data (Miller, Ward & Young...

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Geriatric Pain Management & Nursing Implications

elderly are the most undertreated and ineffectively controlled segment of the population. Due to the prevalence of pain among the elderly, managing it requires special attention to possible cognitive impairment, physiological changes, disease comorbidity and cultural beliefs about pain. This paper examines considerations and effective methods for managing pain among the elderly in a range of health care settings, substantiated by several research studies that provide evidence-based data. Specifically...

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Alzheimer's Disease Health Promotion Case Study

STAGES Alzheimer's Disease Health Promotion Case Study Part 2: Gender, Culture, and Developmental Stages February 18,1999 Gender, Culture, and Developmental Stages Introduction This section will discuss the impact of Alzheimer's disease on racial, cultural, and gender variables, with the focus being on the various approaches to care of the disease. Developmental stages and tasks will be discussed for both the client and the caregiver. Gender and Culture Alzheimer's disease and related...

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Patient Education Plan: Teaching the Patient with Hepatitis C

Education Plan: Teaching the Patient with Hepatitic C For years, nursing was a task-oriented career. A nurse’s primary responsibility was to provide for the physical needs of patients experiencing illness. Nursing has evolved into a profession, which holistically treats and educates patients in a variety of health situations including acute illness, chronic disease, and preventative care. The competent practice of patient education has become a critical element in nursing. This paper will show the...

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What is your view of Professional Nursing?

“Professional Nursing”?       Nursing is a profession that has its depth and breadth in meeting different health care needs of the population (American Nurses Association (ANA), 2010). What is it that makes a professional nurse? Is it caring for the patient with compassion and devotion? Based on the interviews conducted among the three categories of staff, it was echoed that professional nursing takes a lot more than just attending to the needs of patients. From a professional perspective, nursing has...

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The Nursing Process

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2008) highlight that the care of patients must be a priority and to treat them as individuals. In order to achieve this nurses must use a systematic technique known as the nursing process when planning and delivering care. It originated in the USA and was introduced the UK in the 1970's in an attempt to move nursing away from traditional and task oriented care, to more evidence based and holistic approach to care (Castledine, 2011). It was clearly defined in...

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Heart Failure

Running head: HEART FAILURE 1 Heart Failure Joeselyn Sequeira West Coast University HEART FAILURE 2 Heart Failure The heart is one of the body's most vital organ. The heart pumps blood throughout the body which carries nutrients other organs need. It also carries oxygenated blood to the lungs which allows us to breathe. Since the heart is so important, relying on it that it will do its job is necessary so we can live, but sometimes...

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Nursing and American Nurses Association

thyself Nursing is a rewarding, exciting and sometimes challenging career. Nursing is not limited to simply changing bandages, giving shots and offering of support. In fact, the role of a nurse is ‘protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering thought the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in care of individuals, families, communities, and populations’ (American Nurses Association [ANA], 2010, p. 1). ...

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What is nursing? What exactly does it mean to nurse a patient, and how has this definition changed over the past centuries? What does the discipline of nursing consist of? In this essay, I aim to attempt to answer these questions, along with the help of a myriad of nursing researchers whose studies have helped to broaden my perspective on what exactly it is that I now do for a living. I will be discussing the different types of nursing knowledge that assists us as nurses to care for patients and why...

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A Patients Story

not only the medications and treatments but also the personal connection between patients and their caregivers Through these people, Schwartz learned how to handle his physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Physically, Schwartz was in a state of readiness for enhanced knowledge. In this instance a patient expresses an interest to learn about his/her choices in relation to his/her condition. When cancer patients take their lives into their hands, and decide to cooperate and join the fight to...

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Educational Impact on Competencies of Nursing Practice

Educational Impact on Competencies of Nursing Practice To become a registered nurse, one can choose one of 3 pathways: First, go to one hospital to obtain a diploma which costs 3 year. Second, go to a community college to obtain an associate degree which usually costs 2 or 3 years. Third, go to a university to obtain a baccalaureate degree which costs 4 years. Then all graduates need passing a NCLEX-RN© licensing examination to obtain a RN license. Do the nurses through these 3 pathways have the...

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Paradigms In Nursing

Paradigms in Nursing Christian Bernard T. Uy Athabasca University Abstract All nurses strive to provide the highest quality standard of care to all patients. Each one bases their practice to what theory they think and believe is right and most appropriate. This paper explained the definition of the three major paradigms and how they had contributed in everyday nursing practice by providing clinical experiences. Keywords: empirical methods, interpretive methods, critical methods, nursing science ...

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Case Study on Pneumonia

Case Study: Pneumonia and Pressure Ulcer Prevention in an Elderly MICU Patient June 6, 2012 Case Study: Pneumonia and Sepsis in an Elderly MICU Patient L.M. is a 75-year-old female who suffers from severe dementia and lives in a SNF. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005 and as a result had a right upper and middle lobectomy. She also has a history of severe emphysema. L.M. has had several pneumonic infections and has an allergy to Pneumovax. She has a recurrent...

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Pediatric Nursing Shortage

LITERATURE REVIEW ON SAFE STAFFING FOR PEDIATRIC PATIENTS Kathleen Van Allen, MSN, RN, CPN Chairperson, SPN Public Policy Committee The Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) has been instrumental in advocating for high quality, culturally sensitive, and comprehensive care for children and families. The healthcare needs of pediatric patients present unique challenges due to different developmental stages, limited communication skills, and differences in epidemiology and approaches to treatment as...

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Voegeli, D. (2008) Effect of Washing and Drying Practices on Skin Barrier Function. Journal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing. 35(1) 84-90.

Academic Year 2011 – 2012. Module Leader : Noel knopp E-mail : n.1.knopp@herts.ac.uk MODULE TITLE : Evidence Based Health Care and Research. MODULE CODE: 5NMH0117 LEVEL: 5 SEMESTER A Summative assignment 100%. o Retrieve the following paper; Voegeli, D. (2008) Effect of Washing and Drying Practices on Skin Barrier Function. Journal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing. 35(1) 84-90. (a copy will be available on the module studynet...

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Care Quality of Nursing Homes in America

Care Quality of Nursing Homes in America The quality of care in nursing homes around the country is a topic that has become heavily researched over the past 30 years. In some parts of the world, like Wales, residents appreciate the care they receive from loving nurses and good programs (Palfrey, 2011). However, in many countries such as the United States, residents argue that there is a major need for reform in the nursing home industry. This issue has recently become overwhelmingly important...

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essay 1

Gina Drake University of Phoenix Abstract Long Term Care also known as Skilled Nursing Facility’s (SNF’s) focuses on residents with chronic diseases and illnesses. Long term care can be provided at home, in the community, assisted living facilities and/or nursing homes. Nursing homes or SNF’s, provide their residents with round the clock nursing care and assistance with their activities of daily living. Skilled Nursing means that care is given by Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified...

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Heart Disease and Exercise

Heart disease in the United States is responsible for the death of five times as many women than is breast cancer yet many women are not aware of this fact. In addition, over four million Americans have congestive heart failure that costs the health care system over $10 billion annually. Regardless of the high risks of heart disease and failure which are reported, researchers have found that exercise and other preventative methods can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50 percent and exercise applied...

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African Americans and Cardiovascular Disease

risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in African Americans, to improve self-efficacy for diet and physical activity, and to increase intentions to eat healthier and be physically active. This paper examines the effects of risks associated with being an African American with cardiovascular disease. These changes in behavioral, educational and physical activity may reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease. Providing education about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease can offer...

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Research Powerpoint

with massage therapy. The method of each study will be presented and the levels of evidence according to the published hierarchy, by Polit and Beck (2012). Lastly, I will provide a summary of the things that is known and things still left to be discovered regarding the complementary intervention that is Massage Therapy. Empirical Literature Little, P., Lewith, G., Webley, F., Evans, M., Beattie, A., Middleton, K., et al. (2008). Randomised Controlled Trial of Alexander Technique Lessons, Exercise...

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Qualitative Critical Appraisal, Attitudes Knowledge and Skills Needed in Mental Health Nursing

the nursing process more effective, because as McCabe and Timmons (2006) suggest I will be more sensitive to the client’s needs and preferences. Therefore being able to transfer findings to my own practice is highly substantial. The Author of the article, Sharon E. Rydon, has undertaken this research as a partial fulfilment of a Master’s degree, training to be a researcher. Being a novice to research can present lack of self-awareness. Therefore I would have liked to have seen a pilot study be conducted...

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The Future of Nursing

Running head: The Future Nursing The Future Nursing The Future of Nursing The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) will have a great effect on nursing. According to this article nursing will have to change it role in the ACA and the three main categories that need to be changed and redeveloped is transforming practice, education and leadership. “The ACA outlines some new health care arrangements, and with these structures will come new opportunities for new roles...

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Sample Resource Unit/Lesson Plan for Pedia Nursing

of pediatric adaptation. d. Role play the proper sequence of physical examination in various age groups | Unit III: Health HistoryE. Pediatric Adaptation 1. General Guidelines 1.a. Pediatric Neurology 1.b. Pediatric Cardiovascular 1.c. Pediatric Respiratory 1.d. Pediatric Endocrine 1.e. Pediatric Gastrointestinal 1.f. Pediatric Genitourinary 1.g. Pediatric Musculoskeletal 1.h. Pediatric Temperature – Related 1.i. Pediatric Hematology ...

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