• How Does “Rumspringa” Impact the Cultural and Ethnic Identities of These Individuals?
    Rumspringa, defined as “running around” is a time when the Amish youth at the age of 16 decide whether to remain in or leave their community and faith. During this time teens area allowed to enter and lead a life in the “English” world and participate in partying, drinking, illegal drugs and
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  • Amish Rumspringa
    Amish Rumspringa The modern society is characterized by rapid technological advancement accompanied by changes in behavior of people across the world, especially youth. This makes it very hard for traditional societies to thrive hence perpetuation of conventional cultures is at stake. For one Nor
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  • Informative Speech on Rumspringa
    The Amish event “Rumspringa” is literally translated as “running around”. It is a time when Amish adolescents, usually at the age of about 16, experience life outside of the Amish community and are allowed luxuries they would not otherwise be able to enjoy. There are something’s about Rums
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  • Rumspringa
    Rumspringa is a Pennsylvanian Dutch term the Amish use for the German word “raum”, which translates to “running around outside the bounds” . Rumspringa is practiced on Christian Amish settlements and is a period of time when some unbaptized Amish teenagers usually around the ages...
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  • Rumspringa
     RUMSPRINGA NOTES: -Traditional Amish clothing for girls: long stockings, black shoes, very plain, solid-colored, long-sleeved dresses, and white bonnets to cover hair which is always pulled back. -“English” : non-Amish -“Rumspringa” : Running around -“Farmette” : homelands that have...
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  • Rumspringa
     Paper #3- Rumspringa and High School/ College Modern Life This paper will compare and contrast the Amish re-socialization process during the Rumspringa period with your own personal experience during an analogous period of your life. Purpose of paper: Define Rumspringa and...
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