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Resource Management Plan Week 6

Resource management plan of flyover project The project which is to construct new flyover in the city for reducing traffic jam and congestion is strictly scheduled by 6 months due to international convention in the city. The project manager must consider the requirement of resources, quantifying resources, scheduling resources, and etc. Resource management plan would be one of the most important processes in entire project life. The project has 5 milestones as following; Milestone | Description...

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Week 6 Plan Review

 Week Six Plan Review HCS/588 August 11, 2014 Dr. Georgia Rothstein Week Six Plan Review During week six, learning team A continued their collaborative efforts in implementing and evaluating the quality improvement plan designed to assist each team member to enhance the quality of their individual assignments. This team utilized peer review, proofreading, and discussion as strategic tools to improve the quality of academic writing. This review will summarize the quality improvement process...

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Human Resource Management Assignment

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD HRM 531 Human Resource Management Week 1: Individual Assignment: Management Behavior Imagine you are a midlevel sales manager at InterClean, Inc. with three first-level managers under your responsibility. In response to a merger that is about to take place with EnviroTech, you have been instructed to draft a memo to your supervisory team about the importance of the behavior exhibited by managers. Resource: InterClean–EnviroTech Merger Scenario Review the InterClean–EnviroTech...

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6 Week Fitness Plan

sister’s wedding. She has set goals to lose at least 2 percent body fat and 10 pounds in the next 6 weeks. Diana does not have any injuries, but has not exercised regularly for ten years. She does not have a job, but works to raise her 4 children, ages 8, 10, 14, and 15. She just recently joined LA fitness, which is one mile away, and does not have any exercise equipment. The goal for Diana for her first week is to build up her cardio and increase muscular strength. The muscles that are being targeted...

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Information Resource Management week 1

Week 1 Homework 1. In what respect does business strategy resemble military strategy? Obtaining an advantageous position on the opposition is a tactic that is similar in both business and military strategy. 2. Refer to Chapter 1's discussion of different types of information systems. Which types of ISs can gain strategic advantage and which cannot? Why? Transaction Processing systems are merely used for recording transactions and thus are not used for gaining strategic advantage. Customer...

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Scope Management Plan

Scope Management Plan Slow Mail Distribution Centre Recruitment Project 27 June 2011 Table of Contents 1.0 Purpose 2 2.0 Scope Management Roles and Responsibilities 2 2.1 Project Sponsor 2 2.2 Project Team 2 2.3 Project Stakeholders 2 3.0 Scope Management Planning 3 4.0 Scope Statement 3 5.0 Scope Control 3 6.0 Scope Verification 3 7.0 Approvals 4 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this Scope Management Plan is to define the scope for the Slow Mail Distribution Centre Recruitment...

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Risk Management Plan Week 5

Risk Management Plan Project Name: Tooth Fairy Dental Project Project Description Summary: This project is to provide a build out of a dental office in Los Angeles. It requires as existing building with new interior infrastructure, negotiations with the Southern Central City of Los Angeles, and coordination with various building contractors, electricians, and supply vendors. Project Manager: Phu, Delia, and Zhe Date: June 10, 2013 Risk Identification My partners and I have made a list of...

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Assignment Rm: Resource Management

EXTERNAL ASSIGNMENT UNIT 5004 – RESOURCE MANAGEMENT To address the Learning Outcomes you are required to make statements as a manager and leader or a potential manager and leader. Your statements are to be prefixed with the specific Learning Outcome and should demonstrate how you manage resources within your work area or in an organisation with which you are familiar. The Assessment Criteria will act as a guide to help you put into context your statements to fulfil the Learning Outcomes. Your statements...

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Week 6 Individual Project

Week 6 Individual Project Introduction A new innovative warehouse system it is been introduced to ease the movement of items in warehouses this system includes autonomous mobile vehicles which will move quickly through the warehouse and load and move orders to the fulfilment platform. An entrepreneur, Dr Ryan O'Neal, and an investor, Jeff Hoffman investing $12 million in this project as a startup capital, Dr O'Neal have a good deal of experience in mobile robotics while Jeff Hoffman is an investor...

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 Performance Management Plan HRM/531 March 6, 2012 Dr. Cecile Morris Performance management plans are crucial to any business. The main focus of an effective performance management plan should be the employee, but in order to align employee performance with organizational goals, we must also look at the foundation of the organizational structure. This is important because it will define the direction in which a performance plan will guide an employee. Currently Clapton Commercial...

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Operation Management Week 6

Utilization is ρ = 7.5 / 10 = .75 or 75 percent; (b) Ws = 1 / (10 – 7.5) = 1 / 2.5 = 0.4 days; (c) Wq = 7.5 / 10*(10-7.5) = 0.3 days; (d) Ls = 7.5 / (10-7.5) = 7.5 / 2.5 = 3 units. (The variety of queuing models, easy) {AACSB: Analytic Skills} 6. A crew of mechanics at the Highway Department garage repair vehicles that break down at an average of λ = 7 vehicles per day (approximately Poisson in nature). The mechanic crew can service an average of μ = 11 vehicles per day with a repair time distribution...

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Manpower: Human Resource Management

Introduction Manpower Planning is the branch of Human Resources Management which ensures that an organization has suitable access to talent to ensure future business success. It allows corporate plans to be translated into actionable corporate Human Resources (HR) requirements. Bowey (1974) defined HR planning as “an effort to anticipate future business and environmental demands upon an organization and to provide the personnel to fulfill that business and satisfy those demands”. It also involves...

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Human Resources Management Action Plan

Abstract Human Resources Management (HRM) has many applications in the business world. This paper will identify three key lessons learned about HRM. It will also outline how these concepts can be applied in the real world to enhance professional effectiveness. This paper will then tie together how these lessons relate to effective HRM concepts, practices and systems. Lastly, this paper will outline specific thinking and behavior changes as well as actions that will lead to successful implementation...

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Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids

Human resources management plan and job aids Axia College, University of Phoenix Table of Contents Executive Summary Job Analysis Selection Process New Employee Orientation Training Development Plan References Attachments: Interview Questions Script for New Employee Orientation Human Resources Management Plan and Job Aids Executive Summary HR assistance plan and aids are directly related to an accounting company's strategic plan in the...

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Marketing Management Course Plan and Notes

Course Plan – Advanced Marketing Management Dr. Roberto P. Gabiola Session Course Topics Reporter Activity/Evaluation Week 1 Nov 14, 2013 Organization of group Introduction to case analysis Professor Orientation / organization of class Lecture / class discussion Week 2 Nov 21, 2013 Overview of Marketing Management The 4 Ps to 4 Cs of Marketing Management Professor Lecture / class discussion Week 3 Nov 28, 2013 Approaches of Marketing Management Analyzing...

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HCS 350 Week 5 Crisis Management Communication Plan

There is HCS 350 Week 5 Crisis Management Communication Plan in this pack. General Questions - General General Questions Resource: Assignment Grading Criteria: Crisis Management Plan Create a 750- to 1,050-word crisis management communication plan for a health care organization or health care setting with which you are familiar. Include the following in your plan: ·  An explanation of how communication dynamics may differ in times of crisis, mass trauma, or disaster · ...

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Resource Management

Resource Management Strategies Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction The strategies refer to the process of executing a strategy for implementing essential management objectives for managing and allocating resources. The strategies involve approaches and move patterns devised by a grouping to produce achieving organization performances. As such, it is a resource commitment to accomplishing precise objectives for justifiable benefits in the market. An outstanding strategy...

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Resource Plan

Associate Level Material Water Resource Plan Select and complete one of the following assignments: Option 1: Water Resource Plan Declining Fish Stock Option 2: Water Resource Plan Freshwater Resources Option 3: Water Resource Plan Table Option 4: Water Resource Plan Public Service Announcement Option 1: Water Resource Plan Declining Fish Stock As a retired fisherman, you appreciate the balance between man and nature. You recently viewed a newscast about declining...

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The Human Resource Management Simulation

BUS541: Human Resource Management | The Human Resource Management Simulation | Raymond Becich | April 18, 2012 | Our major focus at the beginning of the Human Resource Management Simulation was to implement programs and policies that would balance the needs of employees and the needs of the company while creating a profitable company that we would be proud to work for. A major part of balancing these needs was to carefully manage the budget allocated for the simulation. We created...

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Risk Management Plan

evaluated from Hurley’s café risk review to create a monitoring plan for risks. The audit investigated the status of the planned actions on the risks identified below. Plan No. Risk Plan implemented 1 Manager`s travel risk Install the teleconferencing system Planned. The weekly management meetings finish at about 3:00pm as planned. 2 Banking risk Out &5000 on insurance cover. Cash held on the premises overnight from the opening week as planned 3 Training sessions Install the telecom...

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Human Resource Plan

planning in Human Resource (HR) is significant for an organization wishing to be successful. It is vital for attaining competitive edge in the market. Mostly top management fails to use HR Department more than as administrative support because they don’t realize its importance in managing the most crucial asset of the organization i.e. Human Resource (Rothwell, W. J and Kazanas, H. C., 2002). In this paper an HR Plan has been formulated for getting a practical view of Human Resource Planning. ...

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Time Management Action Plan

enough time. Effective and efficient time management is something that I have room for improvement on and have great use of. I started by taking a time management survey. #1 Accept Problem My results from this diagnostic survey on time management assured me that my time management skills are low. The survey revealed that I am on the bottom of the scale of time management. There were two sections of the survey. One section measured your time management skills in an office setting and the other...

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Project Mgt- Human Resource Plan

[pic] Project Human Resource Plan Template This Project Human Resource Plan Template is free for you to copy and use on your project and within your organization. We hope that you find this template useful and welcome your comments. Public distribution of this document is only permitted from the Project Management Docs official website at: www.ProjectManagementDocs.com Human Resource Plan Company Name Street Address City, State Zip Code Date Table of Contents ...

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Strategic Human Resource Management

To simply define Human Resource Management (HRM), it is a management function that helps managers recruit, select, train and develop members for an organization. Obviously, HRM is concerned with the people’s dimension in organizations. When we say HRM of the organization, it is concerned with all the departments of it. In the marketing department, people consult products or services that lead to the sale. In the sales department, people sell products or give services to the customers. And also...

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Human Resource Management

EDUCATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES Modular Template PROGRAMME: OFFICE ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT II COURSE: Human Resource Management COURSE CODE: BUST 200 CREDITS: 3 HOURS DURATION: 2nd Semester CLASS TIMES: Tuesday 8-10 or 10-12 and Thurs 9-10 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Christine A. Walwyn PREREQUISITE: BUST 101, BUST 101 DESCRIPTION/OVERVIEW This module will expose students to the important activities of people management such as evolution and stages of human resource management, strategic...

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6 Steps of a Marketing Plan

The 6 Steps of a Marketing Plan A strategic marketing plan is an integral part of an overall business plan and is crucial for a firms competetive position and success. Developing a marketing plan forces the managers to ask the key questions about the current situation and where the company is heading to ensure future profit and growth: Who are our customers? Who should they be? What do they want? How can we achieve that? How can we add value? If these questions are not asked, the customers...

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Human Resource Management and Organization

Assignment: Human Resource Management Overview Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper using the Week One readings, articles, and your personal experiences to address the following questions: What is human resource management? What is the primary function of human resource management? What is the role of human resource management in an organization’s strategic plan? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Human Resource Management Overview Human Resource Management (HRM) is an essential...

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Week 4 Performance Management Plan

In order for Landslide Limousine Service to have success in their business, strategic performance is necessary within the framework of management. The business should be successful if the performance management plan aligns completely with the business strategy. Mr. Stonefield has identified the course in which he plans to take his business and has identified his expectations. To help the company define the skills needed by its workers it must have a strong organizational philosophy as well as...

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Change Management and Communication Plan

Change Management and Communication Plan MGT 311 October 2012 Change Management Plan Project Name: Project Customer Number One Customer Management System Improvement, Phase II Prepared By: Team Title: Customer Management System Improvement Version No: 1.0 Document Change Control The following is the document control for revisions to this document. |Version Number |Date...

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Week 5 Assignment (Project Management)

Introduction to Project Management (Week 5: Assignment) Introduction The project manager of a construction company has developed the following network diagram for her building construction project. After receiving the plans, the manager must coordinate a number of tasks. Key areas she want to focus on, is time and risk. “Planning is responsible for project Time Management. The Plan process selects a scheduling methodology, tool, sets the format and establishes criteria for developing and controlling...

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Human Resource Management and Strategic Human Resource Management

Managing Human Resources, 3rd edn, John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Qld. In chapter 1 of the text, the author shows an overview of human resource management and strategic human resource management. The author also shows the relationship between HRM and management, manager’s role meaning of strategy, strategic approach to HRM and strategic challenges. Lots of diagrams and explanations are used by the author. This chapter has contributed to my understanding of strategic human resource management by analysing...

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Resource Management

Title |Manage a plan to achieve organisational objectives | | |Level |5 |Credits |10 | |Purpose |This unit standard is for people who have responsibility for managing the output of a work team. | | | ...

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Performance Management Plan

 Performance Management Plan Teri Harris HRM/531 May 19, 2014 Tiffany Mytty-Klein Performance Management Plan When it comes to putting together a performance management plan, the company must be committed to rewarding their employees for their quality of work and if they finish the construction job on time or if they are ahead of schedule. In the construction business there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when doing a job. Some of those factors are the weather, holidays, and...

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The Impact of Downsizing on Human Resource Management

The Impact of Downsizing on Human Resource Management The workplace is constantly changing each day and the job of the Human Resource Manager is constantly changing to keep up with these changes. It is important for the Human Resource Manager to stay attuned to the various changes and make sure the corporation is productive during the changes as this can affect the profits and profitability of the company. One of the major problems in the workforce today is downsizing and the impact that downsizing...

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EM9105 Energy Resources Management

EM9105 Energy Resources Management This introductory course provides an overview of energy resources management in the context of sustainable economic development. Topics include energy and human society, energy resources and reserves, supply, distribution, utilization, recovery and conversion, environmental impacts of energy utilization, energy economics and policies. Course Objective To provide general understanding on the various sources of energy, their availability, quality and their impact...

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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Planning Definition: Human Resources Planning is defined as the process of assessing an organization’s human resources needs in the light of organizational goals and changing condition and making plans to ensure that a competent, stable workforce is employed. The actual planning process will vary a great deal from organization to organization As defined by Bulla and Scott (1994), human resource planning is ‘the process for ensuring that the human resource requirements of an...

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Project Risk Management 420 Week 6

xxxxxxx PROJ 420 (A)/Fall A 11 Executive Summary Week 6 Assignment Executive Summary Due to economic strains our company is under more pressure than ever to deliver value and cannot afford to compromise productivity and efficiency. Our goal is to reduce the total cost and maximize efficiency within our office. We are continually seeking to maintain and improve our productivity and effectiveness in order to keep us from downsizing any department. Our task forces are implementing different...

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Lesson Plan

LESSON PLAN OPERATION AND QUALITY CONTROL |TIME |TOPICS |LEARNING OBJECTIVES | |Week 1 |Unit 1: |By the end of this unit students will be able to define: | | |Overview of Operation Management ...

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Plan Management

Project Management Plan Employee Incentive Program CPMGT/301 October 13, 2014 Project Management Plan Attracting skilled employees is often important and often difficult. Employers face major challenges when they consider the increasing difficulty of finding skilled people every company should have an employee incentive program if it is sales and especially for university enrollment advisors because they are the ones that bring business into the university. The project scope of Title IV of the...

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Newell Time Management Plan

Time Management Plan Template Student Name: Danielle Newell Date: 9/5/14 Directions: 1. Carefully read the Time Management Plan Guidelines found in Doc Sharing. This provides specific details on how to complete this assignment. 2. Rename this document by clicking “Save As.” Change the file name so it reads Your Last Name Time Management Plan.docx. For example, if your last name is Smith, type “Smith Time Management Plan.docx”. 3. Save the document as a .docx compatible with Microsoft Word 2010...

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human resource management

________ are the resources that provide utility value to all other resources. 2. The term procurement stands for 3. The characteristics of human resources are ________ in nature 4. Identify the managerial function out of the following functions of HR managers. 5. Which of the following is an example of operative function of HR managers? 6. The scope of human resource management includes 7. Human resource management is normally ________...

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HRM 498 Week 1 Individual Assignment; Management Challenges & Concerns

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD HRM 498 (Strategic Human Resource Management and Emerging Issues HRM 498 Week 1 Individual Assignment; Management Challenges & Concerns At your company, you work on all HRM responsibilities, and have been asked to join a committee to present a report on management challenges. This report must include challenges, possible causes, and a plan for addressing them. Select one to two articles on HRM challenges. Write a 350- to 500-word report about these challenges.  Format...

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Management and Mid-term Test

Department of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship MGMT 100 Fundamentals of Management Course Outline – Semester One 2013; Course Co-ordinator; Herb de Vries Weekly schedule of lectures and tutorials There will be 12 weeks of 3 x 1 hour lectures per week, and 9 x 1 hour tutorials at scheduled times during the semester. The first tutorial starts on the week of 25 Feb. Teaching staff Lecturers: Tutors: Dr H.P. de Vries – weeks 1-3 & 10-12; Dr S. Malinen – weeks 4-9 To be advised in...

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HEALTH CARE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Health Care Human Resources Management LaShon Lulendo October 26, 2014 Professor: Dr. Dana Chad Moretz HSA 530-Health Services Human Resources Management HEALTH CARE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Introduction There are key factors that affect health care practices and human resources management. As a Human Resources manager at an acute care hospital, I have been asked to write a document that outlines the steps I would take as the manager of...

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Performance Management Plan

Performance Management Plan Adryenne Valenzuela January 19, 2015 Olia Bartley HRM 521 Hi Tracy, below is the information about the performance management plan you requested for Marylee Luther. Please let me know if there is anything else you need for Ms. Luther this week. Alignment of performance management framework Performance management is important in a business. It will be in Ms. Luther’s best interest if she uses this performance management plan as management tool to help...

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Human Resource Management Bus310031Va016

Human Resource Management BUS310031VA016 G. Stan Reeley, Jr., Ph.D. 1) Given Bandag Auto’s size, and anything else you know about it, explain why and how the human resource management function should be reorganized. Because of the lack of any kind of plan or strategy for the company, having a functioning human resource management in place is vital. First of all management formulates a strategic plan. The strategic...

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The performance management and plan discussed below and in plan past recommendations is used during this time. Performance Management Plan A performance management is used as a tool to indicate the employee’s direction and desired direction within the company. This is not the same as a performance appraisal that identifies and discusses job-relevance and performance, strengths and weaknesses. A poll was done to show that 58% of HR executives rated their performance management systems at a C or...

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Human Resource Management

)…………………………………2 3) HRM vs. Personal Management…………………………..3 & 4 4) McGregor Theory X and Y………………………………..4 & 5 5) Analysis………………………………………………………….6 6) Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs……………....6, 7 & 8 7) Analysis………………………………………………………….9 8) Conclusion…………………………………….………….…….10 9) References………………………………………………...11 & 12 Abstract: This report is a guide about human resource management and a detailed theory of two models that is used in HRM. It is the activity done by the management in the firms to recruit...

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HRM 300 Week 1 Human Resource Management Overview Paper

This work of HRM 300 Week 1 Human Resource Management Overview Paper includes: Prepare a 900- to 1,050-word paper using the Week One readings, articles, and your personal experiences to address the following questions: What is human resource management? Business - General Business Human Resource Management Overview Paper (Week 1) Job Description and Recruiting Strategies Worksheet (Week 4) Employee Training and Career Development Paper (Week 5) Participation Includes...

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Human Resource Management, an Academic Theory and Business Practice

Professional Schools Library Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City http://apslibrary.ateneo.edu Information Resources Guide on HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 2005 - 2008 Human Resource Management (HRM) - is both an academic theory and a business practice. It is based on the notion that employees are firstly human, and secondly should NOT be treated as a basic business resource. HRM is also seen as an understanding of the human aspect of a company and its strategic importance. HRM is seen...

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Human Resource Management :

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT : A CENTRAL BUSINESS CONCERN SLIDE NO 2 CONTENT 1 BACKGROUND 2 THE RISE OF KNOWLEDGE WORKERS 3 RESPONSE OF THE INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION 4 HR MANAGERS AND STRATEGIC PLANNING 5 THE FUTURE OF HRM SLIDE NO 3 OBJECTIVE: How can HR Practitioners position themselves to add value to the organization. 1 BACKGROUND The increasingly important role of Human Resource Management (HRM) is reflected in the transformation of the personnel management function...

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Management Plan for Security and Privacy

Management Plan for Security and Privacy 1 Management Plan for Security and Privacy 2 Abstract Many times, disaster recovery planning fails to consider how diverse regulations and compliance issues will impact an organization after a natural disaster strikes (Talon, 2006). For instance, organizations regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), will discover that disaster recovery planning can be a complex web of potential pitfalls...

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Summary of Human Resource Management

important that human research management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to strategic partner. The reason is it important is because the human resource department plays a crucial role in determining the culture of an organization. Human resources promote and implement policies and procedures. The key areas are hiring practices, compensation, management relations and employee conduct and behavior. The decisions made by the human resources department will effect an...

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Week 6 hmwrk tax management

Week 5 : C Corporations Concluded - Homework ES Page 1 1. (TCO E) For federal tax purposes, royalty income that is not derived in the ordinary course of a business is classified as: (Points : 5) portfolio income. answer active income. passive income. None of the above 2. (TCO F) When comparing corporate and individual taxation, the following statement is true: (Points : 5) Unlike individual taxpayer, corporate may not have a long-term capital loss carryforward...

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Human Resource Management Overview

 Human Resource Management Overview Dannie L Roettger HRM 300 November 3, 2015 Sara Yarian Human Resource Management Overview Human resources focus on the activities that relate to the work force of a company or organization. Some of these related activities encompass the recruiting and hiring of new staff, orientation and the training of existing staff as well as employee benefits and retention. In this assignment we have been ask to...

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Human Resources Management Proposal

Human Resources Management Proposal Prepared for Bonnie Pfizer President Frontier Printers Inc. On January 1, 2012 By Linda Olofsson Human Resources Consultant TABLE OF CONTENTS OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE SITUATION 3 OUR QUALIFICATIONS 3 OUR APPROACH TO THE SITUATION 4 OUR RECOMMENDATIONS 4 OUR SUGGESTED IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 4 PROPOSED TIMELINE 6 Next Steps 6 WORK CITED 7 OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE SITUATION We have reviewed the information that you...

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Resource Management

Faraz Hasan Resource Management Chapter 6 – Budgeting: How will you use your money? Study Guide Know all your Vocab. 1. What is a budget & how do your financial goals impact your budget? A budget is a way to divide income among spending and saving options. Budgets are usually based on the priorities of your goals, which should be assisted with a well developed budget. 2. Explain short-term and long-term goals. Give an example of each. Short term-Goals to achieve within a year...

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Technology and Management Functions Paper

work group technologies (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. All electronic materials are available on the student website. Week One: What We Expect From Technology | | Details | Due | Points | Objectives | 1.1 Define the role of management in relation to using technology in the workplace. 1.2 Discuss management expectations of technology in the business place. 1.3 Explain how staff and customers rate technology’s effectiveness. 1.4 Describe what...

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[BUNDLE] HRM 531 Week 1 – 6 All Team and Individual Study Guides

[BUNDLE] HRM 531 Week 1 – 6 All Team and Individual Study Guides www.paperscholar.com DIRECT LINK TO THIS STUDY GUIDE: http://www.paperscholar.com/bundle-hrm-531-week-1-6-all-team-and-individual-study-guides/ Instantly Download! Get Better Grades in Less Time! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee DESCRIPTION FOR THIS STUDY GUIDE: This bundle includes study guides from all six weeks of HRM 531 human capital management. week 1: individual study guide InterClean merger memo week 2: individual study...

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Human Resource Management

actions and responsibilities of the Human Resource Management team, and the significant aspects that all come together for optimal functioning. I will address how my new found understanding of human resources will lead me to better relate to my own career path. I started this class without any knowledge of just how essential human resource management is, and now I have a new found respect for it. I will describe the multi-faceted aspects of human resource management and how it relates to the organization...

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