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Res 351

Res judicata literally means that the matter has already been decided and the meaning of a special plea of res judicata is that the matter or question raised by the other side has been finally adjudicated upon in proceedings between the parties and that it therefore cannot be raised again.1 There are requirements that should be satisfied for a special plea of res judicata to be granted which are; the dispute is between the same parties, for the same relief and on the same cause of action.2 These...

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RES 351

 Business Research Ethics RES/351 Predatory lending is a term that many home owners are familiar with in today’s real estate market. Not only is this practice unethical, in many cases it is illegal. When financial institutions violate the consumer trust they hurt more than just the company image. This was the case in 2001 when a Citigroup consumer lending subsidiary used deceptive practices to sell unnecessary insurance coverage to minority, elderly, and uneducated home equity borrowers...

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 Chapter & Readings R RES/351 October 14, 2013 Chapter & Readings R Chapter 9 readings this week is about experiments. The learning objectives in this chapter are the used for experimentation, advantages and disadvantages of the experiment method, seven steps of a well-planned experiment, internal and external validity with experiment research designs, and the three types of experiment designs and the variations of each. In chapter 9 experiments is defined as the studies involving...

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1 BUSINESS RESEARCH ETHICS BUSINESS RESEARCH ETHICS RES/351 January 15, 2014 Aruna Abeyakoon Business Research Ethics The ethics in the business of research does refer to the code of conduct that would be expected to be observed while conducting the research. The ethical conduct applies to both the organization and the individual researcher of the conducting research. Such ethical behavior must be included in the steps of the research...

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Unethical Business Research RES/351 April 18, 2012 Unethical Business Research Research is important in any business to interpret data being collected to improve or make new discoveries. The article read was about Dr. Woo Suk Hwang who used unethical research to enhance his career in the world of science. Hwang hurt everyone who was involved in his work. Leading people to believe that his research was real he provided false hope into his new discoveries. Trying to figure out why he would...

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1 Business Research Ethics RES/351 3/05/12 Professor Saba Tahmassebi 2 Article - Facebook and Online Privacy: Attitudes, Behaviors, And Unintended Consequences By: Debatin, Bernhard; Lovejoy, Jennette P.; Horn, Ann-Kathrin; Hughes, Brittany N.. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Oct2009, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p83-108, 26p Social media is being integrated in our everyday lives at a rapid pace. Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace have become a channel for social interaction...

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Because It Is Running

things continue in the same way time after time. ”Because It Is Running By” is told by a 3rd person narrator with a limited omniscient point of view starting from the main character Wil. The action takes place during a summer beginning, in medias res, with Edie’s arrival and ending with her impending departure. The story is chronological but there are several flashbacks woven into the story. The scene is laid in a small, isolated, rural society in England where Wil and his mother live in great...

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Eternal Sunshine

convey the emotion and the theme of the movie- fate, as a whole. Within the aspect of narrative design, the producers begin the movie in medias res, or by first putting the audiences into a series of actions that have already started. What is special about this particular movie is that the audiences do not know it starts in medias res until the end of the movie- even the characters. The movie begins with what we all thought was Joel and Clementine’s“first” meeting of Joel and Clementine...

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Exception Of Hearsay Evidence Under S

basically some exceptions to the general rule regarding to hearsay evidence. Among the exceptions are sections 32, 33, 34, 35, 38 and 73A of the said Act1. Apart from the Evidence Act, there are also exceptions under Common law which is known as the Res Gestae principle. Section 73A is basically dealing with the admissibility of documentary evidence in civil cases whereby subsection (1) stated that “ Notwithstanding anything contained in this Chapter, in any civil proceedings where direct...

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Low Visibility

fictional story, which deals with many topics, such as violence, love, hate, oppression, and right and wrong and the story is told by an un­instructed and omniscient 3. person narrator who tells the story as it unfolds. The plot takes off in medias res as we are thrown into a scene where Laura's husband John is watch­ing television without any introduction. The structure in the story lets us jump a bit back and forth between two settings, as we are shown what is happening in the streets though Johns...

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Every Good Boy by David Nicholls

too good and barely functioning. The pedals don’t even work. He feels a worthless, like he has to find a talent, again almost as if he is the black sheep of the family, until he finds his talent. The story is written in past tense, it is in medias res. There are no real flashbacks, perhaps besides the one in line 13. The story is from the narrator’s point of view, he tells the story looking back at it. The title, ‘Every Good Boy’ is a part of a mnemonic verse used for learning a sequence of notes...

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Story Analysis: The Dress

straw that broke the camel’s back. In her rage she kicks Flora out of the house, and at the end she finds herself sitting all alone and forgotten in her empty house. The text is well organized in terms of plot structure. The story begins in medias res, without any introduction about the characters or the plot. In the beginning Rachel is looking for the dress, when suddenly the point of view changes to Flora, trying on the dress earlier the same day. Then the setting and time changes to the restaurant...

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of the following: a chapter (“Protection of Children Under the Law”) from a 1977 book entitled All Our Children: The American Family Under Pressure, and a work of legal history, recounting the events leading to a landmark Supreme Court decision (in re Gault) in 1967 that extended some rights of due process to the juvenile court system. Both readings bear on the question of rights for children and why children should be treated differently before the law—if, indeed, they should be. All Our Children:...

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Hearsay and the Exceptions in Civil and Criminal Cases

maps, and historical texts, A statements made by a deceased person as to the cause of his death is admissible as evidence of the cause of death, if as in R v Perry (1909), as long as the person is under a settled hopeless expectation of death. Res Gestae statements, those that made in the heat of the moment, where it is assumed the person making them has not had time to concoct an untrue statement are admissible. These will generally be statements that so to show physical sensation or the maker's...

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res judicata

 Symbiosis Law School, Pune LL.M. Assignment on OVERVIEW OF RES JUDICATA AS A CONCEPT UNDER ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Submitted by: Saket Kesharwani LL.M. (2014-15 batch) Roll No: 15, PRN: 14010143015 Symbiosis Law School, Pune CONTENTS Chapter 1- INTRODUCTION .......................................................................... 3 Objective .......................................................................................................... 4 Scope .....

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Beowulf as Epic

conventions (or epic machinery). Among them are these:             Poem begins with a statement of the theme ("Arms and the man I sing") Invocation to the muse or other deity ("Sing, goddess, of the wrath of Achilles") Story begins in medias res (in the middle of things) Catalogs (of participants on each side, ships, sacrifices) Histories and descriptions of significant items (who made a sword or shield, how it was decorated, who owned it from generation to generation) Epic simile (a long simile...

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Res 351 Final Exam

RES/351– Business Research – Final Exam 1. The process of stating the basic dilemma and then developing other questions by progressively breaking down the original question into more specific ones is called the _____. B. management-research question hierarchy 2.  Minute Maid sees research as the fundamental first step in any business decision, and it created proprietary methods for conducting research. At what level of the hierarchy of business decision makers does Minute Maid operate? A. Top...

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Res judicata under law of evidence, cpc and crpc

 PROJECT ON Comparative Study of Res-Judicata Under Law of Evidence, C.P.C. and Cr.P.C. EVIDENCE PROJECT SUBMITTED TO Ms. Sonal Dass FACULTY OF LAW OF EVIDENCE Submitted by Keshav Shankar Nande ROLL NO.- 64 Section-‘C’ HIDAYATULLAH NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY RAIPUR, C.G. Certificate of Declaration   I, Keshav Shankar Nande hereby declare that the project work entitled “Comparative Study of Res-Judicata under Law of Evidence, C.P.C. and Cr.P.C...

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Case Study Munich Re

Josh Bridges International Marketing (MWF: 10-1050) Case Study 2 – Munich Re 8/29/2014 Since the late 1800s, Munich Re has been a leader in the field of reinsurance business, and is the largest reinsurance company in the world. The company has been tasked with many challenges throughout its tenure, but continues to strive to be better. Munich Re has made changes to both its marketing strategy and product mix to help counteract the emergence of various risks and obstacles. The most innovative...

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Res 351 week 2

 Unethical Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry Lyndsae Erdmann RES/351 01/19/15 James Bankston Unethical Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry The Pharmaceutical drug companies have a tendency to focus more on the sales and revenue than the research of any given product. This trend leads to misrepresentation of crucial scientific research on products. “A wide variety of research practices has been described as being used to distort the medical literature in favor of a clinical trial...

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Architecture in the Ancient World

The Temple of Amun-re at Karnak and the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens have distinctive architectural enhancements and refinements that were put together to create, not just a building, but a significant piece of aesthetically pleasing architecture made for worship. One of the most mysterious places in ancient Egypt was the inside of a temple. They were the homes of the gods and goddesses and very few people were allowed to see the inside. Karnak temple was a solar temple based on the principles...

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Augustus Project

Augustus Propaganda in the Res Gestae Divi Augusti The image that Gaius Octavius Thurinus, Gaius Julius Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus, the same man one and all, wanted to portray in his book, the Res Gestae, was one of a patriotic, religious, lawful, chosen by both the senate and the citizens of Rome, modest, generous, independent, benevolent, successful leader, worldly recognised and travelled Roman citizen. Augustus wanted to portray himself as the ideal Roman, one to look up to, one...

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Discuss Alberti’s Argument That, ‘Grace of Form Could Never Be Separated or Divorced from Suitability for Use.’ Bk Vi, 2.

suitability for use.’ In short, it summarises his belief that what we construct should be appropriate to its use- and it is this that makes a building ‘graceful’ or beautiful. This is the underlying dispute that forms the basic foundations of Alberti’s De re aedificatoria (On the Art of Building), written around 1440 and arranged into ten books. Alberti’s treatise on architecture eventually became his most influential work in Latin, and it is believed to have begun as a commentary on Vitruvius’ De aedificatoria...

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Res/351 Final Paper

Diversity in the Workplace Michele Feltman, Calvina Royster, Jason Jones, Jorge Lopez, Michael Egan RES/351 March 18, 2013 Bill Greer We here at Phoenix Corporation are in the process of coming up with a way to establish diversity within our company. It is important to create a program that will generate information and feedback on how the employees feel will be the best way to cover this topic everyday while at work. Coming up with...

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Life of Augustus

granddaughter), who had many children and advised that people should take example of this wonderful family. Family and Religion in the Res Gestae Divi Augusti The Res Gestae Divi Augusti (Latin: “Deeds of the Divine Augustus”), is an elogium, written by Augustus, on his life and lifetime achievements. Augustus wrote this as something for people to remember him by. The Res Gestae was not only geared for the literate but for everybody. Augustus wanted that his name, and all he stood for, to be remembered...

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Augustus "Rise to Power" Essay (Tacitus and Augustus)

second-century historian), and discuss their historical validity. 1)“At the age of nineteen on my own responsibiliy and at my own expense I raised an army,...I transferred the republic from my power to the dominion of the senate and people of Rome.” -Augustus,Res Gestae Divi Augusti 2)”One view of Augustus went like this: filial duty and national crisis had been merely pretexts...After that, there had certainly been peace, but it was a bloodstained peace”-Tacitus, Annals Answer: Of Augustus’ rise to power...

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All the Presidents Men

"All The President's Men" By: Jackie Mikolajczyk 11-07-00 What is Watergate? Watergate is the biggest political scandal in The United States history. It included various activities to help President Richard Nixon win re- election in 1972. Watergate also resulted in Nixon's resignation from presidency in 1974. June 17, 1972 a security guard notified the police that a door lock was taped at the Washington's Watergate. Three officers responded to the call and found five burglars...

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Defenses to Negligence

In situations where negligence is claimed, defendants can claim one of three main defenses to negligence: assumption of risk, superseding cause, and contributory and comparative negligence, as well as applying special negligence doctrines including res ipsa loquitur, negligence per se, and the “danger invites rescue” doctrine (Miller & Jentz, 2012, p. 103). To begin with, it is easy to rule out the superseding cause defense in this case, as an unforeseeable intervening event did not occur. According...

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Confidentiality of Health

2. You have to follow HIPAA regulations because they are federal regulation and federal law trumps state law whenever the two contradicts. Always follow whichever is stricter. The safest route higher standards never get anyone in trouble. 3. Res ipsa loquitur is a legal term from the Latin meaning “the thing itself speaks” but is more often translated “the thing speaks for itself.” It signifies that further details are unnecessary the proof of the case is self-evident. The doctrine is applied...

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Safe Handling of Medication Unit 2

prescribed before The pharmacist may provide an emergency supply of up to 30 days’ treatment for most prescription medicines, with these exceptions: Obtaining medication as and when required - PRN is an abbreviation that comes from the Latin term "pro re nata." Its actual translation to English is "for the thing born," but its common medical meaning is "as needed." It used to identify a medication that can be taken as the patient needs it rather than on a fixed schedule. Many PRN medications can be...

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Speed Back 07

probably be most effective in permitting a person injured in the use of a defective product to recover for injuries?   strict liability negligence combined with res ipsa loquitor negligence sales warranties 5.  This question focuses on the opinion in Jordan v. Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Utah. Which of the following res ipsa loquitor requirements was not established to the satisfaction of the appellate court?   The instrumentalities involved must have been within the exclusive control...

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Romeo and Juliet

reasonable and prudent manner and caused harm to the patient or did what a reasonable person would not have done and caused harm to a patient. There are two Latin terms that can be used to describe aspects of negligence. These are known as doctrines. Res ipsa loquitur, or “the thing speaks for itself”, is the term used in cases that involve situations when a nick is made in the bladder while a surgeon is performing a hysterectomy. The negligence is obvious. The other doctrine, respondent superior...

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Should Gay Marriage Should Be Legal In The Entire United States

California Supreme Court as contrary to the state constitution. In May 15, 2008 the California Supreme Court, ruling on In re Marriage Cases, declared that same-sex couples had a constitutional right to marry. As a result of this decision, a debate and an opposition movement appeared against same-sex marriage. Therefore, Six months later, in November 2008 California voters overturned the In re Marriage Cases decision by approving an amendment of the state constitution called Proposition 8. This proposition...

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Res Gestae (Augustus Caesar)

RES GESTAE DIVI AUGUSTI T H E A C H I E V E M E N T S OF THE DIVINE AUGUSTUS with an introduction and commentary by P. A. BRUNT and J. M. MOORE O X F O R D U N I V E R S I T Y P R E S S Oxford University Press, Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6DP London Glasgow New York Toronto Delhi Bombay Calcutta Madras Karachi Kuala Lumpur Singapore Hong Kong Tokyo Nairobi Dar es Salaam Cape Town Melbourne Auckland and associates in Beirut Berlin Ibadan Mexico City Nicosia Oxford is a trade mark...

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Final Judgment Rule

Rptr.2d 199 Cal.App. 2 Dist.,1994. 1. “One Final Judgment Rule” [2] [pic]Initially, St. Paul contends that this action is barred by the “one final judgment” rule. In support of its argument, St. Paul cites cases which set forth the doctrine of res judicata. St. Paul reasons that the judgment T & R obtained against Capitol after arbitration precludes any subsequent proceedings against St. Paul because a second action between the same parties on the same claim is impermissible (citing Clark v....

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Are You Ready, Boots?

drinks, champaign and parties. In continuation of that, it is also a superficial environment, where you are being judged by your look and the clothes you are wearing. Even though the most of the story is in London, the opening, which is in medias res, is set in New York. The two friends, Lulu and Spencer, who are also two of the main characters, are shopping shoes. It is the first time the reader experiences the financial world and the consumer society, because Lulu is trying some Manolos, which...

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Risk Management

2010 2011 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 The Hannover Re Group America Europe Asia Africa Hannover Rückversicherung AG Canadian Branch – Chief Agency Toronto, Canada Hannover Rückversicherung AG Hannover, Germany Hannover ReTakaful B.S.C. (c) Manama, Bahrain 100.0% Hannover Life Reassurance Africa Limited Johannesburg, South Africa 100.0% Hannover Rückversicherung AG Canadian Branch – Facultative Office Toronto, Canada Hannover Re Services USA, Inc. Itasca/Chicago, USA 100.0% Hannover...

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Epic Qualities of the Disney Movie: Herculer

myth. The film opens with a song which tells the background information about the story. The singing scene is an example for various different epic qualities. In epic form there is an invocation with the Muses and since it begins with in medias res, the information required for the audience is given by the chorus through a song. There are also epithets during the song which are used in order to define the characters. There is a constant emphasis on the power of fate all through the film. Hercules...

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RESJUDICATA IN CPC: Its Essentials And Exceptions

INTRODUCTION 'Res' in Latin means thing and 'Judicata' means already decided. This rule operates as a bar to the trial of a subsequent suit on the same cause of action between the same parties. Its basic purpose is - "One suit and one decision is enough for any single dispute". The rule of 'res judicata' does not depend upon the correctness or the incorrectness of the former decision. It is a principle of law by which a matter which has been litigated cannot be re-litigated between the same parties...

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RES 351 Week 1 assignment

 Current Events in Business Research Jennifer Howse Res/351 May 11, 2015 Tracy Sipma Current Events in Business Research Phlebotomist and nurses has been around for years and the article I am writing about will describe the business research process that came about to help prevent needles sticks. How needle sticks occur The main reason health care workers are stuck by needles are from negligence. They are not taking the proper precautions and not following proper protocol when it comes...

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RES 351 Wk 2 Paper

 Recruitment in the U.S. Army * RES 351 September 29, 2014 * Recruitment in the U.S. Army The US Army is like any other business; they are in constant need of new and fresh employees or Soldiers. The US Army for almost ten years now has stretched, bent and broken some of their own recruiting rules in order to keep up with the demands of the wars. Now that the wars are coming to an end, they have started to realize that all the rules that have been stretched, bent and broken really need to...

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Hcr Week 8 Legal Terms

the age of 18 who is declared legally an adult. 11. Privileged communication: private information 12. Res gestae: means thing done or that hearsay evidence (something that someone heard someone else say) can be used in court 13. Res judicata: means the thing is decided in Latin or in court terms that the case is closed, and the defendant cannot try to provide new evidence to change the judgment, and...

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Hearsay Evidence

witnesses14, evidence for proving in subsequent proceedings15, evidence obtained under mutual assistance in criminal matters requests16, documentary evidence in civil cases17, documents produced by a computer18, and where the assertion forms part of the res gestae19 or the facts form part of the same transaction20. There are various reasons for the exclusion of hearsay evidence. It is said that hearsay evidence is not the best evidence available as it is made out-of-court and is not verified by any source...

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History of Reinsurance

known as Swiss Reinsurance Company, or Swiss Re in English-speaking countries, is the oldest professional reinsurance firm in Switzerland and one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. It is notable for the range of its international activities, the fine reputation of the services it offers, and its powerful financial base. The company's main business segments include risk transfer, risk retention financing, and asset management. Swiss Re operates with over 70 offices in 30 countries...

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Week 2 Individual RES 351

 The Pharmaceutical Industry and Unethical Research Business Research Res/351 November 12, 2013 Aruna Abeyakoon The Pharmaceutical Industry and Unethical Research The pharmaceutical drug companies have a tendency to focus more on the sales and revenue than the research of any given product. This trend leads to misrepresentation of crucial scientific research on products. An article in The New York Times from December, 2005 reported scientific research fraud to be a growing issue impinging...

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About a boy

children to walking in the same footsteps as them. The parents will defiantly get disappointed if their children does not walk the same footsteps, or become something big. The story takes place in London, in our time. The story starts in medias res with Marcus being worried, afraid even, of the next day. One of the themes comes into play here as Marcus is stressed because he is being bullied at school there is a mix between poverty and richness, Will is very rich and Marcus and Fiona are pretty...

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Essay "The Dress"

dangerous). Flora has got an extreem need of being superior to her sister, and as a result of this, Rachel always keeps her stuff locked up. Generally Rachel hates Flora especially after Flora has taken Rachel's dress. The story starts in medias res. The events in it are almost represented in a chronological order, but there are flashbacks. Furthermore you could say, that this story is written opposite the cosmos-chaos-cosmos-model. At first we read about Rachel screaming and she has got a huge...

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Low Visibility

struck on the head and lies on the ground bleeding. Laura comes down to him. He lies on the ground and “asks” for a hand, she turns around and walks away, meanwhile a window explodes behind her, she is not harmed though. The story starts in medias res, where we land in Laura and John’s living room, while they watch the news about the riots. It is built so the reader initially gets sympathy with Laura. John is posed as the bad guy, whom the reader dislikes right away. Laura has nothing to say at home...

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Motion to Determine Property of the Estate

UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA TAMPA DIVISION In re: BAMBI A. HERRERA-EDWARDS, Case No. 8:12-bk-15725-KRM Chapter 11 Debtor. / MOTION TO DETERMINE PROPERTY OF THE ESTATE DUE TO CLAIMS OF EQUITABLE ESTOPPEL, PROMISSORY ESTOPPEL AND RES JUDICATA Creditor, ERIC MOORE does hereby file this motion to determine property of the estate and alleges as follows: FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS 1. Creditor, Eric Moore and Debtor, Bambi A. Herrera-Edwards entered into...

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Mount Pleasant

Mary-Louise Buxton Mount Pleasant is a short story about the two sisters Elisabeth and Lena. Their family have just moved to the little town Mount Pleasant. It was written by Mary-Louise Buxton and published in 2005. Mount Pleasant starts in medias res. There is no introduction of the story and no clear beginning. In the beginning, we are only told that Elisabeth is in the attic and her mother or “Mammy” as she is called in the story will beat her children with a tree spoon if she catches them in...

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Does our play want to be continuous or interrupted? We discuss how in epic theater the scenes are autonomous units spaced in a generally circular pattern around a unifying theme. Each scene in Woyzeck is a little “slice of life,” beginning in medias res and ending at times with startling abruptness. Because scenes in Woyzeck are usually very short and diverse, we knew conventional scene changes would be extremely difficult and ineffective. However, the short, distinctive scenes play a large role in...

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How Lucky You Are by Depi Alper

How lucky you are? “How Lucky You Are” is a short story by Debi Alper and was published in 2010. The story begins with in medias res which means that the story is starting in a midpoint and it is about a boy named Max and an Iranian girl named Ishraqi. Max has a crush on Ishraqi. The situation between max and Ishraqi changes the way that Max treats his mom. The story takes place in Britain and the plot of the story takes place in one day. The story is told in a third-person-view, and has an open...

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Gods Lift Is Out of Order

out of order” By Karen McCarthy The short story God’s lift is out of order is written in first person character and begins in media res. “Aaron is tumbling through the sky. A muddy wash of colour envelops him like a shroud.” (p. 2, l.1) The protagonist is a young black woman and the story is set in London at Christmastime. Even though the story begins in media res, the teller unfolds the story while the protagonist is travelling with the train on her way to work. In the beginning she has a dream...

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The Dress, Short Story

view. In the end we don’t have a specific point of view, but follows the argument watching from the outside. So we get the story from more people. The story starts that Rachel realizes that her dress is gone – therefore the text is started in medias res. She quickly suspects her sister of steeling it, and looks after the dress in Flora’s room. Later in the story there is a parallel course, where Flora tells what she is during with the dress, while Rachel is looking for it at home. The story is chronological...

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Res 351 Week 2 Team

RES/351 Version 1 Business Research July 15, 2013 Team Discussion on App for Apple iPhone Response Working for Apple the type of research one would want to see done would be a reporting study. This type of study will display data that provides statistics comparing the application to other applications that users are already using and what features of the application users are wanting. This report is the first step in determining if the application is worth moving forward with. Once the application...

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law of evidence assignment

not considered hearsay, but "the event speaking and not the speaker" (Pennsylvania v. Zukauskas 1983). 3. Res gestae or present sense impression Where the res gestae exception exists, a party is allowed to admit evidence which consists of, among other things, everything said and done in the course of the incident or transaction that is the subject of the trial. The evidence admitted under res gestae can be hearsay or non-hearsay. For example, a firearm confiscated by police in the course of arresting...

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Graham Greane, The Invisible Japanese Gentleman: Plot: A plot. The line that keeps the story going. Order of events – the structure. -> In medias res – start -> out of context. We don’t know what comes before/after. Narrator: -He wants to lecture her. He is a bit protective. Precaucious (gammelklog). He is arrogant. Ambicious. Sexcist. He might know the reality of an author? Gloating in the fact that she fails at the end. Poetic justice. She had it coming, but she doesn’t know that she...

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Essay on the happiest days of your life

Essay regarding The Happiest Days of your life The story "The happiest Days of your life", starts in medias res, or more correctly in the back of a car. The story follows a little boy called Charles Manders, and his parents, as they are to see the new preparatory school St. Edwards, whom Charles parents have chosen to be a quite good school for Charles. As the story progresses the little family arrives to St. Edwards, where they meet the headmaster and his wife, whom are two prestige filled human...

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Chapter 2 - Hearsay & Exceptions to Hearsay Rule

(comprised transactional words which is original evidence), and to that extent they were not hearsay within s59(1) Evidence Act 1995. Surrounding circumstances tends to infer the nature of relationship of the parties- tender to establish relationship Re Van Beelan: provides a good list of examples when a prior representation may be admitted as original evidence. A said something to B to show A had opportunity of imparting into B, that A was near B; B was aware of A’s presence, A was acquainted with...

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Study notes evidence

negative inference, then gave jury a weissensteiner direction on basis of failure to explain how fingerprints came to be on the bottle. QCA held judge had erred in law. Court took judicial notice of the fact this type of bottle very common and frequently re-used. R v Ryan: Judge not entitled to give W direction when they are aware that the accused has previously given their version of events. HC held that ‘proper’ for judge to instruct jury of appellants out of court assertions although not sworn in...

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