• A Model Design to Increase Customer Security in Banks
    A Model Design to Increase Customer Security in Banks Someyeh Yousefi Darestani Post Graduate of MBA Industrial Engineering Department K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Iran Abstract Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is becoming a reality at the ATM. Financial institutions are rea
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  • Tropical Africa: Food Production and the Inquiry Model
    Tropical Africa: Food Production and the Inquiry Model Hunger is the result of disasters such as drought, floods, the changing of the jet stream patterns and other natural disasters. They are beyond our control. It has been estimated that one third of the land in Tropical Africa is potentially cul
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  • The Roy Adaptation Model
    The Roy Adaptation Model Roy began work on her theory in the 1960s. She drew from existing work of a physiological psychologist, and behavioral, systems and role theorists. She was keenly interested in the psycho/social aspects of the person from the start and concentrated her education on
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  • The Taiwanese Development Model Since 1960
    The Taiwanese Development Model Since 1960 According to Thomas Gold Taiwan offers a text book case of an elite-led revolution leading to social transformation. The stability of hard authoritarianism of the Taiwanese government laid the groundwork for Taiwanese development. The KMT's cohes
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  • The Five Factor Model of Personality
    The Five Factor Model of Personality The precise definition of personality has been a point of discussion amongst many different theorists within many different disciplines since the beginning of civilisation. Personality can be defined as "the distinctive and characteristic patterns of thought,
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  • John Alexander Macdonald: a Good Role Model?
    John Alexander Macdonald: A Good Role Model? A role model can be looked up upon and imitated. Many would argue that Sir John A. Macdonald is not someone of this stature, but I have different opinions about him. By studying some books about him I concluded that this humble man is someone who dese
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  • Huckleberry Finn: a Good Role Model
    Huckleberry Finn: A Good Role Model "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" gives a visual look at the time in which the author Samuel Clemens lived. He explains how he felt about his life through the eyes of a young boy named Huckleberry Finn. Huckleberry Finn has many adventures that teac
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  • Model Train Building and Compu
    The world of Model Train Building has grown greatly with the aid of computers and technology to enhance the fun of building. Technology has long been a part of Model Train building with the adding of lights, bells, and whistles to capture your interest and imagination. But with the latest generati
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  • Historic Model of Science
    The ‘heroic model’ of science is one of the most influential phenomena in history. This surge of value-free knowledge, filled with realism, bold justification, absolute truth and complete objectivity, changed the way in which the world was perceived and how the future would be viewed. T
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  • Niels Bohr's Model of the Hydrogen Atom
    Niels Bohr's model of the hydrogen atom, was the primary reason for the understanding of energy levels.Bohr was able to explain the bright line spectrum of hydrogen. Sparked by the recent discovery of the diffraction patterns, scientists believed electrons could be described as waves. Bohr hypothesi
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  • Toulmin's Theory Model
    This movie talks about the crusades to gain Jerusalem back from the Moslem army that was lead by the great sultan Saladin. At the beginning of the movie the Moslems hear about the misfortunate Moslems that are treated badly in Jerusalem, consequently, Saladin takes over Jerusalem in a battle with th
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  • Atticus as a Model Parent
    In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee suggests that Atticus is a model parent. Atticus gives guidance to Jem and Scout, and he treats them with fairness and honesty. He tries to bring them up as best he can as a single parent. <br> <br>Atticus is always guiding Jem and Scout with advice so that they
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  • Toulmin Model
    The use of Toulmin model Applied to a scene from the movie SALADIN THE CHAMPION (The Crusaders) Saladin: Ahmad Mazhar kingRichard : Hamdy Gaithe Virgenia: Lila Fawzi King Feleebe: Omar Alharerri by: Al-OmaniQ8 Comm. 480 Assign#3 Summer 98' Saladin the champion (the crusaders) This movie talks about
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  • My Role Model
    My Role Model In my life I have had very few role models. They have been mostly famous people I see on TV like Michael Jordan, but what young man hasn't wanted to seemingly fly through the sky and slam dunk a basketball? But as you grow older and mature you soon realize that more than just famous
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  • Osi Model
    To hell with the OSI 7 Layer Model Back in the 1980's, when all music sucked and men dressed like fags, a bunch of sissy Europeans got together in a passionate effort to overstandardize computer networking. They created this thing called the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) networking suite. Any
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  • Using the Mother as a Model in Meditation
    I feel that using the mother as a model in meditation fascinating because one can Personalize their own experience by visualizing his/her own mother and in effect, associate inner emotion & raw compassion for the one who created and protected them. I also thought that the realization of i
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  • Does Mcdonald's Offer a Model Which Other Businesses Should Follow
    Does McDonald's offer a model which other businesses should follow? At first, most people must have laughed at the idea of a chain of restaurants selling identical products all over the country, but little did they know that the genius idea that they had mocked would go on to revolutionise the bu
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  • Hizballah: Model of Terrorism
    HIZBALLAH: MODEL OF TERRORISM Hizballah, or Party of God, has been established as one of the best-organized movements towards independence within the Middle East. In 1983 the Lebanese Shiite Muslims formed this group as an Islamic rebellion against the United States as well as the Israeli Fo
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  • Osi Model
    Michael Rauseo IT310 OSI Model In the early years of computer and network research and development many systems were designed by a number of companies. Although each system had its rights and were sold across the world, it became apparent as network usage grew, that it
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  • Dell's Direct Business Model
    Subject: Dell's Direct Business Model Date: 04/08/05 Will Dell's direct business model continue to provide a competitive advantage as fellow competitors Compaq, IBM, and HP emulate Dell's direct model? Dell's direct business model bypasses the dealer in the supply chain and sells computers dire
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