"Possible Civil Liberty Or Ethical Violations As They Relate To The Evolving Technologies You Included In The Paper" Essays and Research Papers

Possible Civil Liberty Or Ethical Violations As They Relate To The Evolving Technologies You Included In The Paper

The American Civil Liberties Union Two Sides of the Same Coin The American Civil Liberties Union, commonly known as the ACLU, was founded in 1920 by Roger Nash Baldwin in defense of the Bill of Rights. Over the years, the American Civil Liberties Union has been involved in so many controversial cases, such as the Scopes Monkey Trial and for their defense of the American Nazis’ in the Chicago suburb of Skokie, that many people view them as anti-religious. Considered a left wing organization by...

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Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Civil Liberties (And how they differ from civil rights) "If the fires of freedom and civil liberties burn low in other lands, they must be made brighter in our own. If in other lands the press and books and literature of all kinds are censored, we must redouble our efforts here to keep them free. If in other lands the eternal truths of the past are threatened by intolerance, we must provide a safe place for their perpetuation." Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1938 (Isaacs 66) Freedom of speech...

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Civil Liberties

Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties September 11, 2001 was one of the most devastating disasters that our nation had encounter. The fact that we had been targeted on our own land and the fact the terrorist were being trained being here in the United States put fear and a sense of insecurity in our nation. The terrorist attacks upon our nation prompt the Bush administration to make homeland security its top priority. The focus was to make an effort to prevent future terrorist...

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Civil Liberties

people. However since then many innocent people have been wrongfully targeted and abused. When government changed around the laws that protect our rights, they opened up the door to legal violations of civil liberties. The Patriot Act allows law enforcement to use their power to violate people’s civil liberties. The Patriot Act allows the government to violate the Fourth Amendment rights of its citizens. The Fourth Amendment allows us to have privacy within our own homes. Police need probable...

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Drones Civil Liberties

How Might Drones Infringe On Our Civil liberties 1. Might such flights constitute a trespass? Rep. Edward J. Markley, Massachusetts Democrat has introduced a detailed drone privacy bill that would require police to obtain warrants before using drones for surveillance. Rep. Ted Poe a conservative Texas Republican, has introduced legislation that includes similar privacy safeguards and warrant provisions. The concern for this issue has reached across the aisle with Liberal Democrats such...

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Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties “Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” —Abraham Lincoln. The Bill of Rights was made as a promise to the smaller states that feared centralism so they could sign the constitution. The Bill of Rights or the Ten Amendments started in 1791 and the last was in 1992. Moreover thanks to the Farmers, the constitution can be changed or have many amendments depending on the opinion of different generations...

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Civil Liberties

‘The New Government Systems’ With Civil liberties, Patriot Act and Snowden The United States of America has become one of the strongest nations in the world. Through the unfortunate tragedies that have occurred over the years, we as American citizens have overcome these disastrous events together as one. Since the devastating attack on September 11, 2001 America has come to be more precautious, knowledgeable and prepared for what could come our way in the future. Having a new conspicuous perspective...

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Homeland Security and Civil Liberties

Homeland Security and Civil Liberties Extra Credit Report: Unit 17 December 13, 2008 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Questions Question One- What tensions exist between governmental power and civil liberties? Question Two- Use a metaphor to describe a zero-sum game of balancing governmental power, security, and individual’s rights. Question 3-How does the U.S. Patriot Act of 2001 and its renewal in 2006 increase executive authority. Question 4- Describe how the changes made the 2006 compromise...

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Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties, Civil Rights and Congress Knekiida Jenkins-Hicks Lincoln College Online May 26, 2013 Forty-five days after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Congress passed the US PATRIOT Act, also known as the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” Act, or more simply, the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was created with the noble intention of finding and prosecuting international terrorists operating...

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Ethical Issues in Counselling Term Papers

Ethical Issues in Counseling Practice Ethical decision-making is an evolutionary process that requires you to be continually open and self-critical. Recognizing the potential for countertransference: what are your own needs? Do you have areas of unfinished business? Are there potential personal conflicts that would interfere with helping the client? Do you recognize your own areas of prejudice and vulnerabilities? Counselor impairment often leads to countertransference. The more common...

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Civil Liberties

  I chose the civil liberties because I think that it is important for someone to choose their own religion and beliefs without causing any trouble. Having the freedom to speak, choose your own religion and to vote for whomever you want to vote for is important to the American people. I chose the subcategory “The Free Exercise Clause”, because it upholds the rights of the American people to decide on any religious belief and to be able to exercise their beliefs without getting in trouble with the...

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Ethical Dilemma Case Analysis

Ethical Dilemma Case Analysis CCMH/515 December 17, 2013 The following paper will discuss the ethical issues associated with the Ethical Dilemma Case Analysis obtained from the University of Phoenix. The case reveals a female client that has had a previous counseling experiences that has left her severely distraught and depressed. This paper will outline the various ethical codes which has been violated, it will also associate the legal and ethical standards...

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Research Paper

School of Information Technology IT7356 Information Systems in Management Semester Research Paper Weighting 30% of total course mark Due Dates Research Paper: (30%) Friday 17 October 2013 Plagiarism Plagiarism is not accepted. Included in the definition of plagiarism are:  deliberately copying the work of another student;  copying directly from any published work without using quotation marks;  failing to acknowledge sources used in submitted assignments with proper citation...

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Civil Liberties and Civil Right

Assignment: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Axia College of University Of Phoenix By: Christie Guite John Guylus Civil Liberties: The Right to Privacy Sub Category: Controversy over Abortion I will examine civil liberties, with my focus being rights associated with the abortion controversy, in this assignment. Many civil liberties and civil rights are at risk in today’s society. Abortion rights are of special concern today. This subject is debated worldwide and is a very complex issue...

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Personal Ethical Development Paper

Personal Ethical Development Paper Wilton Steele PHL/323 June 6, 2013 Instructor: Sean Preston Everyone has their own personal code of ethics, develop through education and experience. With the basic identified in kindergarten or even earlier. Each of us have developed personal ethical codes with inputs and guidance from numerous people including family members, friends, church leaders, mentors, teachers, community leaders and role models. My underlying ethical system primarily is a duty-base...

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Management Planning and Ethics Paper

Management Planning and Ethics Paper University of Phoenix Management: Theory, Practice and Application; MGT/330 Robert Venti M. Ed July 6, 2005 Management Planning and Ethics Paper In an article titled Putting Teeth in Corporate Ethics Codes author Amey Stone discusses valid points on ethics in a financial business environment. Most if not all company's have an ethics code in place to help enforce corporate governance. This helps to enforce Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Chief...

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I'm out of lives, could you please send me one?

domestic surveillance worth the constitutional risk and our loss of freedom? In this paper I will show how domestic surveillance violates our rights to freedom of speech and privacy that are guaranteed to us by our constitution. In this paper I will attempt to show how unethical and immoral domestic surveillance is using classical ethical theories such as utilitarianism, deontology and an alternative such as ethical egoism. Constitutional Rights The First amendment says “Congress shall make no law...

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Ethical Dilemmas of an Information Technology Helpdesk Technician

Contents Introduction 1 Ethical Dilemma of Ownership 1 Ethical Dilemma of Privacy 3 Ethical Dilemma of Control 4 Ethical Dilemma of Security 4 Conclusion 5 Works Cited 6   Introduction The world of Information Technology has made it literally possible for people to communicate access data and conduct research from any point of the world to another. Most people who make use of these systems are referred to as end-users by technicians in the information technology (IT) profession. End-users...

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Organizational Trends, Ethical Decision Making, and Impacts of Technology

Organizational Trends, Ethical Decision Making, and Impacts of Technology Organizations of the twenty-first century are proving that in order to stay competitive they must reorganize the old hierarchical structure and transform into separate company hybrids. The old hierarchical control is somewhat still in tact but decision making and technology now influence the ways organizations are headed. Several organizational trends are continuing to affect organizations of the twenty-first century. For...

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The American Civil Liberties Union (Aclu)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Where do you go if someone is threatening your personal rights? Do you go to the police, or maybe to the government? What if the police and government are the parties threatening your rights? All you have to do is just call the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Sounds like a commercial doesn't it. The ACLU blankets the United States with its legal protection. It is involved in so many aspects of the fight for civil liberties that it is difficult...

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Ethical Paper

approached by his superior Col. Ratchet, to take a position overseeing interrogation of prisoners of war. Patton is struggling with which decision, pertaining to this offer, whether listen to his ethical beliefs, or ignore his morals and accept this position. Identification(1) In this case study there are five ethical issues in which I find. 1. Is it right to take care of injuries that are sustained by the interrogation? 2. Is it right to even continue working, when knowledge on the type of...

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Shanice Johnson Week 3 Civil Liberties

Material Civil Liberties and Rights Timeline and Synopsis Instructions Complete the following timeline with entries that demonstrate the development of civil liberties and rights over time. In part two, write a brief essay of at least 350 words which discusses specific social movements and how they relate to the development of civil liberties and rights. Part One: Civil Liberties and Rights Timeline Complete the second column with brief descriptions of key decisions on civil liberties. Include...

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Evolving Workplace Technologies

 Evolving Workplace Technologies Merita J. Jackson BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools Prof. Cheryl Moore August 25, 2014 Evolving Workplace Technologies Life is about constant change and that change comes from different influences. Individuals have become obsessed with trying to predict the future of the workplace. By the time we’ve figured out what the next big or best thing is something else comes along and knocks its predecessor off of its thrown....

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Ethics and Technology What Is the Relationship?

Ethics and Technology What is the Relationship? Rick Wagoner Information Education Technology 600, Section 002 Professor Dr. A Zargari September 10, 2004 Ethics and Technology What is the Relationship? With technology as well as many other fields of study or concentration we must be sure of our actions and motives before studying, researching, creating, developing, or implementing a new advancement. Consideration must be given to the results of our actions as a measure...

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Ethical Dilemma Paper

 Ethical Dilemma Paper Hillary Fullmer ETH/321 December 15, 2014 Joseph Eshelman Ethical Dilemma Paper In the last century, we have held science and technology accountable for creating new drugs to help treat terminal and harmful diseases that we contract throughout our lives such as HIV. Pharmaceutical companies obtain patents to protect their work from being stolen from them, and produced at a cheaper cost by generic manufactures. This creates the ethical issue of making the drug untouchable...

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Assignment 3: Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper.

Assignment 3: Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Research Paper. P223- Due Week 6 and worth 250 points   Dr. DoRight has recently been hired as the President of the “Universal Human Care Hospital”, where he oversees all departments with over 5,000 employees and over 20,000 patients at the medical facility. He has been provided with a broad set of duties and oversight of numerous departments, including business development, customer services, human resources, legal, patient advocacy...

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Civil Liberties, Habeus Corpus and the War on Terror

The War on One’s Individual Liberty and Freedoms Nadira R. Brown POL 201 Professor Dovie Dawson April 15, 2013 The War on One’s Individual Liberty and Freedoms Have you ever felt like a piece of cheese on a mouse trap just waiting for that mouse to come by and eat you; maybe even a fly stuck in a spider’s web hoping that you can get away? Well I am sure if I had been one of those people in the mist of the chaos on September 11, 2001 that had changed the life of all Americans’ across the...

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A Civil Action Term Paper

A Civil Action Paper In class, we have learned many important topics in the legal, ethical, and regulatory environment of business. However in the classroom setting, we have examined each of these topics individually. Jonathan Harr’s A Civil Action allows us to see how the topics learned relate to one another in the context of a real world setting. His book provides an engaging read about the legal practice action while connecting the topics of the relationship between law, business, and ethics;...

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Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management

 Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management Grand Canyon University: EDU 536 April 24, 2013 Today’s classrooms are more dynamic than ever before. Educational needs of students are changing at breakneck speeds, along with the demands being placed on their teachers. There are associated legal and ethical implications that are evolving as rapidly as the technology that is driving a lot of the change. In order to have a chance to meet the needs...

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You Are the Judge

You Are the Judge Paper 1 The case being analyzed is Case Example A. Legal Issues: the legal issues presented in Case A basically involve two topics: the difference between law and ethics and the application of the employment laws. Even though an at-will employee can be discharged by an employer for any reason and the termination could be legitimate, it may be unethical to discharge Elaine because ethics inspire individuals to do more than what law requires. Consequently, such legal questions...

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Media Ethical Challenges in the Age of the Internet

Stanisha Johnson Media Ethical Challenges in the Age of the Internet CMM-330 Ethical Issues in Mass Media Spring 2010 Research Paper Over the years the internet has literally revolutionized the mass media industry and, in the process one of the most affected areas by the internet is in the area of compliance with media ethical standards. These ethical problems are invasion of privacy, inaccuracy, and copy right infringement. One of the biggest ethical problems is privacy rights over the internet...

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Ethical Violations

 WorldCom was a pre-eminent telecommunications company that dealt with the same ethical issues that many companies deal with today. Ethics is something that comes into play in every businesses day to day operations. A decision is it ethical or not, is something that every employee makes in today’s business environment. Ethics is a topic that needs to be talked about and reinforced on a reoccurring basis so that unethical events like what happened in WorldCom, do not happen. There were many unethical...

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Human and Technology

(bio)technological approach The importance of this article talks about how technology has helped us and how it has also changed us as humans. It compares the past of the humans with the future of the humans. This source of the paper deals with my topic by helping me answer some questions of how technology is helping out humans and making them smarter. But then there is a down side to it also helping me explain the technology and if it is evolving faster than what we can get a grip on it and actually enjoy it...

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Bioinformatics Paper

involved with bioinformatics. I list various uses of the technology involved and how that technology benefits mankind. Also is a listing of advantages and disadvantages along with the ethical issues brought forth by the technology. I show how privacy concerns evolve around the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). I conclude with thoughts about bioinformatics and the uses, pro, and cons, and the ethical issues involved with this evolving technology. Keywords: Bioinformatics, Single nucleotide polymorphism...

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Teaching Civil Liberties

Move Forward: Approaches to Teaching Civil Liberties in 21st Century Classrooms using 20th Century Case Studies Antonio Thompson thompsonas@apsu.eduthompsonas@apsu.edu Austin Peay State University Clarksville, Tennessee Abstract The history of civil liberties has been fraught with constant violations and infringements. These violations often result from an ignorance of what constitutes civil liberties. It is the duty of teachers in the twenty-first...

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Violations of an Amendment

How would you feel if a state officer pulled you over for driving two miles above the speed limit? As you wait on the side of the road, the cops search your car and every motorist stares. Unfortunately if you grew up in New Jersey, had a parent with a license and you’re African American you have most likely experienced this reality and do not have to imagine, for it has created a vivid image that has stained your memory. “In New Jersey the data showed that only 15% of all drivers on the New Jersey...

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Ethical Issues in Information Technology

Ethical Issues in Information Technology The society develops with unbelievable speed, from telegraphy, telephone, radio of 19th century to the modern 21th century, which is the Age with rapid developing and growing of knowledge and information. For example, Internet has been used widely everywhere in the world. We call it “global, Web-based platform, this platform enables people to connect, compute, communicate, compete, and collaborate anywhere, anytime to access limitless amounts of information...

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Microsoft Manages Legal and Ethical Issues

Manages Legal and Ethical Issues S. Nevarez Olympic College OLRM 202: Introduction to Organizational Ethics Microsoft is the global leader in computer software, and well recognized in the field of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. However, since 1990 the computing giant has been plagued by allegations of antitrust violations and monopolistic, non-competitive business practices. By answering the three questions posed in Part 5, Case 7 of Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making...

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Philosophical Approach to Ethical Decision-Making

Approach to Ethical Decision Making Tasha L. Thomas 01/22/2012 Abstract Ethics is the branch of philosophy that examines questions of morality, or right and wrong. In this paper we will discuss the philosophical approaches used in ethical decision making. The two approaches that will be elaborated on are the utilitarian approach and the universal approach. Several questions will be addressed, (1) what is the utilitarian and universal approach? (2) How do we use them in the ethical decision making...

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Technology and Management Functions Paper

Sciences TEC/401 Version 2 Human Factors in Technology South Florida Campus: Palm Gardens Mondays – Feb 4,11,25,Mar 4,11, 2013 6pm – 10pm | Copyright © 2009, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description This course provides an understanding of the effective integration of technology to improve organizational performance. Students will learn how to evaluate strategies for utilizing technology to support personal and organizational growth...

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Ethical Vignette Paper 1

 Ethical Vignette Paper 1 Tanya Pamplin COUN 501 2/3/2015 Liberty University Dr. Alyson Pompeo-Fargnoli Ethical Vignette Paper 1 SUMMARY: The vignette video covered ethical issues such as; duty to report, duty to warn, confidentiality and privileged information. The first case scenario was about a foster child by the name of Dominic who was taken to the emergency room by his foster parent. Dominic was unconscious when he arrived at the hospital and he had a bruise under his eye and...

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EMERGING TECHNOLOGY AND THE POSSIBLE IMPACTS ON SOCIETY. In the last few years, technology has advanced rapidly, enabling significant changes in the ways organizations communicate with each other. Today’s generation rely heavily on technology or electronic device. They are more technical minded and demanded for more access to technology compare to the old generations. Emerging technology makes life more convenient and also has various possible impacts on the society. Based on Wikipedia, technology...

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Biometric Technology: Ethical and Privacy Issues

(combination of both) which are unique for a specific human being. Biometric technology has been around for so many years and the technology has being used as the latest weapon to fight against crime. The scope of this paper is reflecting on biometric in terms of ethical and privacy issues. There are a number of ethical issues centering on biometric concerning privacy rights of individuals. Examples of biometric technology are fingerprints, facial recognition, DNA, palm print recognition, hand geometry...

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Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights I chose the category Freedom of Religion because I find the many different religions followed in America fascinating. I enjoy learning about them all and expanding my knowledge of the rituals and celebrations different religions participate in. I chose The Free Exercise Clause sub category because I find how even though the first amendment provides freedom of religion it does not give freedom of all religious practices such as polygamy and sacrifice. ...

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Current Ethical Issues paper

 Current Ethical Issues Paper XMGT/216 January 26, 2014 Current Ethical Issues Paper Within this paper you will read about the organization of Huffman Trucking Company. This includes a description of the company on the ethical organization profile. Also within this paper you’ll read about the explanation of the current moral and ethical issues that Huffman Trucking Company will face. Huffman Trucking Company has been around since 1936. Huffman’s was the carrier in the World War...

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Epidemiology Paper

Epidemiology Paper HIV “Epidemiology today is considered to be the core science of public health and is described as a constellation of disciplines with a common mission: optimal health for the whole community” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). Epidemiology continues to play a large role in public health to improve on disease prevention and health promotion in communities across the United States and the World. The Gay, Lesbian, and Bi-sexual and Transgender (GLBT) community at it relates to HIV will...

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the legal ethical and technological conerns paper

The Legal, Ethical, and Technological Concerns Paper For as long as businesses have existed, so has accounting. With time, it has become more complicated and detailed, but it is still a process of keeping financial accounts in order. Through accounting, or financial reporting, a system is set up to keep track of, maintain and audit the financial proceedings. Because accounting and financial reporting of a business is so important for its accuracy and in general, a lot of ethical, technological...

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Ethical Lens

individual persons within the organization. In the project, I will be required to make several ethical decisions through a practical and repeatable decision model with the desired outcome of understanding how the ethical lens works. In addition, the ethical lens uses separate perspectives for each dilemma. This is done by using different perspectives with the desired outcome of establishing a proper ethical situation for the proper situation. The issues in question for the mysterious roses, in...

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Technology: Ancient Rome and Roman Military Engineering

Roman Technology and Engineering Technology and engineering were among Rome's most famous achievements. In your paper, describe and explain the importance of Roman technology and engineering, especially as it related to making its giant cities livable. Cover at least two separate kinds of Roman technology and/or engineering. The paper must be two to three pages in length and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least two scholarly resources (at least one of which can be found in...

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Ethical and Legal Implications of Medical Practices

five is about Ethical and legal implications of practice. These are both important topics in the healthcare field. It is important to make ethical choices and understand the legal implications of the choices that you make. In this paper I will write about Ethical theories and principles, ethical viewpoints and decision making, and also the legal issues affecting respiratory care. Ethical theories and principles provide the foundation for all ethical behavior. Contemporary ethical principles have...

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Civil Liberties Study Guide

Civil Liberties -- Chapter 15 Study Sheet Govt 2305 United State Government -- Johansson 1. Civil Liberties are guarantees against or freedom from government interference in our personal lives. Civil liberties in the U.S. come from the Bill of Rights and some are in the body of the Constitution. 2. What civil liberties are given Americans in the 1st amendment? It contains most of our political liberties like the freedom of speech and the press, the right to assemble and petition the government...

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Deviance Paper

Deviance and the Internet Deviance is defined as the recognized violation of cultural norms. Violating these cultural norms can also be labeled a crime whether or not it is an actual written law in our society. Deviance isn’t something that is set in stone; rather it can vary based on location or on time (present and future) as a victim of cultural lag. When deviance and crime are thought of in the context of the internet, an impersonal location readily accessible to the masses, the numerous types...

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Android Technology Research Paper

Android Technology Research Paper INTRODUCTION: Android technology is a type of OSS (open source software), which is a type of software readily available with a source code that isn’t held exclusive by copyright laws.  Android is made specially for mobile devices and includes: software that provides common services for computer applications, middleware, which lets multiple applications run at the same time or connect, and many other key applications like social networking, games, and business modules...

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Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma: Donna and Wilma Liberty University Abstract In this paper, you will be able to see how to apply professional values, codes of ethics, and decision-making model to the process of ethical decision-making. I chose to look at ethical dilemma number 4. In this dilemma, a client’s confidentiality has been breached; due to her counselor. The first approach is for me to identify the problem and apply the ACA code of ethics. I then identify the...

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Technologies Act Paper

Information Technologies Act Paper Hector Westerband Bis/220 11/09/11 Jorge Berrios- Trinidad Information Technologies Act Paper There have been a lot of advances in Information Technologies in recent years. These advances are changing constantly in today’s world and have opened the doors for hackers and spammers around the world to target individuals through their computers. Some of these advancements have raised some issues concerning privacy. Some ways that information technologies advancements...

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Liberty and Equality

300 MLA 4 April 2014 Liberty and Equality The principles of liberty and equality are what led America to be the great country it is today. Those terms would not be as meaningful if Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and many other founders of our country did not embrace those ideas and adopt them from the Europeans. The strong belief in liberty and equality led this nation to adhere to those standards set by the great leaders above. Without liberty, equality, and those who...

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Group Paper

Running head: TYPING TEMPLATE FOR APA PAPERS Collaborative Learning Community: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma Student A. Sample Grand Canyon University: Collaborative Learning Community: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma (Jessica will complete the introduction of the paper) This is an electronic template for papers written in APA style (American Psychological Association, 2001). The purpose of the template is to help the student set...

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Technology Advances

 Technology Advances Tyler D. Chenault Memphis University Abstract This paper explores the advancements in technology and focuses on how it relates to the lives of college students and businesses. It includes a journey through time and shows technology evolving. Technology is dissected throughout the paper from entertainment to strictly professionalism. This paper shows how important technology is and its value to daily lives as college students and businessmen...

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Ethical Decision Making Paper

Ethical Decision Making George T. Jackson, University of Phoenix Psych 545 Survey of Professional Psychology Dr. Christi Moore, Facilitator Ethical Decision Making Paper In this paper I will examine the relationship of a school psychologist and the relationship of his client and how boundaries were crossed when the school psychologist entered a sexual relationship...

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Supreme Court of the United States and Civil Liberties Union

Civil Liberties, Habeas Corpus, and the War on Terror Even though suspending habeas corpus during the period of War on Terror is acceptable and is the Presidents way of protecting and preserving the United States Constitution during the War on Terror were civil liberties violated, and should habeas corpus been suspended. Detaining individuals for a suspected crime and not giving them their day in court is in violation of the Constitution. Habeas corpus was implemented in the Constitution to ensure...

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