• Performance Appraisals
    The Performance Of Performance Appraisal Sanjeev Kumar Saxena - Jodhpur Today, most of organisations attempt to develop the outlook and performance of its employees by using multiple and complex training and educational programmes. In comparison to this, several academician's, researches and p
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  • Positive Psychology
    Question One: Part One: Character Strengths - Do character strengths change with age? A1. Peterson & Seligman (2004) wanted to create a DSM type model that classified the strengths and virtues and what was considered to comprise a ‘good life’. Through review of literature addressing
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  • Employee Learning, Not Management Control, Is the True Purpose of Performance Appraisals.
    Employee learning, not management control, is the true purpose of performance appraisals. Executive Summary This paper explores performance appraisals functioning within the real business world, and thus determining whether or not their true purpose is for employee learning and development, or a
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  • Positive Psychology
    Positive Psychology-A Current perspective Author Krishan Kumar Dr. Rajiv Dogra Corresponding Address Krishan Kumar, M. Sc, M. Phil (M& SP), PhD (Pur) Clinical Psychology, Computational Neuroscience National Brain Research Centre, Manesar Email- keshusony@rediffmail.com Ph.no. 999
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  • Performance Appraisals
    Appraisal Practices in Indian B-schools In this competitive milieu, performance is the key factor which tops priority list of any organization. Success of an organization is dependent on the competencies possessed by its employees and the appraisal system adopted. Performance appraisal is a
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  • Positive Psychology Progress
    Positive Psychology Progress Empirical Validation of Interventions Martin E. P. Seligman and Tracy A. Steen Nansook Park Christopher Peterson University of Pennsylvania University of Rhode Island University of Michigan Positive psychology has flourished in the last 5 years. The authors review
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  • Performance Appraisals
    In the business world today, many of the decision-making processes that are utilized are based in deep psychological research. Thanks in part to the accumulation of years-worth of said research, modern businesses have seen their overall levels of productivity (and by extension profits) rise exponent
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  • The Use of 360-Degree Feedback in Performance Appraisals
    The Use of 360-degree feedback in performance appraisals Introduction The focus of this essay will be “The Use of 360-degree feedback in performance appraisals". My understanding of 360 degree feedback is that it gives employees feedback from the people they work around, including managers,
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  • Positive Psychology
    Positive Psychology? Positive psychology is the study of happiness. Psychology traditionally focused on dysfunction—on people with mental illness or other psychological problems and how to treat them. Positive psychology, by contrast, is a relatively new field that examines how ordinary people ca
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  • Performance Appraisals
    Performance appraisals are supposed to be a tool used by employees and managers where the parties communicate by sharing ideas, opinions and information; however, the managers are usually put in the position of being the judge of the employee. (www.toolpack.com) Today, a great number of employees ar
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  • Some Problemsw with Performance Appraisals
    Some Problems with Performance Appraisals Performance appraisals are more or less formal reviews of a subordinate's work performance by a supervisor. They are preformed to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as to discuss areas of improvement. They are often linked to incentives such as rais
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  • Performance Appraisals
    Performance Appraisals: Due to the growing focus on the personnel’s development, there is an increasing concern regarding the use of effective assessment methods. Performance appraisals are being used by a large number of organizations for assessing their employee’s performance and its effec
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  • Performance Appraisals
    | | Abstract- This paper will discuss what a performance appraisal system is and what difficulties there are in developing and implementing an effective system. Performance appraisal systems should be one of the most powerful human resources tools an organization can utilize. Performanc
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  • Business Use of Performance Appraisals
    In employment law, there are several subjects that are influenced by human resources management. One of these subjects is the employer’s use of performance appraisals to evaluate and critique their employees. This is an important subject because when performance appraisals are done correctly, th
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  • Why Managerial Performance Appraisals Are Ineffective: Causes and Lessons
    Why managerial performance appraisals are ineffective: causes and lessons Clinton O. Longenecker Graduate School of Management, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH, USA Claims that, in the quest for competitive advantage, modern organizations are making increasing demands on their change mana
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  • Performance Appraisals and Evaluations
    Performance Appraisals and Evaluations Performance appraisals and evaluations are just a couple of the most important tools used in most organizations as a way to measure on the job proficiency. However, if not delivered properly they can prove to be some of the best ways to bring out the worst in
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  • Performance Appraisals
    Performance Appraisals: Advantages and Disadvantages BUS303: Human Resources Management Instructor: Rhonda Bunce 8/13/12 When doing anything meaningful, humans have a natural desire to know how they are performing. In particular, if they are doing a job, they need to know if they are doing
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  • Performance Appraisals
    Performance Appraisal Performance Appraisal . What is a performance appraisal? A performance appraisals are used in modern day as an evaluation of the observance of an employee’s work performance though a company’s set time period. Some of them are done quarterly
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  • Performance Appraisals
    Performance Appraisals Performance appraisals are made to determine who needs what training, and who will be promoted, demoted, retained, or terminated. This is the process, by which a manager examines and evaluates an employee's work behavior by comparing it with preset standards, documents the
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  • Positive Psychology
    SUBJECTIVE WELLBEING Mc Gillivrary and Clarke (2006) state that “subjective wellbeing involves a multidimenstional evaluation of life, including cognitive judgement of life satisfaction and affective evaluation of emotions and moods.” Some economist use the phrase “subjective wellbeing” as
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