• Comparing and Contrasting Langston Hughes “the Weary Blue”
    D. H. Lawrence’s poem “Piano” and Langston Hughes “The Weary Blue” are two remarkable poems about the connection they encounter with music. Lawrence and Hughes both use music to remind them of moments in life when music impacted them most. While both poems have similarities they also have
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  • Langston Hughes
    Compare and contrast blues and jazz poems of Langston Hughes When you’re reading a poem written by Langston Hughes, you can feel his energy. The way he uses his words to describe what he’s writing about is amazing. Many people feel like Langston Hughes is one of the greatest poets of all-time,
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  • Langston Hughes
    "Langston Hughes" Langston Hughes was the greatest poet in the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes may have even been the greatest poets ever to grace the face of the Earth. He had pure writing talent. He was a very smart man. He knew exactly what he was talking about and how he wanted his works to be por
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  • Langston Hughes
    The tone of Langston Hughes' " I, Too" is crucial when reading this form of lyrical poetry. Langston Hughes did a lot of his writing during the Harlem Renaissance era, which was during the 1920s in Harlem, New York. There is a harsh but liberating that evokes one man's stance in his quest to be res
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  • Langston Hughes
    Langston Hughes is considered by many to be the most influential writer to come out of the Harlem Renaissance. He became famous for the themes he chose to write about. In the poems Negro, Lament over Love, Me and the Mule, and Let America be America Again, Langston Hughes used the themes of freedom
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  • Langston Hughes
    The poem, “Harlem”, by Langston Hughes, questions what truly occurs when a dream is postponed, ignored, or forgotten over time. This questioning serves as the main theme of the poem and the “dream” Hughes is referring to belongs to every African American during the 1920’s and 1930’s duri
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  • Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen: Perspective on Religion
    American Literature II Authors: Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen: Perspective on Religion Susan Glaspell and Charlotte Gilman: Roles of Women W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T Washington:
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  • "50-50" by Langston Hughes
    “50-50” by Langston Hughes In the poem “50-50” by Langston Hughes, the theme is about a lonely woman seeking love. She might be a young woman who left her family in the South and moved North during the Great Migration for better opportunities, and that might be the reason why she feels sh
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  • Langston Hughes
    Perry D. Scott English 1020 Professor Gwyn Robson 27 November 2012 Explanation Analysis of the Poem Negro The poem “Negro” by Langston Hughes was written in 1958. This was a very significant time when the Civil Rights Movement and African American development. Hughes tells a very informativ
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  • Cross by Langston Hughes
    ​In the Poem Cross by Langston Hughes, he shows how mixed races encounter hardships. One major hardship that mixed races encounter is identity problems. Langston demonstrates how not embracing a specific ethnicity causes him to show spitefulness toward his “white old man” and his Caucasian h
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  • Claude Mckay and Langston Hughes
    Claude McKay and Langston Hughes were both part of the Harlem Renaissance time period; were they experienced the harsh realities of racism. McKay and Hughes were major figures of that time, who would write novels, poetry, short stories, etc. McKay wrote a well-known poem known as, “America”; whe
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  • Analysis of Langston Hughes Goodbye Christ
    Apart from his apparent disgust for the desolate life that the African Americans were subjected to, Langston Hughes also portrays an evident mistrust of religion, not necessarily towards religion itself but particularly towards those individuals who use religion as a cloak to conceal their true dupl
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  • Bad Man Langston Hughes
    “Bad Man” by Langston Hughes In the poem “Bad Man” Langston Hughes examines the effects of racism and discrimination on a black man in 1930’s America. the meaning or central theme of the poem is that when a man is viewed with prejudice he often becomes subject to identifying with those
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  • Langston Hughes
    Langston Hughes The Harlem Renaissance took place in 1920s to the mid 1930s, it happened in New York City and it was a cultural bloom. The literary and artistic movement spurred a new black cultural identity. The reason why it occurred was because after the civil war the former slaves all went and
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  • Harlem by Langston Hughes
    In the poem "Harlem" by Langston Hughes, he proclaims his thoughts for rights of equality during the Civil Rights Movement. He expresses his frustration for racism that he has had to overcome throughout his life. In the poem, Hughes states "Maybe it just sags like a heavy load." This line is his opi
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  • Personal Response to "Harlem" By Langston Hughes
    In 2011 a study was done and what they found was that approximately one out of every three Americans felt unfulfilled in life. With further research showing that most of the participants retained the feeling due to not living to their fullest potential, the conclusion can be made that...
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  • Langston Hughes Compare and Contrast
    Compare and Contrast Essay Langston Hughes What happens when you don’t hold on to a dream? Langston Hughes’ “Dreams” and “Dreams Deferred” discuss this issue. They are written with similar themes, but differ in writing styles. In the poem “Dreams” a direct approach is
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  • Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes Compare and Contrast
    Perception of man’s appearance is quite different within a verity of social structures and cultural aspects. In this paper I would like to show controversial biographies of two classic writers, Emily Dickinson and Langston Hughes; their interpretation of our not always understandable world. Dickin
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  • Langston Hughes Compare Poem Essay
    Controversial America In the poem “I Too” and “Let America Be America Again”, they both speak about hardship and Americans going through hard times. They talk about struggling people, people who are barely making it. The Coca-Cola commercial also shows a similar idea, in which America is...
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  • A Poem by Langston Hughes "A Theme for Englisg B" and a Poem by Linda Pastan "Ethics" Which Is More Pessimistic or Optimistic...
    Memorable Assignments There has always been times that a professor or teacher would assign a paper to write or maybe even a question that's quite debatable. A professor assigning a paper to free write but I wouldn't even know what to write about because knowing the professor may either take it
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