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Picture Of Nick Joaquin And His Biography

playwright, and essayist writing in English, the National Artist for Literature. Joaquin is widely considered the best postwar author in his country. He has written largely about the Spanish colonial period and the diverse heritage of the Filipino people. Often he deals with the coexistence of 'primitive' and 'civilized' dimensions inside the human psyche. In his short story 'The Summer Solstice,' set in the 1850s, Joaquin portrayed the collision between instincts and refined culture. Doña Lupeng first...

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Nick Joaquin

a person's insights on life. Bibliography ABOUT THE AUTHOR *A native Manileñ*o,Nick Joaquin was born in the district of Paco,on Calle Herran,in 1917.His parents were Don Leocadio Joaquin,a colonel of the Philippine Revolution and a prominent lawyer during the 1920s;and Do*ñ*a Salome Marques,one of the first teachers to be appointed to the public school system set up by the Americans. The Joaquins were originally from Obando,Bulacan,but the author’s grandfather moved to the village* of...

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About Nick Joaquin

About Nick Joaquin Nicomedes Marquez Joaquin (May 4, 1917–April 29, 2004) was a Filipino writer, historian and journalist, best known for his short stories and novels in the English language. He also wrote using the pen name Quijano de Manila. Joaquin was conferred the rank and title of National Artist of the Philippines for Literature. He is considered the most important Filipino writer in English, and the third most important overall, after José Rizal and Claro M. Recto. Biograph Early...

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Biography of Nick Joaquin

BIOGRAPHY Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín, or Nick Joaquín was born in Paco District Paco, Manila. He dropped out of high school and did odd jobs on Manila's waterfront and elsewhere. He taught himself by reading widely at the National Library of the Philippines and the library of his father, Leocadio Joaquín, who had been a lawyer and a colonel in the Philippine Revolution. This developed further his interest in writing. His mother was named Salome Marquez Joaquin. Joaquín was first published in the...

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Nick Joaquin Twwhtn

”The identity of a Filipino today is of a person asking what is his identity.” - Nick Joaquin When I bought this book a couple of months ago, I immediately skimmed the first two pages. I did think that this was a book about a female character with anatomical deformity and the book was about what caused the deformity and what should be done to correct it. I thought that this book would make me endlessly laugh. Having formed that ridiculous image in my mind, I set this book aside. There were...

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Nick Joaquin

Nick Joaquin was born in Paco on Calle Herran, as the the son of Leocadio Y. Joaquin, a lawyer and a colonel of the Philippine Revolution, and Salome Marquez, a schoolteacher. After three years of secondary education at the Mapa High School, Joaquin dropped out of school to work on Manila's waterfront and in odd jobs. On his spare time he read widely at the National Library and on his father's library. English had became the official medium of instruction in 1898 after the Spanish-American war. Especially...

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May Day Eve By Nick Joaquin

Eve By Nick Joaquin The major characters in May Day Eve are Badoy, Agueda, Anastasia,Agueda's daughter, and Voltaire (Badoy's grandson).[5] Agueda and Badoy have different personalities. Agueda was described to be a bold, liberated, and a non-conformist young woman who was “ahead of her time”. While Badoy was characterized in the beginning as a promiscuous young man who wanted to prove his machismo, he realized that he was “deliriously in love” with Agueda. As Don Badoy Montoya visited his old home...

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setting of Nick Joaquin's May Day Eve

Manila, and its author, Nick Joaquin, wrote it after WWII. This story of a marriage that started with every promise of lasting passion and love later tracks the disintegration of the relationship. Characters in this story, which has magical or supernatural elements that are quite common in modern Latin literature, include Badoy, the narrator, and his love interest, Agueda. Joaquin is viewed as one of the first originators of magical realism in the fiction of his native country, the Philippines...

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Nick Carroway Character Analysis

uncover the underlying themes of the novel. Fitzgerald utilized one particular character in such a way that makes him an ideal subject for this essay. This essential character in the story is none other than Nick Carraway, the antithesis of Gatsby and a peripheral narrator of the book. Nick is the quintessential model of a character that plays a significant role not only in the development of other prominent characters, but also in the central theme of the novel-- the corruption and fallibility of...

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About a Boy by Nick Hornby: Marcus and His Choices

author has used and use examples from the text to support your answer. In the novel “About a Boy” by Nick Hornby, the character of Marcus has to make numerous choices which affect his life in a variety of different ways. Marcus is 12 years old and because of this, he is often naïve and hasty is his decisions but he makes them in order to protect himself. These choices that he makes include; setting up his mum, Fiona, with a relative stranger, Will, hiding out at Will’s flat every afternoon and lying to...

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essay - art of biography

Biography is concerned with the pattern of action woven by a human character. It is concerned with creating not simply recording. The writing of biography is not a cut-and-dried affair, the assemblage of known facts in a chronological order. Much of the work of the biographer consists in unearthing and collecting the facts. But after the facts have been assembled and classified, the business of interpretation remains. The biographer must put the facts with which he deals into some sort of pattern...

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Mini Biography on Destery Smith (Moore)    Destery Smith (aka Destery Moore) was born on February 19, 1991 in Bakersfield CA. From a  young age Destery aspired to be a director in films and now at age 21 he has truly made a  name for himself. He has a love for music, video games, making his own video's, DJing, and  making techno music and with his love for all of these things, he has become famous. He  makes youtube videos with his best friend on a channel called DesandNate where they talk  about anything and everything...

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Pictures Cultures and religions are many and none of them are equal. Most people belong to them, because they agree in how life is seen and lived under certain beliefs in the par-ticular group. This makes one’s actions, feelings and thoughts very different from one another’s because we appreciate different things in life. As a result of the many reli-gions, we live in a multicultural society where no human being are exactly the same, but still need to accept and interact with each other. In the...

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Pictures – English assignment Summary The story “Pictures” is about a girl with a conflicted belief. She is a second-generation immigrant who lives in England with her parents who are poor shop owners. At Christmas time Amina and the rest of her classmates were drawing pictures of Mary and baby Jesus. All of her classmate’s drawings got to hang on the wall except for Amina’s, because she had drawn a brown-faced Mary. The teacher told Amina a white lie, saying that Amina’s drawing was...

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The Summer Solstice by Nick Joaquin

Tiolengco, Angelica Marie LIT1 Midterm Assignment 1 The Summer Solstice By: Nick Joaquin CHARACTERS: Donya Lupeng Moreta- long-married woman with three children Don Paeng Moreta- the highly moral husband of Donya Lupeng Guido- young cousin to the Moretas who studied and came back from Spain Amada- the family cook and Entoy's wife Entoy- the family carriage driver PLOT: The story "Summer Solstice" is set during the three days of the St. John’s festival. Lupeng, a Filipino woman who feels closed...

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Breathing Under Water Analysis on Nick Andreas

LuChinna Diaz 5/2/13 Nick Essay Block: D Stingo As a teenager we tend to focus more on relationship , and or crushes and who we associate with. We get so caught up in who we’re involved with we tend to get controlling, and care way too much. Almost like Nick Andreas in the novel “Breathing Underwater” by Alex Finn. This book shows that when you keep things in and grow feelings quickly it could impact your life. The main character in this book was Nick , he was the usually teenage kid , good...

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Life of Nick Joaquin

Nick Joaquin Early life and education Joaquín was born in Paco, Manila, one of ten children of Leocadio Joaquín, a colonel under General Emilio Aguinaldo in the 1896 Revolution, and Salome Márquez, a teacher of English and Spanish. After being read poems and stories by his mother, the boy Joaquín read widely in his father's library and at the National Library of the Philippines. By then, his father had become a successful lawyer after the revolution. From reading, Joaquín became interested in...

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ethnocentrism in the hindrance of soccer’s popularity, the most common argument against soccer and the research to disprove it, and the social and health benefits of recreational soccer. Refocus: According to an article Jack Kemp wrote later in his life What I Really Think About Soccer,” “I’m hereby publicly acknowledging that soccer can be interesting to watch.” If Jack Kemp can embrace soccer, then so can the rest of America...

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Death in The Nick Adams Stories and Little Women

they are going to do until they die. In The Nick Adams Stories by Ernest Hemingway and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, the experiences the March girls and Nick Adams have with death are very different. Nick, being male, is expected to react to death in a way that is completely opposite from the reaction expected in the March household. Understanding the character’s view on death is critical to understanding the actions they take in life. Examining Nick Adams and the March family’s view of death...

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Short Biography: Hunter Hayes

he has been rocking the world with his God-given talents. Hunter Hayes began showing an interest in music at just two years old, after his grandmother gave him an accordion for his birthday (“10 Things”). After that day, he began picking up random things around his house and trying to turn them into an instrument that he could play (“Hunter Hayes Biography”). Because neither of his parents were musicians or in the music industry, Hunter picking out music as his passion was a complete shock to them...

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Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic “Imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around a friend; no hands to hold the ones you love; no fingers to experience touch; no way to lift or carry things. How much more difficult would life be of you were living without arms and hands? What about legs? Imagine if instead of no arms, you had no legs. No ability to dance, walks, run, or even stand. Now put both of those scenarios together no arms and no legs. What would you do? How would that affect your everyday life?”...

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Pondering Life’s Unseen Riddle Through Nick Joaquin’s Summer Solstice

LIFE’S UNSEEN RIDDLE THROUGH NICK JOAQUIN’S SUMMER SOLSTICE Nick Joaquin This analysis paper will take account of “Summer Solstice”, a critically-acclaimed short story written by Nick Joaquin, who is thought to be arguably the greatest writer of his generation. Before further scrutinizing every angle and every aspect of the said short story, I would like to first discuss some minutiae and fine points regarding the writer of the story himself, Nick Joaquin. The purpose for this brief overview...

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Phil Lit

something new to offer, something that has never been heard nor read by the readers out there, and so the researcher pick “May Day Eve” by Nick Joaquin, a short story with full of mystery and moral lesson with extraordinary twist in which it was rarely portray nowadays. "May Day Eve" is a short story written by Filipino National Artist Nick Joaquin. Written after World War II, it became one of Joaquin's “signature stories” that became a classic in Philippine literature in English. Together...

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Biography of Allan Pinkerton

Biography of Allan Pinkerton 1 Biography of Allan Pinkerton Sandra Davis CJS 250 November 13, 2014 Professor Chris Bingham Biography of Allan Pinkerton 2 Allan Pinkerton was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1819 into a family of law enforcement officers. The son of a police...

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Nick Leeson and Barings Bank Incident

Events leading to Barings Bank's collapse Barings Bank's activities in Singapore between 1992 and 1995 enabled Nick Leeson to operate effectively without supervision from Barings Bank in London. Leeson acted both as head of settlement operations (charged with ensuring accurate accounting) and as floor manager for Barings' trading onSingapore International Monetary Exchange, or SIMEX. This placed Leeson in the position of reporting to an office inside Barings Bank which he himself held. Because...

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Yanni: Biography, Composition, History

Introduction to Music Teresa Mertes Biography/Composition History Yanni (Composer/Performer) Can you imagine such a composer that has had sold out Tickets to Music Hall, NY for ten consisting days? Toured more than twenty nations? Composed 2 best selling music videos ever known? Has had a ranking of #1 in concert tours? Played in the shadow of the Parthenon, the Forbidden City and the Taj Mahal? Believe it or not! This inspiring composer who holds these and many other musical triumphs...

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English literature. William Wordsworth was born in Cookermouth, Cumberland, on April 7, 1770, the second child of an attorney. Unlike the other major English romantic poets, he enjoyed a happy childhood under the loving care of his mother and in close intimacy with his younger sister Dorothy (1771-1855). As a child, he wandered exuberantly through the lovely natural scenery of Cumberland. At Hawkshead Grammar School, Wordsworth showed keen and precociously discriminating interest in poetry. He was...

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Character Analysis Of Nick Carraway

aspects of wealthy lifestyles. In the artificial world of the East Coast, Nick Carraway distinguishes himself as a model of morality. Although the glory of power and money in the East Coast overwhelms Nick, he still clings to the values he learned while growing up in the Midwest. Nick is situated in the West Egg to represent his closeness to Midwestern values and continues to believe in them as he gets older. Nick's father advises his son, stating, "'Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone [. . .] just...

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Stalin Biographies

Introduction Beginning with the Soviet myths reinforced by propagandist posters and an official biography, the 'great man', Joseph Stalin (birth name: Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) has left behind a legacy that confronts historians with a conundrum; to decode the personality, psychology, intentions and influence of his person, clouded by historical inaccuracies within Soviet archives attributed to the "cult of personality" and political agendas of subsequent leaders such as the Stalinist...

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Stevie Nicks: an Inspirational Artist

Stevie Nicks: An Inspirational Artist Music Appreciation October 16th, 2010 Stevie Nicks: An Inspirational Artist Stephanie Lynn Nicks was born in Phoenix, Arizona on May 26th, 1948. Growing up, she had a strong interest in music. Stevie Nicks was influenced by her grandfather, a struggling country western singer who taught her how to sing. On her sixteenth birthday, she received a guitar and began writing her own songs. Nicks formed her first band The Changing Times while attending high...

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The Truth About Nick Carraway

The Truth About Nick Carraway (Based on AP open Question) Sidney Bailey English 12 AP Coach Price 4/3/13 The Truth About Nick Carraway Thesis: In The Great Gatsby, Nick the confidant to both Daisy and Gatsby, displays certain admirable characteristics like trustworthiness and approachability, is easily confided in by Daisy and Gatsby, and completes the puzzle to the whole novel by being the connection between East and West Egg as well as helping Daisy and Gatsby rekindle what they once...

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A.R.Rahman Biography

Biography Since Roja hit movie screens in South India in 1992, A.R. Rahman has been redefining the country's widely popular film music. Generally regarded as the finest Indian film composer of his time (and certainly the most commercially successful), Rahman produced music for nearly 35 widescreen releases during his first five years in the industry. He has worked with many of his country's brightest music stars and a growing list of international luminaries like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Zakir Hussain...

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The Influences of Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde Throughout his life Oscar Wilde had many strong influences exerted upon him. During his early childhood his mother influenced him and into college some of his professors and certain philosophers left a substantial impression upon him. Into adulthood these influences leaked out in his writing. These influences gave him ample ideas for writing The Picture of Dorian Gray. Wilde's study of the Hellenistic ideals of Epicurus, his coddled lifestyle as a child and his devotion to the movement...

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The Character Known as Nick Carraway

curious natures to me... " - Nick Carraway. In this classic novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald uses Nick Carraway as a narrator. Nick changes profoundly over the course of the novel, and his transformation is just as intriguing as Gatsby’s dramatic story. Nick does not clearly know the past between Daisy and Jay Gatsby, Nick is too submerged in events and relationships therefore he is somewhat biased as exemplified by his relationship with Jordan. Nick Carraway judges people even though...

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Nick as reliable narrator

that I have ever known”. Discuss. Nick Carraway, the narrator of the great American novel The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is often heralded as one of the greatest narrators of all time. However, whether Nick was a reliable narrator is an issue that is up for debate, with my personal belief being that Nick was not a reliable narrator, due to his fondness for exaggeration and contradiction, and his obvious idolization of Jay Gatsby. Firstly, Nick is predisposed with a theatrical and...

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Gatsby: Nick Character Counts

Character Counts: Nick The Great Gatsby is one of the bestselling books in America. The novel was written by a man who is considered to be one of the greatest writers and one of America’s biggest dreamers, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald made it incredibly easy for a reader to really figure out the personalities his characters had right when they are shown for the first time. He created a character in The Great Gatsby who, unlike the other characters, seemed to show good qualities about himself...

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Biography of Cicero

Running head: Biography of Cicero 1 Biography of Cicero Bruce Hovey 11/15/2011 Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire Kenneth Merschbrock Mid America Nazarene University Biography of Cicero 2 Biography of Cicero Marcus Tullius Cicero, perhaps the greatest orator of Ancient Rome, was born on January 3d, 106 B.C. in the town of Arpinium, about 70 miles from Rome. Although his family had achieved some measure of wealth by the time of his birth, none had ever been...

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Reliability of Nick Carraway as the narrator

Nadine Farid IB 15/04/2015 Reliability of Nick Carraway as the narrator of S. Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby”: The story is about Nick’s perception of, opinions on, and thoughts about other characters and events. What makes a narrator unreliable with a compromised point of view? Can’t be trusted because they: 1. Lie 2.Make mistakes 3. Speaks with bias 4. Intoxicated/ hallucinations/ memory distortion 5.Are...

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The Great Biography - Friedrich Nietzsche

 COVER SHEET FOR ASSESSED Passage Submission 01_The Great Biography Students must complete this Cover Sheet to accompany the Assessed Passage submitted. Name: ____Anathapindika_______________________________________________________ Student Admin No.: F14AM0552___________________________________________________ Module Code: __VAF1041_______________________________________________________ Module Title: __Introduction to Visual Arts_________________________________________ Department: __Arts...

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is nick carraway a reliable narrator

Is Nick carraway a reliable narrator? In the beginning of the book, The Great Gatsby, Nick could be described as the main character but as the book goes on Nick is having more of a secondary role, instead of the primary role which he was supposed to be. The Great Gatsby is shown through the eyes of one man. We as the readers don’t know whether or not whatever Nick says is correct or true. A good narrator doesn’t judge people but Nick does this a lot. We see how he changes at different points in...

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Nick Vujicic Inspirational Person

build confidence in listeners. His services in schools successfully decrease suicide cases that frequently happen among the youth in Australia. He has become an international speaker, he has travelled to places like India to share his experience, and his subject was disability and hope. He believes that he could give disabled people hope. He fought for what he wanted taking the example of that he couldn’t attend to a normal school but with support and his energy he and his family changed the law of Australia...

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highrise pictures

business. Highrise Pictures Company deals with video and film editing and is based in Toronto Canada. It is owned by Joseph Hatch who is a former student at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Highrise company has four employees and two interns. Hatch acts as the president of the company and the overall manager for the daily activities of the company. As the owner and the final decion maker, Hatch is faced with situations that if not well handled may complement the reputation of his film editing business...

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High fidelity (Nick Hornby)

2 The author 2.1 Curriculum vitae Nick Hornby was born on 17th April 1957. Today he lives and works in Highbury, north London. So far he has published six novels, three works of non-fiction and he has written the screenplay for two films. According to different sources on the internet his books have sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. His work frequently touches music and sport and he often integrates autobiographic elements in his stories. He is brilliant in describing (sometimes almost...

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Fitzgerald and Nick in The Great Gatsby

character of Nick than in the character of Gatsby? It is of popular opinion that The Great Gatsby is a novel with an autobiographical feel to it. If this is the case and this was Fitzgerald’s purpose, his own character would have to be illustrated in that of one of his fictional characters in the novel. Firstly, we may assume that as Nick Carraway is the narrator, he is the most likely to resemble the author as his views on things will most likely reflect Scott Fitzgerald’s own in his narrative and...

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Nick vs Gatsby

Sayre. Their traumatic marriage and subsequent breakdowns became the leading influence of this novel. In this novel Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby were interesting characters. They are many differences between them. The most three differences between them are social status, lifestyles, and personality. First, the social status between Nick and Gatsby is completely different. Nick is a middle class man who lives in a small house. “My house was at the very tip of the egg, only fifty yards from the...

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Nick Leeson Case

REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Why did Nick Leeson sell numerous short straddles for each long futures contract he bought? When Nick Leeson was being promoted on the Singapore branch of the Barings bank, the strategy of the bank was to reduce the risk exposure by using a combination of one short straddle (combination of put / call) and for one long future. Since Nick Leeson used to be a specialist on Future contracts on Nikkei 225 and Japanese 10 years bond and was sure this market would arise. So...

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Conversation between nick and jordan

A – Nick and Jordon’s conversation at one of Gatsby’s party One of the reasons that Gatsby has become so famous around New York is that he throws elaborate parties every weekend at his mansion, lavish spectacles to which people long to be invited. I made the short walk to Gatsby’s house and joined the festivities, feeling somewhat out of place amid the crowd of ecstatic strangers.  Gatsby’s party is almost unbelievably luxurious: guests marvel over his Rolls-Royce, his swimming pool, his beach...

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F Scott Fitzerald Biography

F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography Kiarnay Smith, 2015 F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24th, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States. Fitzgerald’s mother was Mary McQuillan and was from an Irish-Catholic family. His father was Edward Fitzgerald, and he opened a wicker furniture business St. Paul but it failed, and so he took a job as a salesman for Procter & Gamble. After losing his job as a salesman, he moved his family back to St. Paul. F. Scott Fitzgerald attended the St. Paul Academy...

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A Picture of Conflict

A Picture of Conflict Conflict is the driving force of a narrative. It shows and structures the flow of events. In James Alexander Thom’s essay, “The Perfect Pictures” he is torn between two thoughts ‘to take the picture’ or ‘to not take the picture’. He is sharing a personal experience about how the media has made “human sufferings   ... a spectator sport” (Thom 460). Thom has an opportunity to take “the perfect picture” that would have gained him a prize winning photograph, but he decides...

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Hi there

activities. The completed paper would be a wonderful introduction to internet college searching. It contains no thesis, but it does have a purpose: to present the information that is out there in a helpful and logical way. In the process of writing his or her background synthesis, the student explored the sources in a new way and become an expert on the topic. Only when one has reached this degree of expertise is one ready to formulate a thesis. Frequently writers of background synthesis papers...

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Biography on a Classmate

Biography on Jody Thacker This quote reminds me so much of Jody. “Growing up, sports is my outlet, my way to portray a personality. I was very shy around people, but through sports, something I was good at, I was able to make friends,” by Curtis Joseph. Jody Lee McKenzie Thacker was born on March 20, 1996, in Alexandria, Louisiana. His parents, Curtis and Cheryl Thacker were very excited to have another child. Their first child Jeremy, who was fourteen years of age, was very happy to have a little...

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Anatomy of the Anti Hero

ANTI-HERO BY: NICK JOAQUIN I. What is the essay all about? Joaquin examines two portraits of Rizal. The first is that of León Guerrero's momentous biography, The First Filipino in which Rizal is pictured as a Victorian gradualist. He also noted that while Rizal did not give his blessing to Bonifacio because he believed the time was premature, he did not condemn the aim of independence per se. The second is a work much lesser known, "Rizal from Within" by Ante Radaic. In his examination of...

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The Great Gatsby- Nick

Nick Carraway is an important character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. Throughout the book, Nick struggles to understand the world around him and the people in it. Why are some people so careless while other people are so cautious? Why do people wait around for things to happen instead of going out and making them happen? And most of all, with all the people in the world, how can one still feel so lonely? It’s not hard to pick up on Nick’s detachment, “I felt a haunting loneliness...

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Jesus Biography

------------------------------------------------- Jesus Christ Biography Jesus Christ Biography Biography of Jesus Arquimedes. G Grade 9 religion April-09-2012 Title page Table of contents Title page………………………………………………………………………...1 The birth of Jesus…………………………………………………………….3-4 Jesus child hood………………………………………………………………5 Miracles summary’s………………………………………………………..6-7 Parables summary’s…………………………………………………………8-10 Jesus death and resurrection……………………………………………. ...

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hi there

famous psychologist well known for his work in the field of child development As Montessori Program model. He is considered by many to be the father of child development study in the United States. As the older brother of five, Gesell watched his siblings grow and develop, sparking an interest in the field of child development. The Arnold Gesell theory of child development can be summarized in a few areas, Make money effortlessly while playing games :Through his research, Arnold Gesell developed some...

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The Great Gatsby: Nick Versus Gatsby

The Great Gatsby: Nick versus Gatsby Mainframe computers analyze information and present it so that the observer is able to make accurate observations. In The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the narrator, Nick Carraway, tells a story in which Jay Gatsby tries to attain happiness through wealth. Even though the novel is titled after Gatsby, Nick, just as a mainframe computer, analyzes the actions of others and presents the story so that the reader can comprehend the theme. Throughout...

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Biography Tupac Shakur

Running head: Tupac Shakur Biography Tupac Shakur Veronica Hernandez 11/26/2012 Tupac Shakur demonstrates the power of words weather it was through the rap game that made him a musical icon or the poems that he wrote in his private moments. Born in Brooklyn, NY later moved to California where he grew a huge fan base because of his career in rapping and also worked as an actor. During his career he became entangled in a dispute against East Coast and West Coast rappers, he was...

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May Day Eve by Nick Joaquin

May Day Eve By Nick Joaquin The old people had ordered that the dancing should stop at ten o’clock but it was almost midnight before the carriages came filing up the departing guests, while the girls who were staying were promptly herded upstairs to the bedrooms, the young men gathering around to wish them a good night and lamenting their ascent with mock signs and moaning, proclaiming themselves disconsolate but straightway going off to finish the punch and the brandy though they were quite drunk...

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Great Gatsby - Nicks View of Gatsby

An intriguing exchange between Nick and Gatsby takes place near the end of Chapter Six: “I wouldn’t ask too much of her,” Nick says “You can’t repeat the past.” “Can’t repeat the past?” Gatsby cries out. “Why of course you can!” (p. 110). How does the past impinge upon the present in the lives of both Nick and Gatsby? Should we see Gatsby as eccentric in his view that one cannot merely repeat, but change, the past by starting over? Past and Hope in The Great Gatsby Mason Scisco “So we beat...

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ultimate love story and seemed to pinpoint the ¡§American Dream¡¨ in his classic novel, The Great Gatsby. In the novel, Jay Gatsby is the epitome of the ¡§self-made man,¡¨ in which he dictates his entire life to climbing the social ladder in order to gain wealth, to ultimately win the love of a woman: something that proves to be unattainable. As it turns out, Gatsby¡¦s excessive extravagance and love of money, mixed with his obsession for a woman¡¦s love, is actually the autobiographical portrayal...

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