• BCS Essay
     BCS Essay Do you think it is right for the National Champion to have lost one game in the season and the runner up undefeated? This happened in the 2008 college football season. Both teams that played for the national championship had lost a game in the season. The University of Utah had...
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  • Explainaion to Football
    An American football team at the turn of the twentieth century. Note the continued use of a rugby-type ball (front row, right).The history of American football can be traced to early versions of rugby football and association football. Both games have their origins in varieties of football played in
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  • Ncaa Playoff System
    Drew Vojslavek English 1102-040 1 November 2010 New Playoff System NCAA Division 1 football is unique from all other sports in that it does not end its season with a playoff system that decides a champion. Instead, college football provides a system of polls combined with many computer for
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  • Football
    Football Football today has changed tremendously throughout the years. The first known football game started were two schools, Rutgers and Princeton. The game of football has had a tremendous impact on the economic growth of this nation that includes not only the salaries of the players and
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  • Bcs vs Playoff System College Football
    College football has been around for many years, and the BCS part of the bowl system has been in place since 1998. Many could say this was the year that one of the worst post-season sporting systems was put into place. It has done many things good and bad. It has caused a lot of controversy, gained
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  • Why College Football Should Have a Playoff System.
    “Why College Football Should have a Playoff System” Season after season the BCS continues to ruin several college football teams hopes of a National Championship. Instead of allowing the decision take place on the football field they leave it up to a computer and an outdated formula that very
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  • Xfl Football
    EXTREME FOOTBALL LEAGUE BIRMINGHAM THUNDERBOLTS GAMES COMING SOON HISTORY The Birmingham Thunderbolts were a short-lived springtime American football team based in Birmingham, Alabama. This team was part of the failed XFL begun by Vince McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment and by NBC, a m
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  • College Football Playoff Debate
    College football debate Here’s an easy question, who was the division one NCAA football national championship last year? If you said the Alabama Crimson Tide you are correct, sort of. Yes, Alabama did defeat the LSU Tigers 21-0 in the National Championship game, but some other teams could make
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  • Bcs vs Playoffs
    Year after year, faithful collegiate football fans gather around the tailgate of their cars in parking lots around the nation and cook mediocre meals that taste delicious at the time because they share it with their fellow fans and season ticket holders. They all live different lives, but on Saturd
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  • Bcs vs. Playoff System in College Football
    Nathan Ticich Professor Khara English 105 26 April 2012 Playoff System over Turmoil Why does the NFL use a playoff system to select the teams to play in the Super Bowl? The NFL consists of thirty two teams; whereas, college football (Division 1A) has 119 teams and does not have a playoff syst
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  • Tim Tebow Heisman Essay
    Tim Tebow Former Heisman Trophy winner and first round draft pick Tim Tebow, is currently a NFL unrestricted free agent. The ex-Denver Bronco quarterback is known for sharing his Christian faith with fans and in clinics, hospitals, market places, schools, and orphanages. In 1985, the Tebow fami
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  • Bcs Football
    Race To The BCS By: Cora LeClair February 14, 2011 Legal & Ethical Issues in Sports Administration Matthew Soroka Every September, when colleges and universities open their doors and athletic facilities, the buzz about football season is all around. Whether it is on campus, in the newspapers
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  • Johnny Football
    CJ Davis UC-110 Dr. Gibson 2/13/14 Johnny Football This time of year is one of the best times if you are a football fan. The Super Bowl has just ended and now teams are gearing up for the upcoming NFL Draft on Thursday May 8th which will conclude on May 10th. This is a great time of...
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  • History of Football
    Football, American, distinct type of football that developed in the United States in the 19th century from soccer (association football) and rugby football. Played by professionals and amateurs (generally male college or high school teams), football is one of the most popular American...
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