• Nursing Care Plan
    Introduction Mrs. R. T. is a fifty three year-old woman who presented with complaints of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Patient is married for over thirty years and has three children. Youngest child is twenty three and is in college. Mrs. R.T. stated she finished dinner, at the reception o
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  • Nursing Care Plan Template
    Name: John Doe Class: NRN 101 Date: 12/12/12 Pt. initial RB Age 100 Date of Admit 01/01/01 DOB 07/01/01 Code Status full Allergies NKDA Admitting Diagnosis: Pneumonia secondary to a bacterial infection Nursing Diagnosis: Risk for ineffective tissue perfusion...
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  • Psychiatric Clinical Nursing Assessment and Care Plan
    Psychiatric Clinical Nursing Assessment Jennifer Stokes Daytona State College Directions: Please assess your client and place an X in the appropriate box to represent level of severity of each symptom. Patient Initials | EM | Physician | Dr. Singh | Date | 08/07/2013 | | Not Present | Very
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  • Nursing Care Study
    Nursing care study In this assignment I will document and reflect on the care that I gave to one of the patients I was looking after while on clinical placement. I will be referring to the patient as ‘Mr x’ for confidentiality reasons. ‘Mr x’ was 69 years old. He initially present
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  • Nag Care Plan
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  • Care Plan Post Op
    This essay will discuss the plan of care I developed for Mr X while he was under my care in a post anaesthetic unit. It will discuss my nursing assessments, and what diagnoses I developed from this. It will then discuss the rationale behind my nursing interventions using relevant literature. My plan
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  • Long Term Care Plan
    Med-Surg 205A April 29, 2012 Patient Information: Age: 57 Sex: M Admit Date: April 21, 2012 Allergies: NKDA, NKFA CC: Left leg pain and swelling Etiology and Risk Factors: DVT develops most often in the legs. Thrombus formation has been associated with stasis of blood flow, endothelial
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  • Pediactric Care Plan
    SHC Nursing Care Plan Student: Sheri Easley_____ Clinical Site: PCH___________ Date: 6/10/12___________ Client Initials: _Child 1__ Age:2 months (63 days) Weight: 3.275_kg. Height: 52 ___cm. Primary Language:_Not Applicable Religion: LDS_________ Culture: Not Applicable Allergies: none
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  • Sample Care Plan Psych
    PSYCHIATRIC NURSING MAJOR PLAN OF CARE ASSIGNMENT Guidelines: 1. This assignment is much like a Case Study and is intended to be a comprehensive learning experience that synthesizes essential psychiatric and medical/surgical nursing theory. Your finished product will demonstrate mastery of princi
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  • Critical Evaluation of a Nursing Care Plann
    Critical Evaluation of a Nursing Care Plan Course: HE Diploma Clinical Veterinary Nursing Module title and number: Systematic Delivery of Veterinary Nursing Care VN2019 Date: April 2011 Tutor: Claire Bloor By Amy Robinson Contents | Page number | Models of nursing and the nursing proc
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  • Care Plan
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  • Care Plan
    Data Base and Nursing Care Plan Student Name: Date: Pathophysiology (Include Normal Physiology, identify the Physiological Alteration, identify sings and symptoms). M.P. is a 56 year old African American male, with a history of progressive multiple sclerosis with multiple contractu
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  • Care Plan for Chf
    NURSING CARE PLAN SAMPLE DATABASE Mr. Jose Rodriguez, an 84-year-old client, was admitted to the hospital on 6/20/02 with shortness of breath. This retired Hispanic grower, a widower, states that for the past 3- weeks he has had increasing -4 fatigue and shortness of breath. He visited his doctor tw
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  • Care Plan
    Student Name …. Date_11/30/2011__________________ Problems/Needs List (Prioritization) Patient’s Initials ___RM_______ Medical Diagnoses (1) ________________________________ (1)____________________________ (2) _______________________________ (2)_____________________________
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  • Care Plan
    Part B I found this particular portfolio more challenging than previous ones. The main reason for this was the fact that I was the required to actively take part in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of a patients care within the service. Doing this came with responsibility th
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  • Nursing Care Plans
    NURSING CARE PLANS Impaired Physical Mobility Assessment | Nursing Diagnosis | Scientific explanation | Objectives | Nursing Interventions | Rationale | Expected Outcome | S > θO > Patient manifest:- weak and pale appearance - difficulty in standing and sitting - slowed movement -
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  • Case Study, Care Plan
    Introduction This essay will include a case study about a patient nursed with the supervision of a registered nurse during a clinical placement. It will demonstrate the ability to assess and develop a care plan for this patient. For this case study, the patient’s name will be changed to Paul an
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  • Mock Care Plan Assignment
    Mock Care Plan Assignment Instructions Each student selects a different Case Study and notifies the instructor via email on your selection. Instructor approval is required before you begin this assignment. Students are to download and complete the Care Plan using the Care Plan Grid....
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  • Care Plan
    Camden County College Nursing Care Plan Student: Date:9/16/2103 Pt. Data Objective & Subjective Nursing Diagnoses Goals (Short & long term Interventions & Rationale Pt. Teaching Eval. Subjective Data Patient states “I am afraid all the steroids are going to make me...
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  • Teaching Care Plan for Nursing
    Teaching Care Plan for Nursing Identify if article has a review of literature. Yes, This article definitely has a review of literature, it is a compilation from a lot of information the author studied and applied to the specific topic she was addressing. Determine the purpose of the article.
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