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Matthew Arnold S The Scholar Gypsy

humanist Arnold was very much concerned about the gaining of supremacy of science, theology and natural philosophy over arts, poetry, and moral philosophy as academic subjects. This passionate sense of loss and the concern for rapid shifting in the taste of his people are strongly evident in the poems of Matthew Arnold. His best of poems comes when he is this brooding mood. As a poet Arnold provides a record of a sick society. In the Scholar Gypsy (1867) Arnold’s attitude to the gypsy is closely...

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Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold: Poems Summary and Analysis of "The Scholar-Gipsy" (1853) Summary The speaker of "The Scholar-Gipsy" describes a beautiful rural setting in the pastures, with the town of Oxford lying in the distance. He watches the shepherd and reapers working amongst the field, and then tells the shepherd that he will remain out there until sundown, enjoying the scenery and studying the towers of Oxford. All the while, he will keep his book beside him. His book tells the famous story by Joseph...

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William Wordsworth and Matthew Arnold

William Wordsworth, a very notable Romantic poet during this time period. In stark contrast, the Victorian Period was a time during which poets wrote about the environment that surrounded them, and tended to have a pessimistic view of life. Matthew Arnold, a Victorian poet, encompassed many of these qualities in his writing. The two poets, distinguished in two completely different time periods with different characteristics, had some literary commonalities, such as similar references to nature...

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Growing Old - a Poem by Matthew Arnold

Growing Old - a poem by Matthew Arnold What is it to grow old? Is it to lose the glory of the form, The lustre of the eye? Is it for beauty to forego her wreath? Yes, but not for this alone. Is it to feel our strength  Not our bloom only, but our strength decay? Is it to feel each limb Grow stiffer, every function less exact, Each nerve more weakly strung? Yes, this, and more! but not, Ah, 'tis not what in youth we dreamed 'twould be! 'Tis not to have our life Mellowed and softened...

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Philomela, by Matthew Arnold

A short essay on the poem Philomela by Matthew Arnold (Emiliano Colella) Introduction This poem is a mythological history of love and treason, a history that show the poet’s dramatic loneliness and alienation from the real world. The poetic voice speaks to an external self, comparing his passion and his pain with the eternal passions and pains of the world, always the same, represented by the myth of Philomela. It is then a clear declaration of what is poetry for the author, and by the use...

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Analysis of Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

Analysis In Stefan Collini's opinion, "Dover Beach" is a difficult poem to analyze, and some of its passages and metaphors have become so well known that they are hard to see with "fresh eyes".[3] Arnold begins with a naturalistic and detailed nightscape of the beach at Dover in which auditory imagery plays a significant role ("Listen! you hear the grating roar").[4] The beach, however, is bare, with only a hint of humanity in a light that "gleams and is gone".[5] Reflecting the traditional notion...

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Matthew Arnold “the Study of Poetry” (1880)

MATTHEW ARNOLD “THE STUDY OF POETRY” (1880) In his anthology of English poetry, Arnold illustrates the allegedly objective critical judgment of which he speaks in “The Function of Criticism at the Present Time” in terms of his selection of those poets worthy in his view of being anthologised. In his preface to the anthology, he clarifies what he means by ‘judgment’ by turning his attention in particular to the questions of literary history and canons. The main criteria informing Arnold’s approach...

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Analysis of "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold

"Dover beach" is a beautiful poem written by a famous poet, Matthew Arnold; from the romantic era. The poem is melancholic and pessimistic in nature and shows human misery through the ages. The diction changes as the poem progresses, from the beginning till the end, soft and loving to hard and rough, respectively. The images are centered around the ocean, this is to show the analogy that life can be both turbulent as well as placid. The time that the poem occurs is through the night, having mystery...

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Analysis on the Poem 'Dover Beach' by Matthew Arnold

background music and suggests to the speaker some unspecified, unrelenting sadness. To this point (line 14), the poem has been essentially straightforward description. In the second section, the speaker (presumably grounded in the classics as Matthew Arnold was) is reminded that the Greek tragic dramatist Sophocles had heard the same sound in the Aegean and it had suggested to him the turbid ebb and flow of human suffering, which had been the dominant subject of his plays. (The precise passage referred...

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Jeffrey Ware Dr. David Nemeth Gypsies & Travelers WAC December 4, 2012 As the semester began, I knew what courses were on my list. I had picked a course Gypsies & Travelers, which I supposedly assumed will be a course for me to learn about another group. Before this I had no knowledge about Gypsies, I heard the term Gypsy but never seemed to draw any interest. However time has past and now I gained some knowledge about Gypsies. One thing I picked up through readings and outside readings; is...

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Matthew Arnold

Matthew arrnold one of foremost critic of 19th century is often regarded as father of modern english criticism . Arnold's work as literary critic started with "Preface to poems " in 1853 .It is a kind of manifesto of his critical creed . It reflects classicism as well his views on grand poetic style . Arnold was classicist who loved art , literature and Hellenic culture . His most famous piece of literary criticism is in his essay " The...

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Matthew Arnold

doth come, Let all doubts be dumb; Let all words be mild; All strife be reconciled; All pains beguiled. Light brings no blindness; Love no unkindness; Knowledge no ruin; Fear no undoing, From the cradle to the grave,-- Save, O, save! Matthew Arnold...

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Matthew Bourne

In expressive arts, we are studying the 1960’s, and as part of this one of the art works we have been analysing is ‘The Car Man’ which is choreographed by Matthew Bourne. Contextual: Matthew Bourne is widely hailed as the UK’s most popular and successful Choreographer/Director. He is the creator of the world’s longest running ballet production (Swan Lake) a five - time Olivier Award winner, and the only British director to have won the Best Direction of a Musical and Best Choreographer. ...

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Shakespeare (Poem) by Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold (1822-1888), the Victorian poet and critic, was 'the first modern critic' [1], and could be called 'the critic's critic', being a champion not only of great poetry, but of literary criticism itself. The purpose of literary criticism, in his view, was 'to know the best that is known and thought in the world, and by in its turn making this known, to create a current of true and fresh ideas', and he has influenced a whole school of critics including new critics such as T. S. Eliot, F...

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To Be a Scholar

I deserve to be a Scholar. To pass Education in UST is really an achievement for me. Before I took up the examination, I was so scared because, even though I am confident that I can manage to answer the exam, I am still afraid that I may not be able to have a slot because I am one of the applicants of the last batch. After passing the examination, I really regret that I failed to reserve my slot between the date I received the results up to the deadline of reservation. So, the moment the Dean...

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Change - Analysis of 'Growing Old' by Matthew Arnold

dull remembrance of a change,But no emotion -none. It is -last stage of all -When we are frozen up within, and quiteThe phantom of ourselves,To hear the world applaud the hollow ghostWhich blamed the living man. Matthew ArnoldGrowing oldTitle: Growing oldText type: PoemComposer: Arnold, Matthew'Growing old' is a poem which shows the changes everyone will eventually go through when ageing. It explores a person's feelings towards old age, and how they change as a feeling of being old takes over. ...

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Scholar Critic

GONE WITH 1978! “SCHOLAR –CRITIC” - ARCHAIC Submitted by, Annie Kantha.P , M.Phil English. Fredrick Wilse Bateson (1901 - 1978), an English literary scholar and critic, was born...

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The Virgin and the Gypsy

This novel is very intriguing and teaches lessons of morality, religion, and of life and death intended for those with imagination and insight. The author’s style contributes deeply to the intrigue and true meaning to this novel. The author’s use of imagery makes tensions in the story vivid and emphatic. In this story there is a re-occurring tension between religion and desire. The tension between religion and desire is most clearly demonstrated between the characters of Yvette and...

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Arnold Project

As a poet Arnold is generally admitted to rank among the Victorians next after Tennyson and Browning. The criticism, partly true, that he was not designed by Nature to be a poet but made himself one by hard work rests on his intensely, and at the outset coldly, intellectual and moral temperament. He himself, in modified Puritan spirit, defined poetry as a criticism of life; his mind was philosophic; and in his own verse, inspired by Greek poetry, by Goethe and Wordsworth, he realized his definition...

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Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold

Word choice, denotation and connotation Word choice refers to the poet's poetic diction. In ‘Dover Beach', Matthew Arnold uses formal diction. He chose his words carefully. When he says that the world does not give us ‘love', he means that the world lacks imagination and can know very little about time past, which is crystallized in ancient literature like a leaf in amber, knowledge of which is an essential precondition for love. He does not mean that love does not exist, but that it comes only...

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Dover Beach, Matthew Arnold.

Discuss how Arnold uses the Sea as a metaphor to show his growing concern for the faithlessness of man. In Dover Beach, Matthew Arnold describes an evening he spent with his lover. The picturesque sights and sounds around him remind him of the pathetic state of man. Arnold was agnostic at the time he wrote the poem and his despair and disillusionment towards religion is highlighted through the poem. He shows the reader how the coming of Scientific reasoning brought about through Imperialism,...

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Comparison of Karl Marx and Matthew Arnold

Comparison of Karl Marx and Matthew Arnold Through their writing, Karl Marx and Matthew Arnold show their opposing views on the importance of internal and external functions of culture. In the first chapter of Culture and Anarchy, "Sweetness and Light", Arnold describes culture as being responsible for the progress of politics and society and as "the best knowledge and thought of the time" (19). Matthew Arnold's culture is based on two main aspects, religion and education. Karl Marx,...

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Huxley and Arnold Argument

Huxley and Arnold After reading Thomas Henry Huxley’s lecture “Science and Culture” and Matthew Arnold’s response “Literature and Science”, I thought critically about what the two men have said and the basis of both arguments. Huxley emphasizes on teaching physical science because it is a necessity for human advancement. Matthew Arnold counter argues Huxley’s lecture with a few key points. The important concept Arnold mentions is that literature is not just acquiring an exquisite lexicon, but...

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Purpose of Gospel of Matthew

has realized salvation in and through Jesus Christ. A matter that is discussed time and again in synoptic studies is the question of whether or not the gospels form a unique literary genre. Although in the past this was rather strongly suggested, scholars have been reconsidering this proposal during the last few years. Aune (1987: 46-76) concludes that the authors of the New Testament wanted to write according to the well-known genre of Greco-Roman biography (cf. Hengel 1983: 223-224). Shuler (1982)...

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The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew Introduction In the second century A.D., the Gospel of Matthew was placed at the very beginning of the New Testament. It was believed to be the first Gospel written, though we now know that the Gospel of Mark dates earlier. Because it is the Gospel most intensely concerned with issues related to Judaism, it provides an appropriate transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament in the Christian Bible. Matthew became the most important of all Gospel texts for first-...

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The Study of Poetry - Mathew Arnold

Mathew Arnold – The Study of Poetry Matthew Arnold, Victorian poet and critic, often regarded as the father of modern literary criticism, was one of the foremost poets and critics of the 19th century. As a critic Arnold is essentially a moralist, and has very definite ideas about what poetry should and should not be. Arnold is frequently acknowledged as being one of the first poets to display a truly Modern perspective in his work. In “The Study of Poetry”, which is one of his best known essays...

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Arnold Friend or Arnold Foe

Professor Hauth-Forgie English 102 19 February 2014 Arnold Friend or Arnold Foe ‘Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?’, a short story by Joyce Carol Oates, takes place in the mid-sixties and revolves around two central characters, Connie and Arnold Friend, who mysteriously appears at Connie’s home and tries to coax her into coming with him before ultimately forcing her. Arnold Friend is a much debated character among critics, largely due to hints of inhuman abilities and his intentions...

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Arnold S SPeech

I’m here to tell you why Arnold Schwarzenegger would make a good president. I’m going to show you why he should be allowed to run and why he would make a great president. So how many of you can vote? There are many reasons why people think one candidate is better than the other. Whether it be race or social status. We judge presidential candidates by their past and what important things they have done. We take sides based on what they can promise us whether it be the end of the war or compromise...

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Gypsies in America

The first and to date only reliable assertion of the origin of word Gypsy for the members of “specific” group, dates back to 1068. At that time the Georgian monah st. George Antonski, from the monastery of Iviron (Greece) reports to his people that on the mountain of Athos in the time between 1001 and 1026 a group of “Athiganos” arrived. The word Athigatos or Acinkan in Greek would be “untouchable”. Different synonyms of this word were used later as name for “that” nation around Europe. In literature...

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Chris Matthews

I. All Politics Is Local My first topic comes from the “All Politics Is Local” section of Chris Matthews’ book. In politics, anyone who holds a place or is trying to hold a place in the political scene is constantly influencing others, correct? What Matthews means by “all politics is local” is basically if you want to influence someone, do not focus on the big picture. Instead, you should focus on what matters personally to the people you strive to influence. A fine example of this rule is Lawton...

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Transition in Matthew 24

Transition in Matthew 24 from A.D. 70 to the Parousia Introduction Thesis Statement Is there evidence of a transition in Matthew 24 from events describing the fall of Jerusalem in the first century to a description of Christ’s parousia at the end of time as we know it? This paper will argue that there is evidence for a transition in the response of Jesus to the questions of his disciples, specifically at verse 36. While certainly not dealing with all the issues of difficulties of Matthew 24, this...

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Arnold Friend The Devil

II 16 September 2013 Arnold Friend the Devil Arnold Friend portrays the devil in many ways. In the story, Where are You Going, Where Have You Been by: Joyce Carol Oates Arnold friend is the devil, he went to Connie’s house and tries to get her to go for a ride with him and his friend Elli Oscar so, he can rape and kill her. Arnold Friend is none other than the devil himself, which shows in his appearance, his speech, his actions and supernatural visions, and in clues. Arnold Friend’s appearance...

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Jesus According to Matthew

Jesus in Matthew 12/1/11 Bryan K. Suits (0741365) Student Fresno Pacific University Cohort BVI33-11/DFA Table of Contents JESUS ACCORDING TO MATTHEW 3 Birth and Lineage of Jesus of Nazareth 3 Jesus, son of God 4 Miracles performed by Jesus 5 Jesus the Healer 6 Jesus as a Teacher 7 Jesus as a Prophet 8 JESUS ACCORDING TO MATTHEW The book of Matthew begins the genealogy of Jesus with Abraham and continues to David for a total of fourteen generations, the book of Matthew continues...

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Arnold Friend: Fact or Fiction?

is home alone when a mysterious man, Arnold Friend, pulls in her driveway and tries to manipulate her into going away with him. Although it is never stated explicitly, it can be seen that Arnold Friend is merely a piece of Connie’s imagination. More specifically, we see Arnold as a symbol for the Devil, whose purpose is to change the way Connie and the audience of Oates’ story views life. This is symbolic from the minor details, such as the appearance of Arnold, to more subtle details such as the...

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The Matthew Effect

 No One Formula for Success A Review of the Matthew Effect Lorri Thompson Lone Star Community College Abstract In The Matthew Effect chapter of Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell states that a person’s success s attributed to the timing of their birth date as it relates to the cut-off dates of sports and education. He believes that this one random date is the start of a series of advantages that can ultimately lead to success. Although timing of a birth date and opportunities...

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The Gypsy Swing Cats and the Beginning of Jazz

Plunge Essay 11 April 2013 The Gypsy Swing Cats and the Beginning of Jazz On Wednesday April 10th I decided to go to the Kaffee Meister Coffeehouse, located at 9225 Carlton Hills Blvd Santee Ca. 92071, for the specific reason of enjoying some Jazz music played by the San Diego based Gypsy Swing Cats. I was quite impressed with how they performed by mixing an energetic and innovated blend of Swing, Jazz, and Blues. From what I observed, their music merges Gypsy melodies and rhythms, with the influences...

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Bernard Matthews Farms

Bernard Matthews farms Bernard Matthews farms is the largest turkey producer in the UK. The business has grown substantially since its relatively humble origins in 1950, when entrepreneur Bernard Matthews bought 20 turkey eggs and a second-hand incubator. Twelve turkeys successfully hatched from this initial batch and, before long, the young entrepreneur was able to give up his insurance job and concentrate full-time on rearing turkeys. Today, Bernard Matthews farms rears over seven million...

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Exegesis of Matthew

Exegesis of the Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 5:3-12 The Eight Beatitudes In Matthew's Gospel, starting with Chapter five verses three through twelve, Jesus tells us of the Eight Beatitudes. These verses are much like The Ten Commandments in nature, but more philosophical: · "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." · "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." · "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth." · "Blessed are those...

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Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was once a very patriotic man, but due to the fact that he was mistreated by the American government he became a trader for this nation. He fought multiple times for the American militia, but thought that he wasn’t respected and he felt humiliated. It is also thought that money played a part in Arnold’s betrayal. By May 1779, Benedict had begun barging with the British. (Billias) Arnold was the second born of six children, only two of which survived in to adult hood. His father...

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The Function of the Journey in Matthew Arnold’s Poetry

The Function of the Journey in Matthew Arnold’s Poetry We can see that much of Matthew Arnold’s poetry contains the imagery of a journey. Stefan Collini suggests that this is a three-stage journey “represented by a river, which rises in a cool, dark glade, flows out on to the fierce, hot plain, and then finds its way to the wide calm sea” (54). The first stage is that of childhood and is represented by romantic descriptions of nature and an overall feeling of happiness. This stage can be referred...

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Matthew Sheapard

Introduction: The reason I choose to write my research paper on Matthew Shepard is because gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender (GLBT) is a topic that I feel very strongly about. I believe that no matter whom you like and who you are should determine if you are accepted by society. The audience I am aiming for is people who don’t agree with gays, homosexuals, or who just aren’t familiar with the topic, mainly teenagers and young adults. I hope people realize what is going on in the world surrounding...

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Benedict Arnold

Prior to his act of treason, Benedict Arnold was highly regarded as America's greatest Revolutionary general. Due to his high rank and excellent performance on the battlefield it seemed most unlikely that Arnold would defect to the other side. "Arnold has betrayed us. Whom can we trust now?" asked George Washington who now felt that no one could be trusted once Arnold had betrayed his country of which he had shown so much love for beforehand. Arnold had been a die-hard patriot who at the Boston Massacre...

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Saints, Scholars and Schizophrenics

Saints, Scholars, and Schizophrenics: Mental Illness in Rural Ireland. Nancy Scheper-Hughes 28 November 2011 Anthropology 1103- 001 Scheper-Hughes, Nancy 1979 Saints, Scholars and Schizophrenics: University of California Press “It is generally accepted that schizophrenia is a condition in which the person alters his representation of reality in order to escape or withdraw from seemingly unresolvable conflicts and from social interactions that are painful.”(Nancy quotes Hill, Lewis...

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Discipleship in Matthew

Gospel according to Matthew Introduction - Matthew’s handbook for the church Why did Matthew write his gospel? John clearly had an evangelistic aim (Jn 20:31), but Matthew wrote his gospel for the church, for those who already follow Jesus. It is a teaching gospel, which arranges its material into subjects, summarising the teaching of Jesus and illustrating it with examples from his life. Matthew’s is the only gospel that mentions the church (16:18; 18:17). In short, Matthew wrote the first...

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Scholars Views on Veil

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives of Scholars about Hijab The most prominent justifications for veiling entail, quite simply, the idea that veiling is prescribed in the Qur’an (see Arat 1994; Dragadze 1994; Hessini 1994; Sherif 1987; Shirazi-Mahajan 1995 for reviews). Several Muslim Scholars place a strong interpretive emphasis on a Qur’anic passage (S. 24:31) that urges women “not [to] display their beauty and adornments” but rather to “draw their head cover over their bosoms and not...

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Matthew Flinders

Captain Matthew Flinders (16 March 1774 – 19 July 1814) was one of the most successful navigators and cartographers of his age. In a career that spanned just over twenty years, he sailed with Captain William Bligh, circumnavigated Australia and encouraged the use of that name for the continent. He survived shipwreck and disaster only to be imprisoned for violating the terms of his scientific passport by changing ships and carrying prohibited papers. Matthew Flinders carried out several important...

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History of Matthew 18:21-35

constant question for many, and the authorship of the book of Matthew is no different. No one really knows the person responsible for writing the first gospel of the New Testament for a number of reasons. As Leon Morris points out, the oldest known translation of Matthew is written in Greek, but there is considerable agreement that the disciple Matthew did not know Greek. Additionally, William Hendriksen concludes that since the book of Matthew draws knowledge from the gospels of Mark and John, it does...

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Lori Arnold Is a Crook

Lori Arnold is a Crook After the meatpacking plant closed, farms started going out of business, and people began leaving Oelwein, Iowa, the town was left in a state of economic distress. To fill the gap, workers began using and/or selling methamphetamine in what would be known as “mom and pop” meth labs. Biker gangs like The Sons of Silence, The Grim Reapers, and The Hell’s Angels took the opportunity to bring in their own meth and sell it to the vulnerable and increasingly desperate people...

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Fulbright Scholars

Fulbright Scholars I am going to present ‘Fulbright Scholars’, the first poem from Ted Hughes’ powerful autobiographic ‘Birthday Letters’, which were released in 1998- 35 years after Sylvia Plath suicide and only months before the poet’s death. Hughes’ poems can be regarded as a personal reply to the critics, who have been arguing for decades that his infidelity and cruelty drove Plath to suicide. However, ‘Fulbright Scholars’ explores the poet’s first sighting of Sylvia Plath in a photograph...

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Jack Arnold

Jack Arnold: More than What Meets the Eye? In a relationship between a father and his children, the father wants nothing more than to be a hero to them. The father would give anything to be “king” for a day. Jack Arnold, who plays the father in the television series, “The Wonder Years”, also wants to be a hero to his children. However, as his children grow up he realizes that the distance between him and his children keeps on increasing. Jack struggles to adapt to the changing times in which this...

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Bosch Comparison of Gospel of Matthew and Luke-Acts

 Gospel of Matthew: Discipleship Model The gospel of Matthew’s overarching theme can be summarized in the Great Commission, Matthew 28:16-20. It is for the Jewish Christian Community that Matthew writes his gospel. His goal is to assist with the development of a missionary culture that will match the challenges of his community and he uses his gospel as a vehicle to accomplish his goal. (Bosch: 59) Matthew, through his gospel, suggests that the differences between the...

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Romani Gypsies Marrying as Minors

Romani Gypsies Marrying as Minors Romani Gypsies Marrying as Minors Michelle Sweely World Values and Culture CTU Online Romani gypsies marrying as minors There are numerous sub groups of gypsies along with the groups there are subdivisions also. Mainly they are in the Daskan and Horahan groups. The groups differ mainly on dialects but also on their religious affiliation and their traditional hand crafts (Pamporov, 2007). The groups differ mainly on the...

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Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Audience And Representation Analysis

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Audience and Representation Analysis My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was a programme broadcasted on channel 4. At it’s peak Big Fat Gypsy Wedding drew in an audience viewing of up to 8.7 million people, making it Channel 4’s eighth highest viewed programme. There are many different opinions as to what makes the programme so popular, that it is able to draw in audiences of half a dozen million and more week in week out. One theory as to why the programme is so popular could be due...

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How Did Arnold Deliver the Subject/Theme of ¡°Dover Beach¡±

Peaceful Dover beach, which was calm the night when Arnold was there, showed us the difficulty of accomplishing something. By using ideational structure full of metaphors and making each stanza to have its own characteristic, Arnold effectively transferred the theme of the poem. The poetry starts with the description of Dover beach at a moment, which would not last forever, directed us to the sadness or disappointment that he would reveal later in poetry. The first stanza is very much about...

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Sociological Study: Gypsies

Gypsies have been discriminated against for the majority of history because of their unconventional lifestyles and the tendency to go the unconventional route in life as a scapegoat for almost everything. The Gypsies have gone so far to segregate themselves from society that they have their own language; though it is only spoken and not written. Ever since the culture started, the Gypsies were thought to be below normal culture, or at least what was thought to be normal at the time. This is completely...

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The Gathering of Space Gypsies

The Gathering of Space-Gypsies By A.C. Johner In the summer of 2003 I was living in Dublin. At nineteen years old, it was my first time out of the United States, and I had left with latterly nothing but a spoon, toothbrush, a knapsack filled with science fiction novels, and something like 1000 dollars to live off of for the next three months. I spent my first month living in this run down hostel for only forty dollars a week in what I suppose was the seedier side of Dublin....

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Harvet Gypsies

Harvest Gypsies A major drought, over-cultivation, and a country suffering from one of the greatest depressions in history are all it took to displace hundreds of thousands of Midwesterners and send them, and everything they had, out west. The Dust Bowl ruined crops all across the Great Plains region, crops that people depended on for survival. When no food could be grown and no money could be made, entire families, sometimes up to 8 people or more, packed up everything they had and began the journey...

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Right, who went through the MS and suggested improvements in language and style. I am very grateful to the Department of English Philology of Orenburg Pedagogical Institute and their head prof. N.A. Shekhtman who reviewed this third edition. I. Arnold Leningrad, 1986 ABBREVIATIONS A words belonging in Ch. Fries’s classification to Class III, i. e. adjectives and words that can occupy the position of adjectives a adjective adv adverb AmE American English COD The Concise Oxford Dictionary...

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Arnold Speech

Arnold speech Well, thank you very much. (Applause) Hello, everybody. What a great introduction, what a wonderful thing. What a great, great welcome I'm getting here, so thank you very much. I mean, I haven't heard applause like that since I announced that I was going to stop acting. (Applause) But anyway, it is really terrific to see here so many graduate students and undergraduate students graduating here today. I heard that there are 4,500 graduating here today, undergraduate students, so this...

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Ulysses S Grant

Ulysses S Grant Ulysses S. Grant had to undertake many battles that would change the world at his time before becoming president. Ulysses S. Grant had to do hard work as a kid, but it paid off because his dad sent him to one of the best military schools in the United States of America. He graduated and became a very important position in the Union Army. He soon got elected and faced many issues in the United States of America. After he got a new hobby and traveled the world with his wife...

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