• Melancholy in matthew arnold's scholar gypsy
    Discuss on the elegiac quality of Arnold’s poetry. / Write a note on the dominating note of melancholy in Arnold’s poetry. / Discuss Arnold’s criticism of life expounded in his poems. / ‘Arnold’s poems are always of regret, loss of faith, instability and nostalgia.’ Elucidate. In its
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  • An imitative narrative in mathew arnold’s work as a reflection of victorian thought and beliefs.
    Ramsha Ashraf Proses 19 October 2012 An Imitative Narrative in Mathew Arnold’s Work as a Reflection of Victorian thought and beliefs. The main streams constituting modern European and American thought, as imperialism, empiricism, rationalism, utilitarianism, racism and pragmati
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  • Arnold project
    As a poet Arnold is generally admitted to rank among the Victorians next after Tennyson and Browning. The criticism, partly true, that he was not designed by Nature to be a poet but made himself one by hard work rests on his intensely, and at the outset coldly, intellectual and moral temperament. He
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