• major bones and the muscles attached to them
    Major bones of the body and the muscles that attach to each 1. Clavicle: it is the insertion of the upper trapezius muscle which is responsible for scapula elevation and extension of the head and neck. 2. Humerus: long bone to which the brachialis muscle is attached at its distal half of...
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  • Good bones and muscle resource
    SECTION A – CHAPTER 3 ANALYSIS OF MOVEMENT CHAPTER 3 - ANALYSIS OF MOVEMENT Introductory anatomy of the skeletal and muscular systems STUDENT NOTE A general overview of the skeletal system is meant to be used as an introduction, but will not be directly examined. Your main focus f
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  • The body in motion
    The Body in Motion Anatomy & Physiology How do anatomical structures influence the way the body moves? Levels of structural organization in the human body The Body Systems 11 majors: • Skeletal, Muscular, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Nervous, Digestive, Endocrine, Lymphatic/immune,
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  • Pe- notes- body
    Better health for individuals – Core 1 WHO defines health as: ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ’ They’re 5 key dimensions of health * Physical – is how well the body functions and the absence of disease. Our
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  • Biology body systems
    Quarter 4 Biology Exam Study Guide Chapter 1: Endocrine System Chapter 2: Circulatory System Chapter 3: Digestive System Chapter 4: Respiratory System Chapter 5: Urinary System Chapter 6: Nervous System Chapter 7: Immune System Chapter 1: Endocrine System * 17. Hormones * Sig
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  • Introduction to the human body
    Chapter 1 An Introduction to the Human Body Anatomy – science of body structures and relationships among structures Physiology – science of body functions SIX LEVELS OF BODY ORGANIZATION (Given in order smallest to largest) Chemical level a. atoms – smallest unit of matter that part
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  • Body systems reviewer
    1. The two major organs that remove chemical waste are the skin and the a. anus c. kidneys b. eyes d. nose 2. What layer of the skin prevents evaporation of body fluids? a. dermis c. sebaceous b. epidermis d. subcutaneous 3. Which gland helps the body excrete waste and control body temperatu
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  • Main body systems
    The Main Body Systems The Respiratory System The respiratory system is one of the bodies most important systems, the main goal of the respiratory system is to provide gas exchange so the inhaling of oxygen and the exhaling of carbon dioxide. In the health and social care setting the words “res
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  • Skeletal muscle notes
    CEREBROVASCULAR ACCIDENT I. DEFINITION Cerebrovascular accident/Stroke/Brain Attack is an acute focal neurologic deficit from a vascular disorder that injures the brain tissue. Onset and persistence of neurologic dysfunction
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  • Skeletal system: bones and joints
    Chapter 6 The Skeletal System: Bones and Joints PART I * A born baby has about 276 bones while an adult has 206 bones, this is because as you grow some bones join together in a single bone. * Bones are 20% of your weight. * The Skeletal System consist of: * Bones * Cartilages
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  • Pdhpe study- the body in motion
    The body in motion How do musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems influence and respond to movement? Skeletal system Terminology: Anterior: Toward or on the front of the body: in front of The pectorals are on the anterior aspect of the body Posterior: Towards or on the back of th
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  • Affects of Exercise on the Body
    The Effects of Exercise on the Body Short-term effects on the cardiovascular system The heart has an anticipatory response to exercise where your body raises your heart rate slightly in preparation for exercise, this would help as then your muscles are already getting more oxygen than...
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  • inside your body
    Inside Your Body Program Content Cells are the basic unit of life that every living thing starts from and is made up of including humans. Within our bodies, cells form tissues. Smooth muscle tissue in the illustration is made of smooth muscle cells attached to one another. When the...
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