Freedom Writers Book Review The Freedom Writers Diary has amazing, mind boggling, and heart touching journal entries. This collection of journals was brought together by Erin Gruwell, an English teacher in Wilson High School, who wants to learn more about her students. She decided...
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  • Freedom as self-mastery- 3 perceptions
    Freedom or liberty, as a synonym, was and is without doubt a central value in the Western political and social thought; however, although we generally agree that freedom is something good and that everyone should be able to enjoy freedom, it is also one of the most controversial concepts in...
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  • freedom writer
    II. Introduction When our professor listed the titles of movies that we should watch, I had a hard time figuring out what those movies all about. Until he said, that those movies are for teachers, then I started to be curious. Our professor provided a clip for the movie, so that...
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  • 1. Compare and Contrast How, and for What Dramatic Purpose, the Writers of the History Boys and Oleanna Present Characters Who Display Both Vulnerability and Villainy.
    1. Compare and contrast how, and for what dramatic purpose, the writers of The History Boys and Oleanna present characters who display both vulnerability and villainy. In both Oleanna and History Boys the writers include many controversial subjects to portray the characters in the plays to be bot
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  • A Key Choice Writers Make Is How They Name or Refer to Characters in Their Stories. Write About the Significance of the Choices Writers Have Made in Naming or Referring to Their Characters in the Three Texts You Have Studies.
    A key choice writers make is how they name or refer to characters in their stories. Write about the significance of the choices writers have made in naming or referring to their characters in the t
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  • A Doll's House: a Push to Freedom
    A Doll's House: A Push to Freedom Sometime after the publication of "A Doll's House", Henrik Ibsen spoke at a meeting of the Norwegian Association for Women's Rights. He explained to the group, "I must decline the honor of being said to have worked for the Women's Rights movement. I am not even
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  • The River of Freedom
    In Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, the Mississippi River plays many roles and holds a prominent theme throughout much of the story. Huck and Jim are without a doubt the happiest and most at peace when floating down the river on their raft. The river has a deeper meaning than just water and mud,
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  • Native Son: Characters
    Richard Wright's novel, Native Son, consisted of various main and supporting character to deliver an effective array of personalities and expression. Each character's actions defines their individual personalities and belief systems. The main character of Native Son, Bigger Thomas has personality tr
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  • America: Freedom and Violence
    America: Freedom and Violence Imagine the emotionless testimony of a violent youngster, who may not realize he is fingering an accomplice as he quickly excuses his violent act, ¡§Oh I don¡¦t know. I just saw it on TV.¡¨ Countless acts of senseless violence in the past few decades have led
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  • Analysis of Characters and Plot: Backroads by Tawni O'Dell
    338 pages Danielle Barnes Backroads By Tawni O'Dell SUMMARY OF MAJOR EVENTS Backroads begins with Harley being questioned by the police for a crime that the reader knows not of. He delves into the story that has brought him up to this point, beginning from a year after his mother shot his fa
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  • War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery Ignorance Is Strength
    Summary On a cold day in April of 1984, a man named Winston Smith returns to his home, a dilapidated apartment building called Victory Mansions. Thin, frail, and thirty-nine years old, it is painful for him to trudge up the stairs because he has a varicose ulcer above his right ankle. The eleva
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  • Inherit the Wind- Freedom to Think
    Inherit the Wind, based on the famous "Scopes Monkey Trial" in the small town Dayton, Tennessee, was written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. The play was not intended to depict the actual history or the proceedings in the Scopes' trial but it was used as a vehicle for exploring social anxiety
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  • Is Falling Failure or Freedom?
    Is Falling Failure or Freedom? What defines a "fall"? Some would say that a fall is a freeing from the restrictions of the oppression of a supreme being. Others would say that a fall is the punishment that comes from foolishly disobeying the one who is in authority over you. The falls in book nine
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  • How the Characters in 1984 Rebel Against Oppression
    There are many characters in the novel 1984. These characters all rebel in separate and distinctive ways from each other. In George Owell's not so sanguine vision of the year 1984 from his standpoint in 1949, he tells of a dreary future of what the world was becoming. In this future, no one has the
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  • "A Writers Style" - N. Scott Momaday Review
    A Writers Style The Pulitzer Prize winning writer N. Scott Momaday has become known as a very distinctive writer who depicts the stories of the Native American life in almost poetic ways. He does an excellent job of transporting the reader from the black and white pages of a book, to a world where
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  • The Color Purple: the Fight from Domination to Self- Freedom
    "But I don't know how to fight all I know how to do is stay alive." (Walker, 18) This quote taken from Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple opens the idea of struggle and fight throughout the story. Similar to many black women writers in the past twenty years, Walker is intrigued by examining black
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  • What Are Albert Camus in ‘the Outsider' and Hermann Hesse in ‘Siddhartha' Trying to Achieve Through the Relationships That the Main Protagonists Experience in Each Novel with Marie and Kamala Respectively?
    What are Albert Camus in ‘The Outsider' and Hermann Hesse in ‘Siddhartha' trying to achieve through the relationships that the main protagonists experience in each novel with Marie and Kamala respectively? Both Herman Hesse's ‘Siddhartha' and Camus' ‘The Outsider use the notion of love
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  • What Do You Think Are the Main Themes in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe?
    The main themes in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe are the language – which is a sign of cultural differences - and the conflict between the Ibo people’s culture, traditions, what they are used to and the changes that are taking place. Through language, Achebe illustrates that Africa is no
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  • Jamaica Kincaid’s Main Female Protagonists, Their Personalities and Relationships in Novels Lucy and Annie John
    Jamaica Kincaid’s Main Female Protagonists, Their Personalities and Relationships in Novels Lucy and Annie John Every person’s character is created and formed in background the person grows up in, and is influenced by everything that surrounds him or her, like friends, teachers, television an
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  • The Main Content of American Cultur
    Ⅰ. American Mainstream The main content of American culture is the emphasize on individuals' value, the pursue of democracy and freedom, the promotion of deploitation and competition and the need of realistic and practicality. Its core is individualism: self first, personal need first, pursue of
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