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  • The Lost Generation (Jill Tripoli and Jackie Gross)

    | |Frances Marshall; Quentin; Julian; Duncan; Clive; Beatrice Mayor. In front Roger Fry and...

    57114 Words | 166 Pages

  • Psychology and life

    investigated 3. Individual contributors a) Charles Spearman concluded presence of “g,” a general intelligence underlying all intelligent performance b)...

    183482 Words | 498 Pages

  • Encyclopedia of American Popular Fiction

    America’s appetite for what would become a new genre of popular fiction, the legal thriller. Crime drama is certainly nothing new—Dashiel Hammett,...

    268678 Words | 709 Pages

  • A History of American Literature

    of antagonisms can be discerned, conflicts between different interest groups. One culture may well be dominant, but there will also be – to borrow...

    515328 Words | 1254 Pages

  • Just English

    secure hideout in Wyoming Territory called Hole in the Wall. Other members of the gang were the Sundance Kid (real name Harry Longbaugh), Bill 'News'...

    60511 Words | 207 Pages

  • The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary

    caricaturist; copyist, draftsman; commercial or graphic artist, advertising artist, layout man; printmaker. See painting, engraving. b. sculptor, sculptress,...

    355504 Words | 907 Pages

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