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Islamiat Assignment Introduction: “All- Sihah-al-Sittah”, which is generally translated as "The Authentic Six". They were first formally grouped and defined by Ibn al-Qaisarani in the 11th century.   We Muslims view the six major Ahadith collections as the most important. They are in order of authenticity: 1. Sahih al Bukhari, collected by Imam Bukhari includes 7275 Ahadith 2. Sahih Muslim, collected by Muslim b. al-Hajjaj includes 9200 Ahadith 3. Sunan Nasa’i, collected by an-Nasa'i 4. Sunan Abu...

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ISLAMIAT PROJECT -RESERCH ABOUT 5 SCIENTISTS. -THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TOWARDS SCIENCE. -WRITE ANY ONE OF THEIR CONTRIBUTION WHICH IS USED TODAY IN MODERN WORLD. THE GREAT SCIENCTISTS CONTRBUTIONS TO THE MODERN WORLD. Muslim have made immense contributions to almost all branches of the sciences. Islam gave the world everything. After Islam the world benefited in all ways which we are all thinking as the contribution from Europe. Whatever the historical books used by the western world is all lies. All...

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Islamiat Assignment 1

ISLAMIAT ASSIGNMENT NO. 1 Name: X Instructors Name: X Course Title: Islamic Studies Program: X Belief in The Life Hereafter Life after death can neither be proved nor disproved.  This is because one would have to undergo physical death in order to prove or disprove it. (Sandhu, 2010). This is the general view on life after death without believing in any religious teachings or beliefs. The Muslims believe in God although they cannot see Him and likewise we are also required...

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Assignment on Islamiat

ASSINGMENT╬12 Q.12 Belief in the after death with rational argument? Al-Akhira is necessary for this world. Some people don’t believe in Al-Akhira and say that this universe is running automatically and there is no God. Actually they don’t use wisdom and sense. This whole universe is created upon the principle of reward and punishment. In this world human beings cannot get complete reward and...

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Islamiat Assignment

ASSIGNMENT “Islamiat” Topic: Articles On Research About Souls Submitted to: Ma’am Saleha Fatima Submitted by: Syed Muhammad Akbar DDP-FA14-BCS-055 Section-D 1) Greek philosophers Plato and Plotoinus believed that soul pre-exists the body and at death it separates from the body to attain its full and perfect state. Many including Plato, Descartes, and George Berkeley hold...

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islamiat paper

w w ap eP m e tr .X w CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS s er om .c GCE Ordinary Level MARK SCHEME for the October/November 2012 series 2058 ISLAMIYAT 2058/12 Paper 1, maximum raw mark 50 This mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and candidates, to indicate the requirements of the examination. It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks. It does not indicate the details of the discussions that took place at an Examiners’...

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Islamiat Notes

Passages from Quran (Main theme and Importance of theme) Compiled By Mr. Saleem Nawaz Lecturer Army Burn Hall Colleg For Boys Abbottabd Passages from Quran Q: (a). briefly describe the main theme(s) in each passage.      (b) Briefly explain the importance of these themes in a Muslim’s life today. 1) Ayat Al Kursi (2:255) a) This passage describes the concept of Tawheed (oneness of Allah). It tells a basic description of Allah as e.g. Creator or Lord. Allah is all powerful...

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Notes for Islamiat

Multi-Media Edition jahangir@wol.net.pk www.ser.com.pk ©2008 Mawlawi Jahangir Mahmud We shall study three basic themes of the Quranic verses Himself Relationship with His Creation Relationship with His Messengers LETS BEGIN THE QURANIC PASSAGES Multi-Media Edition Key Features of Allah’s relationship with His creation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. He is most Gracious & Merciful. All Praise is due to Allah He is the Lord of the Worlds, Master of the Day of Judgment...

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Islamiat Guide

The wives of Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, hold a special place in Islamic piety.  The Quran calls them “Mothers of the Faithful” (Quran 33:6).  They were his wives in this life and shall be in the life to come.  They were young and old, widows and virgins, poor and wealthy, aristocrats and freed slaves.  Each one played their specific role in forming the history of Islam. Khadeejah Prophet Muhammad married her when he was twenty-five, while she had reached the...

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Course Outline Course Title: Islamiat & Pakistan Studies Course No: BS (A/F): ISP 205 Class: BS (A/F), BS (Commerce) Course No: BS (Commerce): ISP 205 B.Com (Annual System) B.Com (Annual System): Part II, Paper III Islamic studies |Topic |Sections | |Khutaba Hujjat-ul- Wida |Section A | |( Farewell Adress) | ...

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O Level Islamiat Notes

Study and revision skills INFO This section covers the following ideas and material: An introduction to revision methods, including • concept mapping, flow charts and mind maps • planned revision timing • practising examination technique. General study methods Organisation of study time The examinations are looming large. Suddenly you realise that you do need your notes and experimental work from the last year or two. Are they in good shape? Well...! It is worth remembering that revision...

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O Level Islamiat Oct/Nov 2011 Ms

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS GCE Ordinary Level e ap .c rs om MARK SCHEME for the October/November 2011 question paper for the guidance of teachers 2058 ISLAMIYAT 2058/12 Paper 1, maximum raw mark 50 This mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and candidates, to indicate the requirements of the examination. It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks. It does not indicate the details of the discussions that took place at an Examiners’...

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English Essays

level students: English Essays for Matric to MA Classes Paper ... english essay - Karachi, Other Classes - Karachi, Classes karachi.olx.com.pk › Classes › Other Classes Full Time 'O' & 'A' Level Professional Tutor for English, Urdu, Islamiat, PST, Sociology. Dear Sir/Madam, This is Sir Fazal Ur Rehman Siddiqui. He is a full time ... Searches related to english essay english essay samples english essay book english essay format my hobby english essay english essay writing ...

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For University Of Calgary

Aanish Tanveer Shaikh, a Canadian Citizen presently residing in Pakistan. I passed grade 5 & 6 from Toronto and later due to some domestic issues I moved to Pakistan. In the meanwhile, I have completed my GCE “O” level with seven subjects (English, Islamiat, Urdu, Mathematics, Physics, Biology & Chemistry). Further, in order to continue my education, I have decided to move Calgary in Feb, 2015 with my parents. I wish to join University of Calgary during September. My complete profile is added for review...

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educational program in order to uplift the deprived and disappointed Muslims, who had lost their past glory. He took concrete steps for his education plan. Thus, in 1859, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan set up a school for Muslims in Muradabad where English, Persian, Islamiat, Arabic, Urdu were compulsory subjects. In 1862, Sir Syed was transferred from Muradabad to Ghazipur where he established another school for Muslims, which was known as Madrass Ghazipur. Here, also the English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Islamyat...

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Why Did The Quraish not accept the message of the Prophet?

because it would destroy their system that they had built in order to be the elite tribes of Makkah and have control over the economy, political and religion of the people of Makkah. Sources: Website- http://ahsannaqvi.com/?cat=2&paged=3 - Islamiat 2058 CIE & IGCSE- Ahsan Naqvi Website- http://al-rasool.co.uk/ahlulbayt/HIE_3.pdf -Revelation and the Quraysh: why did they reject? - RSC youth Birmingham Quran: Surah Quraish verse 2 Surah Al-e-imran verse 195 Sahih Muslims- Book 43 number...

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Constitution of Pakistan

President and the Prime Minister , all federal and Provincial Minister Shall declare to Protect Islamic Ideology at the Time of Taking Oath . 3 . The State shall Endeavor , as Respects of the Muslims of Pakistan : To make the teaching of Quran and Islamiat Compulsory , to Encourage and Facilitate the learning of Arabic Language and to secure correct and Exact Printing of the Holy Quran . To Promote unity and the observance of the Islamic Moral Standards . To secure Proper organization of Zakar ,...

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SAMPLE PAPER JST GENERAL TEST PAPER DIVISION JST GENERAL TEST 1 URDU 15 % 2 ISLAMIAT 15 % 3 SINDHI 15 % 4 ENGLISH 25 % 5 PAKISTAN STUDIES 15 % 6 GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 15 % Total 100 % URDU (اردو) 1. قلیل کا متضاد: A. کثیر B. تھوڑا C. جلیل D. کم 2. بدعت کے معنی___ ہیں۔ A. پرانی بات کو دھرانا B. کوئی نئی بات پیدا کرنا C. سچی بات کرنا D. جھوٹ بولنا 3. ایسی نظم جس میں اللہ تعالٰی کی تعریف بیان کی جائے____ کہلاتی ہے۔ A. نعت B. مرثیہ C. حمد D. قصیدہ ...

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I Subject Evening 2:00 P.M TO 5:00 P.M Friday timing: 2:30 P.M TO 5:30 P.M i) Urdu (Elective) Gr I & II ii) Geology i) Geography Group I & II. ii) Brahui (Elective) Gr. I & II Paper A A B A i) Sociology Gr. II A i) Islamiat (Elective) Gr. I & II. A A i) English (Language) Gr. II A i) Sociology Gr. I ii) Botany B A i) Sociology Gr II. B i) B i) English (Language) Gr. II B i) Urdu (Elect) Gr. I & II ii) Physics (New...

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The silken tent

Management GEN-12130 BBA-102 B.B.A. Islamiat/Ethics ISE-11100 B.Com Statistics-II STT-12314 STAT-103 B.S. Economics Content Course-II (Pakistan Studies-II) EDU-12468 B.S. Education Content Course-I (Arabic-II) ISL-12421 B.S. Education Classroom Management EDU-12377 B.S. Education Classroom Management EDU-107 B.S. Elementary Education Pakistan Studies-II PST-102 B.S. Secondary Education Arabic-II ARB-102 B.S. Secondary Education Islamiat/Ethics ISE-11100 B.S. English History...

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Advantages and disadvantages of Internet.

and shall prevent prostitution, gambling and taking of injurious drugs, printing, publication, circulation and display of obscene literature and advertisements. Teachings of Holy Quran The state shall try to make the teachings of Holy Quran and Islamiat compulsory to encourage and facilitate the learning of Arabic language. Strengthen Bond with Muslim World The state shall endeavour to strengthen fraternal relations among Muslim countries in order to promote Islamic unity. Council of Islamic...

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General Muhammed Zia-Ul-Haq - Pakistan History

Central Zakat Council. (b). Provincial Zakat Council. <br>(c). District Zakat Committee. (d). Tehsil Zakat Committee. <br>6. Establishment of Federal Shariat Court. <br>7. Interest Free Banking. <br>8. Compulsory teaching of Pakistan Studies and Islamiat. <br>9. Ordinance for the sanctity of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak. <br>10. Ban of Nudity. <br>11. Arabic News. <br>12. Use of Dopatta. <br>13.Majlis-e-Shoora. <br> <br>in contravention to this Ordinance was liable to three yeas imprisonment and a fine of...

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life and significance of the life of the holy prophet

EXAM NOTES – ISLAMIAT – THE LIFE OF THE HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) ! Sent by Allah as His last messenger, Brought the Quran . He is a model of how people could live by its teachings. He struggled against persecutions and difficulties. Early years in Makka Born in Makka in CE 570. Most important tribe of thetime was theQuraysh of Makka. Makkans worshipped dods and godesses. Themain CE ntre of worship was theKabah. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)s motHer was Amina and fatHer was Abdullah. Thetribe He...

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Allama Iqbal

on the 9th of November,1877. His father Shiekh Noor Muhammad was a great mystic. Iqbal inherited deep love for religion from him.his school teacher , Syed Mir Hassan, also played an important role in shaping his personality,he taught him Arabic, Islamiat and Persian.after completing his early education he went to Lahore.there he joined the government college and passed M.A examination in philosophy. then he started teaching in the same college.after a few years,he went to Europe for higher studies...

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Difficulties Faced by Urdu-Medium Learners of English at Graduation Level: An Outline for the Report

instruction for teaching almost all the subjects. 2. English medium schools (private elitist; state-influenced public schools and cadet colleges; and non-elitist private English-medium schools) which teach all subjects in English except Islamiat and Urdu compulsory. 3. Religious seminaries (madreassas of the two major sects of Islam Sunni and Shia) which mostly uses vernaculars for teaching.1 However, at higher education level (colleges and universities), there is only one...

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Advertisement for Regular Commission in the Pakistani Army

report at concerned AS&RCs from 20 to 24 May 2013 for preliminary tests. d. Preliminary Selection (1) Written/ Intelligence Tests. Written/Intelligence tests will be based on multiple choice questions from English, Math, Pak Studies, Islamiat and General Knowledge. The candidates declared successful in written/intelligence tests will undergo physical / medical tests and interviews at AS&RCs. (2) Physical Tests. The candidates must qualify the following physical ...

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Scholrship Form

ement                d  h  l  p      Compu uter  Scienc   ce Englis sh  Math hs  Pakistan  es  Studie                           f  j  n  r  Economics  Fine Arts  Sociology  Zoology        g g  k k  o o    Educat tion  Islamiat  Social W Work    Scien nce  Urd   du            he Program : (Tick the approp ( priate box)  2.      Admission secured/ will secure in th             b  MS/M   MPhil  MS/MPhil  l leading to Ph D  a    3.      Enrollmen nt detail for M...

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arham cab report

self development, personal growth and enhancement of capabilities to contribute meaningfully to the progress of an organization. EDUCATION: WONDERLAND GRAMMAR SCHOOL: 2009 MATRICULATION (Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, English, Sindhi, Urdu, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies) 2011 INTERMEDIATE (Business Maths, Accounting, Economics) IQRA UNIVERSITY: 2011-2015 Bachelors in Business Administration SUMMARY: 1 Ability to work in groups and to produce high quality, timely work 2 Highly self-motivated and...

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Marketing Plan for Book Publisher

our country can move forward past its literacy barriers. Competitor Analysis: Our competitors include: Local Competitors: Sang-e-Meel Publications Ferozsons Awesome Publishers Association for Academic Quality AFAQ Fact Publications Idara-e-Islamiat Kiran Publications Azeem Academy Publishers & Book Sellers Hassan Publishers 2 The Point Publishers 7th Sky Publications A to Z Publishers A-One Publishers Adara Talifat Khatm-e-Naboat Adara-Ul-Tahreer Adara-e Saadad Advanced Publishers A. H. Publishers...

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school visit

Communication System (PECS) Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). The major objectives of functional skill curriculum circles around: Academic skill: curriculum is design to develop ability and capacity of understanding English, Mathematics, Science, Islamiat, Computers and General Knowledge. Also focus to improve their writing skills. Self Help Skills it covers cleanliness and personal hygiene, promote self-reliance, self- grooming skills activities that include brushing teeth, hair, washing face...

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Judicial activism vs judicial restraint in Pakistan 21. Obama's four more years-confrontation or conciliation?: US priorities for the 21st century 22. Geo-strategic importance of Pakistan 23. Attack on Malala: Growing extremism in Pakistan Islamiat 1. Define Wahi in the light of the Holy Quran and Hadith. How Wahisolves our problems? Also write its types. 2. What are the individual and collective benefits of the belief in Tauheed and Day of Judgment? 3. Write notes on Namaz, Roza and Zakat...

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The Teacher's Role in the Hidden Curriculum

|15 | |Mathematics |8 | |Islamiat |1 | |Sindhi |2 ...

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take all the compulsory subjects and opt for three of the optional subjects carrying 600 marks in all but not more than 200 marks from a single group. 2. A candidate shall answer the language papers in the language concerned. The question paper in Islamiat is to be answered in Urdu or English. All other papers must be answered in English. Violation of this instruction shall incur cancellation of the concerned paper(s) and consequently award of Zero. 3. The compulsory and optional subjects and maximum...

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economists and professionals belonging to different fields of life. The Shoora was to act as a board of advisors for the President.  A number of other Islamisation programs were carried out including the teaching of Islamiat and Arabic, which were made compulsory. Pakistan Studies and Islamiat were compulsorily taught to BA, B.Sc., Engineering, M.B.B.S, Commerce, Law students and Nursing students. For professional studies extra marks were given to people who were ‘Hafiz-e-Quran’. The first Ombudsman was...

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Empowerment of Women

Matric Certificate / CE Rules) 1 9 4. (a) Religion (Please  tick the relevant box) Muslim 5. (a) Gender 6. Postal Address Non Muslim M F 5.(b) 3.(b) Age on 31.12.2012 Year Month Day If Non Muslim whether desires to be examined 4.(b) in Islamiat (for details see para-1(vi) of Appendix-I of CE Rules, 2013) Marital Status S M D W Yes No 7. Permanent Address 8. Particulars about Spouse/Fiancée:Nationality________________ Age _____________ Education ___________________________ Occupation__________________________________ ...

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educational statistics

'matriculation certificate' or 'matric' for short. The curriculum usually includes a combination of eight courses including electives (such as Biology, Chemistry, Computing and Physics) as well as compulsory subjects (such as Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistani Studies). (c) Higher education Higher education,  post-secondary education,  tertiary education or  third level education is an optional final stage of formal learning that occurs after secondary education. Often delivered at universities...

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Religeous Extrmism in Pakistan

1980 and virtually seized the capital city until the government conceded their demand of exemption from zakat deduction. Under the Islamabad Agreement signed on the occasion, the government also promised to prescribe separate courses of studies in Islamiat for the Shia students. Imam Khomeini played an important role in resolving the issue and obtained assurance from General Zia that the Shia demands would be met. The Iranian Revolution had inspired Muslims throughout the world by successfully confronting...

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Professional Standards for Teachers

Badin and Mirpurkhas while urban teachers are those who are serving in urban areas of Pakistan like Karachi and Hyderabad city Arts and science subjects: The teachers in the school who are teaching arts and literary subjects like social studies, Islamiat and Urdu and English. While science teachers taught science subjects like G.Science, chemistry, Biology and mathematics. Gender: It is the sex of the person, which means men or women, either male teacher educators or female teacher educators ...

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Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies

ISLAMIAT MCQS www.css.theazkp.com WHY THIS BOOKLET? Islamiat is the compulsory subject in CSS having 100 Marks. For the last two years the pattern of ISLAMAIT paper has been dramatically changed, Examiner is no more interested asking direct question rather questions associated with the current affairs or situations based questions are being entertained. On the other hand MCQS portion has turned around as nuisance for the candidates. It becomes so difficult to have inconsequential to foremost...

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Education in Pakistan

materials, or those that were deemed part of the Pakistan ideology, gained priority. School children learned to chant war songs, and venerate the state and its armed forces, and the atom bomb. Ideologically imbued materials were not confined to Islamiat and Pakistan Studies courses; they pervaded the entire syllabus, including Science, English, Urdu, Geography, Social Studies, etc. A quick browse through any bookstore reveals officially prescribed school books that have page after page filled...

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Course Out Line

TECHNOLOGY RAILWAY ROAD LAHORE Revised Scheme of Studies D.A.E. 1st Year Mechanical |Code |Subject |T |P |C | |Gen |111 |Islamiat and Pak Studies |1 |0 |1 | |ENG |112 |Functional English |2 |0 |2 | |Math |113 |Applied Mathematics...

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bangladesh constitution

wellbeing of the people by raising their standard of living, by preventing the concentration of wealth and ensuring equitable adjustment [38 (a)] • Governance policies • To enable the Muslims of Pakistan to have the teaching of the Holy Quran and Islamiat compulsorily, to encourage and facilitate the learning of Arabic language [Art. 31 (2) (a)] • To promote the unity and observance of Islamic moral standards [32 (2) (b)] • To secure the proper organization of Zakat, Ushar, and Awqaf, and Mosque...

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O-Level Islamiyat Marking Scheme

teachings in the Hadis of the Prophet • History and importance of Hadis • Struggle in the way of Allah(Jihad) Sargodhian Spirit Trust Public School Rashid Abad (Islamiat 2058) Syllabus Break up of first Semester (September to December) 2011 for YR- 9 |S# |Unit |Topic |Periods |Month/Week | |1/1 |Pillars...

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Dae Electronics Notes

T P C Gen 111 Islamiat & Pakistan Studies 1 0 1 Eng 112 English 2 0 2 AMath 123 Applied Mathematics-I 3 0 3 APhy 112 Applied Physics 1 3 2 ACh 112 Applied Chemistry 1 3 2 Comp 112 Computer Fundamentals 1 3 2 El.T 114 Electrical Circuits 3 3 5 El.T 123 Electronics Devices 2 3 3 El.T 132 Engineering Drawing & Computer Aided Design 0 6 2 El.T 141 Electrical Wiring 0 3 1 T o t a l 14 24 22 SECOND YEAR Gen 211 Islamiat & Pak Studies 1...

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Education in Pakistan

Research, Optional, University Primary focus on East Pakistan, where religious education was controlled and managed by Madrassah Education Board. Called for reform and also noted that in E. Pakistan religious education imparted in Urdu. Made Islamiat compulsory up to grade 10 and subsequently optional. A major shift policy introduced equivalence between religious and modern education. Now, the Madrassah degree holders could compete for job with regular Declared status quo be maintained in...

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Accountancy: Complimentary Close and Karachi Office

It started out in the form of fierce competition with my best friend at primary school which culminated in me securing highest marks in various subjects over my school years. I was then able to achieve 9 As and one B including a top in Karachi in Islamiat in O’ levels and then later on a full scholarship and 4 As in A’ levels. After that I joined Chartered Accountancy where I was able to secure a merit in Module D Company Law and Information Technology and finally a medal in Module F Advanced Taxation...

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The Ideology of Pakistan

Pakistan at last came into being from this platform. 4. Establishment of Dhaka University: After the annulment of division of Bengal the British government compensated the hurt feelings of Muslims by establishing a Muslim University in Dhaka. Islamiat was included for the first time in the syllabus in this university. Conclusion: The Hindus agitation against the partition reinforced the feelings of the Muslim about Hindu designs. They realized that the Hindus would never allow the Muslims a...

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Islamic Banking and Finance

Saleh, N.A. (1985), Unlawful Gain and Legitimate Profit in Islamic Law, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge • Siddiqi, M.N. (1983), Issues in Islamic Banking, Islamic Foundation, Leicester • Sioharvi, H.R. (1984), Islam Ka Iqtisadi Nizam, Idara-e-Islamiat, Lahore • The Text of the Historic Judgement on Riba (Interest) 1999 Given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan (23 December, 1999) • Vogel, Frank E. and Hayes, Samuel L. (1998), Islamic Law and Finance: Religion, Risk, and Return, Kluwer Law International...

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such that martial law was lifted . (a) (i) What organisation did Zia ul-Haq set up to bring the legal framework of Pakistan closer to Islam? Council of Islamic Ideology. [1] (ii) Name one of the school subjects that Zia ul-Haq made compulsory? [1] Islamiat or Pakistan Studies. (iii) Which organisation was known as MRD? [1] Movement for the Restoration of Democracy. (iv) Why did Zia ul-Haq visit Moscow in 1984? [1] To attend the funeral of Andropov. (b) Why was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto arrested and subsequently...

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Isamayat O Level Notes

SAROSH ANSAR O’Level Islamiat Notes 1 Table of Contents • Preface Passages from the Holy Quran History and Importance of the Holy Quran Arabia Before Islam Biographical Account of the Lifef the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Early Life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) From Call to Migration Foundation of the Republic of Madina Wars with the Quraish Expulsion of Jews frm Madina Treaty of Hudaybia Unification of Northern Arabia Letters of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to different Rulers asking them to Embrace...

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