• Intro to Criminal Law
    | 2010 | | | Cabinet for health & family services Department for community based services | This report is about bringing awareness to the Child Protective Service Agency in Kentucky known as The Department for Community Based Services. People think they are lifesavers for children
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  • Constitutional Law Outline
    CONSTITUTIONAL LAW I OUTLINE I. THE FEDERAL JUDICIAL POWER - ARTICLE III a. Article III § 2 [2]: "In all cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other cases befor
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  • International Law Notes
    Topic 2: Nature of International Law * Opinio Juries : denotes a subjective obligation. a sense on behalf of a state that it is bound to the law in question. (to establish a legally binding custom) Opinio Juris Communis: when enough states practice something over and over. (makes internationa
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  • Morality and Law
    Morality and Law Name Class Instructor 11 June, 2012 Morality and Law As a future law professional, the current system of laws in the United States fascinates me. Are the laws that are currently in place morally and ethically sound? Who i
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  • Law of Tort and Law of Contract Essay Needed
    Tort Law Reading Notes Week 1 Mon Sep 8 Damages pp697-729 - aim of damages: restore plaintiff to position he would have been had the wrong not occurred o as this is impossible in cases of personal injury, monetary compensation is used o total amount is the amount that w
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  • Outline - Con Law Ii Volokh
    Advocacy of Crime – Incitement and Solicitation Exceptions I. “Advocacy of the use of force or of law violation is constitutionally unprotected incitement when it is (Brandenburg) a. 1) "Directed to inciting or producing" i. Look at ALL circumstances carefully (i.e. DJ
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  • Constitutional Law
    Constitutional law 2013 Greg Lowndes 1. Constitutions and Constitutional Law. a). What is a Constitution? * The empowering structures of a government that allows them to govern. * Along with the limitation f the power that they can exercise. * In totalitarian systems of
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  • Effectiveness of Ra 8049 or Anti-Hazing Law
    Chapter 1 Introduction The Anti-Hazing Law Definition Under the Anti-Hazing Law, hazing is defined as “an initiation rite or practice as a prerequisite for admission into membership in a fraternity, sorority or organization by placing the recruit, neophyte or applicant in some embarrassing or
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  • Adminstrative Law
    Administrative Law – LWZ312 EXAM NOTES 1. PROBLEM SOLVING 2 2. Practical steps 2 3. IRAC Method 2 4. Standard Exam Answers 2 A. INITIAL ISSUES 2 B. NATURAL JUSTICE 2 (i) Hearing rule 2 (ii) Bias rule 2 (iii) Jurisdictional errors in natural justice 2 5. Administrativ
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  • Health Law
    * What is the goal of health policy? Facilitate the provision of health care to the people Create an environment in which people as individuals and groups can be as healthy as possible The way to create and implement health policy is through law and the legal system (no major change in health pol
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  • Commercial Law
    Academic integrity Academic integrity means dealing honestly in your research and writing. It includes acknowledging the authors ideas and evidence we use. Writing in your own words It sounds simple, but summarizing what someone else has written, but doing it in your words, takes a lot of
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  • Man Law
    Man Law 1. No wasted beer in the name of humor. 2. It has been made official that under no circumstances should the male have to pay for birth control 3. If a girl dumps your best friend it is a 6-month waiting period till she can be touched. If he breaks up with her it’s a 6-day waitin
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  • Constitutional Law Ii - Outline
    Constitutional Law II – Outline Spring 2012 – Prof. Bryant Michael Dean State Action 1. Generally a. The Constitution’s protections of individual liberties and its requirement for equal protection apply only to the gov’t. Private conduct generally does not have to comply with
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  • Contract Law
    4. NOTES 4.1. THE ESSENTIALS OF A VALID CONTRACT A. ESSENTIAL No 1 The Parties Must Act Within Their Contractual Capacity What is contractual capacity? We view it in relation to the concepts of personality and legal status: PERSONALITY – determines that you are a legal entity
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  • i am ok u are ok
    I'm OK-You're OK By Thomas A. Harris MD Contents: Book Cover (Front) (Back) Scan / Edit Notes About The Author Illustrations Author's Note Preface 1. Freud, Penfield, and Berne 2. Parent, Adult, and Child 3. The Four Life Positions 4. We Can Change 5. Analysing the Transaction...
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  • outline for criminal law
    The Golden Dolinko Transcribed by §3, 4, Class of 2006 In the first class, we talked about killing out of “necessity.” Is it all right to kill one person if it will save the lives of three people? The judge in Regina v. Dudley and Stephens says that you can’t divorce law from morality....
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  • Philosophy of Law Notes
    PHL 354: Philosophy of Law Philosophy Tutoring Monday- 6-8 134 Kedzie Week 02 Lecture 02 Philosophy and the Law (3-14) If there were no law would there be a society? Why have Laws? If we had no agreement in law we wouldn’t be a society, in a sense having some sort of rules...
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  • Complete business law review
    Office: Koelbel 448 How to do well in BCOR 3000 Read before coming to lecture Take notes on your lecture slides Know the Black Letter Law and be able to apply it to facts Study groups Practice with different scenarios Flashcards Useful for committing specific rules to memory...
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  • Property Law Outline
    I. Introduction to Property Law (1-12) Restatement View of Property 1. The legal relations between persons with respect to a thing. a. Thing may be an object with a physical existence or an intangible object. 2. Bundle of Sticks – each stick represents a right a. Posses, use,...
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  • Con Law Outline
    Table of Contents I. Economic Liberties A. Constitutional Sources B. Lochnerism 1. Lochner Era 2. Demise of Lochner II. Fundamental Rights Under Due Process A. Constitutional Sources B. Process for Analyzing C. Incorporation Debate D. Family Autonomy E. Contraception...
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